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What Does Angel Number
1055 Mean?



You keep seeing the number 1055 everywhere, and you're starting to wonder if it's a coincidence. Every time you look at the clock in later morning or later at night, you see the clock reads 10:55. Your favorite take-out order may total $10.55. The number may appear in many areas of your life, and after so many times, you have to ask yourself what it means.


As it turns out, 1055 is an angel number. It's the universe's way of telling you that something is coming in your life and also telling you what you should do about it. Let's look at the number 1055's signifcance and what it means in various areas of your life.


Angel numbers are a numerology concept that has been gaining popularity in recent years since it was introduced in the mid-2000s. Simply put, angel numbers have a pattern to them. Sometimes, it's the same number, such as 111. Other times, it's a pattern, like 323. Then, there are the numbers that follow less of a pattern but still have a pattern, such as 1055.


The number 1055 may have less of a pattern, but there is energy in this number, especially if you've been seeing it for a while. Seeing the number 1055 once may be a coincidence. But if you’re seeing this number multiple times, then your angels are trying to tell you something.


angel number 1055 numerology and significance

1055 angel number meaning:Due to its two fives, the idea of a big change is at the forefront. The change may also be a brand-new beginning. While change can be scary, the number 1055 stresses that this change will be a net good.

If you want to understand what 1055 means, you must first understand what each number entails.


Let’s begin with looking at the number 1. In angel numbers, 1 is a sign of a new beginning. You’re back to square one. You’re beginning a journey at the first step. One is not a lonely number in angel numbers. Your journey will have divine support from both the universe and your intuition.


Now, the number 0. Zero is also associated with a new beginning but also one of potential. In some cases, your life's journey may still be taking form, but currently, it is formless. This may be a period when looking at life's possibilities, and your own potential is vital.


Finally, the number 5. Five is often associated with big changes, good luck, and freedom. It reminds us that even if we're halfway through a journey, the second half can bring several surprises. Since the number repeats, there is an even bigger emphasis on change.


So, what’s the total significance of 1055? Due to its two fives, the idea of a big change is at the forefront. The change may also be a brand-new beginning. While change can be scary, the number 1055 stresses that this change will be a net good.


You may have to deal with some negative experiences at first, but keep moving on. There may be limitless options soon available, and your angels will bring you good luck and the power to choose. With that said, you still need to trust your intuition when you see this number.

angel number 1055 meaning in love

In your love life, you may notice the number 1055 repeated. This number is a sign that a new beginning to your love life is coming and one that may have a change. For example, if you're single, you may soon have a partner. But the partner may be different from the others. You may quickly realize that being different is good. Because the love pool can be vast, the number 1055 can mean that this love you're about to meet can be anyone.


But what about those who are in a relationship? The number 1055 can also signify change and a new beginning. Some people may think their relationship is about to end. If you’ve been dealing with tension in your relationship, this may be the case. While you’ll face heartbreak, you may soon find a better person.


If your relationship is going great, this number could signify that it could evolve further, and the change could be for the better. You may get married, buy a house together, or have a child. Or, the change may be a little more minor but still have some sort of great significance in your life.


Crystal Energy & Love


A Peridot may be a good gemstone during this time. Peridot  are associated with love, success, and protection, which you'll need during this significant change.

angel number 1055 meaning in twin flame

The twin flame is the other half that burns with you. Some are searching for their twin flames, while others are finding them. Finding a twin flame can be a challenge, but the numbers can help you find them when all seems lost.


The angel number 1055 means that a twin flame is approaching, usually as a result of a great change or a new beginning. During this period, you should trust your intuition when faced with various choices. The choices will make will lead you even closer to your twin flame. Even if you feel like you are drifting further away from your twin flame, the numbers will pull you back toward them closer than ever before.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Opal will be a valuable gemstone in this period. Opal promotes spiritual power, love, dreams, and imagination. When there are many choices ahead of you, relying on your dreams and the spirits above may be the answer that leads you closer to your twin flame.

angel number 1055 meaning in twin flame reunion

Reunifying in the twin flame context means that you’re growing closer to your twin flame. During the reunion experience, you may see the number 1055 and wonder if this is a threat. Have no fear, as this number signifies a new beginning for you or your twin flame.


