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What Does Angel Number
1123 Mean?



Angel Numbers are a symbolic message from beyond that remind us we are all connected and that we all create our own destiny. Patterns of numbers appear as messages to you. They may feel repetitious or serendipitous. Messages are waiting for you in these patterns if you are looking for them. Angel Numbers are always a positive tool that helps us regain perspective on our journey. These patterns deliver messages of hope that can bring you comfort in even the most mundane moments of the day.


Perhaps you have noticed that at the same time each day you look over at your clock listlessly to realize it’s 11:23 again. Maybe you even catch it both times the clock hits 11:23 that day. It might stand out to you on a receipt or a price tag. You may even be like me, born at 11:23 and forever curious about its implications. How serendipitous is it that after all this time, I get to dive into the meaning of Angel Number 1123 with you today?


angel number 1123 numerology and significance

Angel number 1123 signifies that personal courage and inner strength will sustain you through life changes, urging you to maintain balance and creativity as you navigate your path.

The combination of 1123 is a dynamic symbol. Let’s start by looking at its pieces. The number 1 is a symbol of change. The number 2 is a symbol of balance. The number 3 is a symbol of creativity. Combining these into the most iconic image is sequence, we have 123. 123 is a message that highlights the steps necessary to get to our goals. We cannot skip the important step or balance or creativity when we are initiating changes or experiencing changes in our lives. Look beyond the obstacles that might come up on your journey and keep your eyes on the prize. You may not know which step you’re meant to take next or which order to move in, but this message reminds you that the divine if there to guide your direction.


In this pattern we also have two very deeply meaningful pairs. The pair 11 represents internal strength and personal courage. The pair 23 is a symbol of finding solutions. One their own, these pairs hold very important messages about your own strength and discernment. You have everything you need within you. You have the strength and courage is takes to trust your intuition about the solutions to your problems.


When we combine the numbers we are greeted with the pattern 1123. From the Angel Number 1123, we have a clear message: Your personal courage will sustain you through the steps necessary to change your life and embody creative harmony.


If you have already begun to make big changes in your life, the message of 1123 is to let you know you are headed in the right direction. You are moving with intentional energy that follows a purposeful pattern. Now, we can get into how these messages might be translated given more specific circumstances in your life. Angel Numbers can be translated differently by everyone given their circumstances and priorities. These messages are meant to be encouraging for everyone. Let’s get into it.

angel number 1123 meaning in love

One of the most common reasons that people start looking for answers in Angel Numbers, is to better understand how love is at play in their lives. Love can consume us so quickly. It can cover our lives and distract us from other priorities. The only way to find true love is to be true to yourself.


1123 reminds us to bring our full, assertive, and confident selves into our love lives. If you are looking for love, this Angel Number is a reminder to look within. If you are in love and looking for romance, this is a reminder to connect with yourself first. Treat yourself to the love and romance you want from a partner. Buy yourself flowers. Take yourself out to dinner. Remember that the world is your mirror, a reflection of your inner experience.


Crystal Energy & Love


Garnet is the perfect stone to utilize when you want to enhance the energy of Angel Number 1123. This stone promotes love and passion in a manner that amplifies self-confidence which is what is needed to encounter and experience genuine love. This crystal is also helpful in inspiring loyalty. This is helpful as you search for love and work through love. Don’t forget to be loyal to your love of self.

angel number 1123 meaning in twin flame

Are you waiting to find your twin flame or wondering if you’ve finally found them? If you have been receiving the Angel Number message 1123 then it is time to recognize that you are on the right path to reach your goal. Your inner courage and strength has allowed you to grow to a point where you have taken the steps necessary to receive your twin flame connection. Tune into the connections you have that feel particularly charged during this time.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Perhaps this is the perfect time to employ Smoky Quartz in your practice. This is a crystal that grows in a shape representing the twin flame energy, it amplifies all energies applied to it, and it is perfect for clearing up any confusion , or smoke, around your twin flame connection. Add this stone to your collection or incorporate it into your jewelry to connect you further to the energy of your twin flame. The Angel Number 1123 is all about clarity within yourself. This is the perfect stone to help clear up any confusion you might have surrounding your twin flame at this time.

angel number 1123 meaning in twin flame reunion

Have you recently experienced the pain of twin flame separation? Once you have experienced such a strong connection, it can be hard to feel connected to other things in your life. The message of 1123 is a reminder that although the separation was painful, it was necessary and now you can celebrate the joy of reunion because as 1123 reflects, you have taken the necessary and ordered step to reach an inter strength necessary for this connection. Angel Number 1123 can be translated in this context as a reminder to take things one step at a time as you progress toward reconnection.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


