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What Does Angel Number
122 Mean?



Angel numbers are sets or patterns of numbers we repeatedly see while doing our daily activities. Many may think they are mere coincidences, but they are not. These numbers offer divine guidance, messages from the angels or, as many prefer to say, the universe itself. They are messages from the spiritual world. Spiritual beings don’t use our spoken languages, which are human creations, to communicate with us. They speak to us in the universal language of numbers. They send us these sequences repeatedly so we can become aware of them.


You may see them repeatedly in different scenarios as you live your everyday life. Such numbers can appear to us in the most unimaginable ways. Most people notice them in digital clocks, telephone numbers, license plates, dates, and address numbers. But once a message is meant for you, it can appear in places such as a price tag, a calorie counter, the seconds you have left to complete a quiz, a flight reservation number, or the total amount of guests invited to an event. You might even see angel numbers in your sleep. 


Angel numbers can appear as pairs (11:11), triads (122), or more complex sequences (1234). Each digit within the numbers you see plays a role in the message you are receiving. So, to decipher a message, you need to observe each digit and also the entire number. The timing of these numbers varies among individuals, with some people seeing them all the time and others only seeing them during specific periods of their lives. You can expect that seeing angel numbers happens when you need some type of guidance. The trick is trusting your intuition when the numbers appear, especially if you feel that you need reassurance or need to be receptive to a message from the divine.


In this guide, we'll take a look at the angel number 122 and what it might mean for you. Because crystals are also a tool for spiritual growth, you can use them to amplify the effects of angel numbers as you connect to the divine. For that reason, you'll also find suggestions for crystals you can carry with you, creating a bridge between angel number 122 and the energy the stones produce.


angel number 122 numerology and significance

angel number 122 signifies a message of new beginnings, cooperation, manifesting dreams, and trusting the divine, combining the energies of independence and balance for guidance in various life situations.

When we are talking about angel numbers and numerology, it’s important to clarify that we are talking about angelic numerology. According to angelic numerology, the repeated numbers you see are messages or lessons your guardian angels or spirit guides are sending you, trying to get your attention onto these numbers. Moreover, the more you start paying attention, the more you will see them.


Let’s say, for example, that you wake up in the middle of the night, and as you look at your cell phone, it’s 1:22. You drink some water and get back to sleep. In the morning, as you drink your coffee, you check your WhatsApp and find 122 unread messages from your college friends’ group. They are organizing a reunion. You scroll through the messages and realize that your former sweetheart with whom you had a traumatic separation is proposing to have it on January 22nd. Yes, month 1 of the year, day 22 of the month, 122 again. So, you start becoming aware of this number, and miraculously, you start seeing it all over, even at the license plate of the taxi you take for not being late at work or at the page number of a book you randomly open.


The concept of numerology equates specific numbers with their own unique energy and meaning. But there's also significance in the combination of particular numbers. So, when it comes to angel number 122, we must examine the meaning of both the "1" and the "2," as well as the messages associated with the two interacting with each other.


Number 1 is strongly connected to new beginnings, assertiveness, leadership, independence and self-confidence. It may be a message telling you to strive ahead and use your thoughts and behaviors to create your own destiny.


Number 2 symbolizes balance, relationships, partnerships, harmony and cooperation. When twos appear to you, it's a sign that you should trust in the timing of what's happening in your life and keep the faith as you progress through life's challenges. The number 2 is a critical numeral to pay attention to during hardships and transitions, as well as when you face uncertainty in life.


When the numbers 1 and 2 are combined in angel number 122, their energy comes together, and it has a particular gravity in any or all of the following ways.


Starting something new - the number 1 in the sequence is linked to new beginnings and may be telling you that it’s time to start a new job or hobby. It could also be a message telling you to take control and start fresh. 


Cooperation and togetherness—a double number 2 amplifies the message associated with partnerships and relationships. It emphasizes collaboration and teamwork. Perhaps it's time to find new ways to create balance in your personal interactions with others.


Manifesting dreams - the sequence of 122 is a divine communication telling you it's time to align your dreams and goals with your actions and thoughts. Not only that, it's also a signal that you have the capability to do this but that you've got to stay positive and potentially allow others to help you.


Trusting the divine - the number 122 delivers a message that equates to empowerment and trust, so you can take it as a sign that the universe is intervening and that you should trust both its timing and guidance.


Of course, your personal circumstances also play a role in what the number 122 means in your life. For me, that might mean paying attention to my feelings at work and letting my angel numbers guide me to the next step in my career path. For you, it might mean letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. When you encounter angel number 122, it's essential to spend some time considering how it might be significant to you and your life at that precise moment.


Remember that although angel numbers have their own vibration and meaning, you will be the one who, through your intuition, will decode to which area of your life or to which situation to apply the message and what exactly they are telling you.


angel number 122 meaning in love

Because the number 122 plays such a significant role in relationships, it makes sense that it could be divine guidance regarding the partnerships and interactions you have in your life. It's a powerful reminder that you need balance and harmony with friends, family and romantic partners so you can take steps to find this with others.


It might also be telling you that it's time for a new beginning and that you need a positive change. It may be time to have a stern talk with your significant other, or maybe it's time to evaluate whether it's time to let a partner go.


Angel number 122 can also be used as a manifestation to help you find love. Visualize the relationship you want and then take steps to get there, remembering to trust the divine along the way. 