You and your twin flame may face a significant change soon, and it can be a challenge. But when you tackle the challenge together, the reward at the end will make the ordeal worth every second. So keep calm with your twin flame and trust your heart. It's a time when the heart is more powerful than the mind.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


Labradorite may be a valuable gemstone at this time. It will protect you during this transformative part of your life and provide you with the clarity to make the best decisions possible.

angel number 1055 meaning in twin flame separation

While twin flames can never be extinguished, they may separate. This separation may come as the result of an extraordinary life change or disagreements at the time. When you're separated, you may feel great fear and anxiety. You may believe that your twin flame is never coming back. While these feelings are valid, the number 1055 is telling you not to worry.


A new beginning will soon happen, and it will be a significant change. You may spend the time away from your twin flame pursuing something different altogether. You may unite with your twin flame again at some point. The 0 shows that there are limitless possibilities.


The angels are telling you that even though the future may be uncertain, you have no fear. At some point, you will unite with your twin flame. Until then, spend some time doing the things that you love, and your life will benefit significantly as a result.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


During this period, aventurine can be an extraordinary gemstone. This stone is associated with prosperity, luck, and opportunity. You may need these three blessings during a separation period. Amazonite may also be a good gemstone. It promotes healing from grief, calming and soothing sensations. The separation of your twin flame can be a great loss, but when you have this gemstone, your experience will improve.

angel 1055 meaning in career

The number 1055 may appear often during your job, be it on the clock, on paperwork, or even during your lunch break. Should you see this number, what does it mean for your job?


It could mean a great change is coming that could bring a beginning to your career. Sometimes, you may lose your job only to get a better one. Other times, it could be a promotion coming your way. You may transition jobs on your own when a better opportunity arises.


When this number shows itself, this may be your chance to take a risk. There are limitless career windows open right now, each leading to prosperity. While you shouldn’t risk losing everything you own, it's a time when a reasonable risk may give you a net good.


Crystal Energy & Career


Aventurine can be a fantastic gemstone during this time. It promotes prosperity, helping you to earn more money than you were before. The gemstone also promotes luck and opportunity, two other vital energies to have during this time in your career.

angel number 1055 meaning in finance

Everyone has a reasonable worry about their financial status. When you check your bank account or look at your receipt, you may notice the number 1055. It may appear when you're doing your taxes or balancing your checkbook, or it could be the last four digits of your accountant's phone number.


The number 1055 means that a significant change in your finances is coming, and it's for the better. While the odds of you winning the lottery are still low, they're now within the realm of possibility. You may have an inheritance come up, or an investment you made is finally paying off.


The number 1055 tells you that while you will thrive in this great financial change, it's also important that you be reasonable with your finances. Make purchases to treat yourself, but do it every once in a while. While you are heading toward a great financial benefit, the universe may have plans in store for you at some other date.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Citrine and peridot can be great gemstones to have during this time. Citrine promotes prosperity, wealth, and success. You can get as much financial benefit as the universe will give you when you have this gemstone. Meanwhile, peridot will provide you with prosperity, growth, and luck. Using these gemstones will allow the universe to shower you with as much money as possible.

angel number 1055 meaning in spirituality

When you're exceptionally spiritual, angel numbers can reveal quite a bit about the universe's plan for you. Angel number 1055 is a sign that a grand change is coming, and one that can be a little scary at times.


Few people love change. Most people like to stay with what they know, but life does not work that way. In life, you'll experience massive changes that shake up the norm. During these times, you should listen to what the universe has to say.


Your angels have a plan. Even if the change seems negative at first, there is a great light at the end of the dark tunnel. As you trudge through the darkness, you should be headstrong and avoid giving up. If you keep moving, you will see a great reward.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Opal is an excellent gemstone during this time. It has spiritual power and promotes hope and dreams. When many opportunities are presented to you during this great change, sometimes it's best to follow your dreams.


Prehnite is also good. This gemstone promotes meditation, the mystical, and dreams. Your dreams are about to be a reality. It would help if you took the chance to pursue them as much as possible.

angel number 1055: final summary

Angel number 1055 is the universe's way of telling you that a great change is coming. This change can seem negative at first or have an unknown feeling. But the result will always be positive. For example, if you see 1055 in your love life, you may experience heartbreak, but then you'll find someone who mends that heart and enhances it.


The number tells you to go with the flow but paddle occasionally. You may see a choice and wish to take it. Do so. This is a period when making a choice may lead to significant benefits.


While you're drifting toward uncertainty, there are ways to prepare yourself spiritually. Gemstones can provide spiritual guidance during this uncertain period. Wearing various stones can help you make the best decisions. That's why having a gemstone bracelet may be beneficial. No matter the situation, you can go into it knowing the universe has a plan for you.