If you are ready to amplify your twin flame reunion, it might be time to add extra Rose Quartz to your collection. Keeping this stone close to your heart by wearing it or using it in your next meditation, will help you feel the love of reconnection with 1123 and your twin flame. Rose quartz is one of the most powerful stones to amplify romantic energy and it is used throughout the world. It is helpful to wear close to your heart in a necklace or close to your pulse on your wrist in a bracelet.

angel number 1123 meaning in twin flame separation

One of the most painful things we can experience as spiritual beings is separation or isolation from our twin flame connection. Sometimes, it can feel like we are losing ourselves when we lose that connection. The Angel Number 1123 is here to remind you that this is not the end of the story. You must reach within to take the next steps to return to your connection. Courage is the message of Angel Number 1123. You have the strength within you to get through this period, no matter how painful it might be. Although it is an exceptionally painful process, it is also a necessary and healing process that will ultimately bring you into a deeper connection with your twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


We have already covered how smoky quartz and rose quartz can enhance your experience with your twin flame. We will round this out by suggesting clear quartz to align with your Angel Number message 1123. Clear Quartz is known to amplify all spiritual energy. This is the perfect solution if you are confused about twin flame energy. It will amplify the hopeful energy behind your 1123 message and connect you to more clarity and groundedness.

angel number 1123 meaning in career

Angel Numbers are meaningful in more ways than love. These numbers can bring you comfort and encouragement in your career as well! Are you experiencing a change in your career or considering one? The Angel Number 1123 lets you know that you are on the right track. Your intuition can be trusted and you are taking the proper steps set out for you by your instinct. This is an important time to time for you to assess the energy around you and the path you are on. It is the perfect time to make sure that your career aligns with your values and passions. You are so powerful and that is reflected in the pattern 1123.


Crystal Energy & Career


The perfect stone to pair with the Angel Number 1123 when it comes to career energy is Carnelian. This deep, red stone is known for enhancing wealth and richness. The depth of color represents the depth of abundant energy you can access. Tap into this energy and experience changes that are in alignment with your energy and values. Carry carnelian with you or wear it close to your skin to tap into the reminder of everything rich that is within your reach.

angel number 1123 meaning in finance

If you are comfortable in your love life and sure that you have found the right path for your career, you still might crave financial growth. If that is the case for you and you are seeing the Angel Number 1123, now is the time for you to trust your intuition about investments. It is the right time to listen to your instincts about how to manage your wealth. The pattern of 1123 is a reminder that trusting your internal experience can lead to you experiencing the most exceptional and powerful moments of magic even in the tangible expressions of money. Although money is not the most important thing for us to value, it is inevitably a necessary thing for us to consider when we want to maintain our wellbeing and positive impact on the world around us.


Crystal Energy & Finance


As you begin to explore intuitive investing, you may be looking for a stone to incorporate into your work that can help enhance your experience. The perfect stone to bring into your collection, your practices, and your daily wear is Emerald. Emeralds are such a rich, deep, green color that reflects the energy of 1123. This stone is known for promoting success. It is ideal to wear when you are seeking financial advancement. It is also a good investment in itself. This stone can be shaped in so many different ways, but it is just as powerful in its raw form.

angel number 1123 meaning in spirituality

If you are looking for a way to translate your Angel Number message 1123 in a more broadly spiritual manner, we can review our initial breakdown of what these numbers represent. You are facing a time of change that requires connection to your inner courage, harmony, and creativity. Trust your intuition to show you the proper and ordered steps to achieve your ultimate level of spiritual stability. The next time you see 1123, let it guide you to a place of comfort knowing that you are on the right path because the only possible right path is the very path you are on. The Angel Number 1123 is a reminder to stay connected to your inner voice and the courage to tell the truth.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


A wonderful stone that you can add to your work when you want to enhance the power behind the message of 1123 is topaz. Topaz is a powerful stone that evolves with the energy of the moon. It can bring you an abundance of good energy in a variety of forms. This message is one to remind you that you have all the love you need within you, everything else is a gift on top of that. When you listen to that inner voice, you remain in alignment with your truth and therefore are acting in your personal power.

angel number 1123 : final summary

Angel Numbers affect us all differently, but they always bring an encouraging energy. Never forget that you are never alone. You are always connected to the energy of the collective consciousness and the universe. Angel Numbers are a wonderful way to remember this. Keep an eye out for 1123 for a reminder that you are the source of love and loyalty in your life and that inner voice will teach you the steps needed to achieve your goals.


Another wonderful way to remain connected to the spiritual realm is by bringing charged crystal jewelry into your daily routine. As you add these pieces to your collection, you will find your energy enhanced. A great way to go about this is by collecting crystal bracelets. These bracelets can help you stay connected to your Angel Number energy.