Crystal Energy & Love


Try adding rose quartz to your life, a stone that is thought to bring unconditional love as well as emotional healing. Not only can it help you find a new love, but it also has the power to help you deepen the romantic relationship you already have. 

angel number 122 meaning in twin flame

Your twin flame is the other half of your soul. This is the person with whom you share a strong bond. Twin flames tend to mirror each other, so you balance one another's strengths and weaknesses and offer one another unconditional love. Twin flames often separate and reunite multiple times during their lifespan.


When it comes to angel numbers, a twin flame occurs with repeating numbers, in this case, the number 2. There is a profound emphasis on guidance in this situation, specific to the numerals involved. Because angel number 122 is so strongly linked with balance and cooperation, you can assume that the repetition of number 2 is telling you that you should focus on your relationships. In some cases, that could be the relationship you have with yourself.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Use clear quartz, which amplifies alignment and clarity. This is immensely valuable when you are paying close attention to the partnerships you have in your life. Clear quartz also has the ability to match the vibrations of a twin flame, thereby giving you more insight into what the universe may be telling you. 

angel number 122 meaning in twin flame reunion

A twin flame reunion is when you reconnect with someone you consider your mirror spirit. It aligns with the idea that a soul can split into two bodies. Upon reunion with the other half of the spirit, one can achieve completeness.


With angel number 122, you get a profound reminder of the importance of trusting divine timing and intervention. You can trust that things are happening as they should and that your reunion with a twin flame will occur at the right time.


It's also a powerful sign that both you and your twin flame should focus on the preparation for your reunion by focusing on inner healing, personal growth and self-love.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion

Amethyst can be a valuable crystal for this situation, as it can help you on your spiritual journey and be attuned to the higher frequencies associated with divine love and unity. 

angel number 122 meaning in twin flame separation

Separating from a twin flame can be pretty upsetting and present a challenge that can interfere with inner harmony and self-acceptance. Angel number 122 can offer insight as these hurdles are faced. It reminds you that you can still work toward harmony and balance, even when separated. This is the ideal time to put your energy into self-love and self-improvement, with the understanding that these are essential stepping stones on the path to reunion.


Again, it's also a good reminder to trust divine timing as you align with your higher self. Working toward discovering the mission of your own soul and staying positive allows you to work your way back toward your twin flame when the time is right.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Hang onto a tourmaline during this time of separation. The energy from the stone helps block negative energy, helping you from letting your emotions deter you from your alignment and providing centering during a separation.

angel 122 meaning in career

Because angel number 122 is associated with new beginnings, you can expect some powerful divine guidance on the job front. Most vividly, it points you toward the opportunities that present themselves in terms of your career and what your future looks like. It could be telling you it’s time to leave your comfort zone and take things to a new level, either in your current career or in a new one altogether. 


Remember that number 1 signifies leadership, so perhaps it's time to take on a higher role and find excellence in your job duties. Use angel number 122 as a reminder to stay focused on your goals as you manifest success and strive for a work-life balance that resonates with you.


Crystal Energy & Career


This is a fantastic time to add citrine to your workspace. Not only will it help you manifest all of your work and career dreams, but it will also bring you new opportunities that can boost your confidence and overcome challenges.

angel number 122 meaning in finance

Because angel number 122 is associated with balance, it makes sense that it could apply to your financial life. Whether you're striving for financial stability or you're like me and you want abundance, trust angel number 122 to guide you.


Not only does it signify your ability to find abundance and balance with your money, but it also gives you the encouragement to take the actions to get you there. It's a sign to take control and practice responsibility for your financial situation, whether that means cutting back on your spending or opening a savings account.


Angel number 122 is also a symbol of self-investment, including with dollars. It means it's time to start setting money aside and ensuring the stability and safety of your financial future.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Keep a aventurine with you because it’s a stone that attracts abundance and wealth. It can also open your eyes to opportunities to improve your financial life. 

angel number 122 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 122 is a potent symbol that aligns closely with your spiritual journey, which looks different for everyone. You can assume that it's a sign that the divine is trying to give you a message, and you need to open your eyes, ears, and heart so you can be receptive to it when it arrives.


If you feel an inner awakening and want divine guidance to help you along the way, angel number 122 should give you a clue to trust the divine and your own intuition. It tells you to take steps to focus on your inner growth and manifest your spiritual desires.



Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Selenite is an outstanding crystal to rely on when you're working on a spiritual awakening. That's because it holds the power to get rid of negative energy and connect with your spirit guides. This brings on the spiritual healing you seek and can also cleanse your energy field, leaving you open to divine intervention.

angel number 122: final summary

If you're seeing angel number 122 in your life, it's time to give some consideration to where you can find balance and harmony in your life. That will involve quite a bit of inner work as you learn to open yourself to the universe and listen to the messages it's sending you.


Overall, 122 is a beautiful message that your angels are giving you. They are telling you that right now, you have to connect with yourself, connect with your feelings and your dreams and believe in yourself. You can do whatever you propose because you have such an immense force within you. For this reason, it is crucial that you put aside all your fears and negative thoughts.


122 is a very auspicious message when you are in moments of change, beginnings, or decision-making. With a pure heart, believing in yourself, and guided by your intuition, you will make the decisions and initiate the actions that will lead you to achieve what you long for or need.


To enhance your connection with the spiritual and better decode the message being delivered by angel number 122, don't neglect to find the crystals that resonate with you. Crystals are a fantastic way to align your energies so you can find angel number 122's harmony, whether in your relationships, career, or personal spiritual journey.


Crystal bracelets make it so easy to harness their power while incorporating them into your everyday life and enhancing your connection to the divine through angel numbers. When you use crystals, be sure you take the time to set a clear intention for their powers and use them as a regular part of your life, whether that's in meditation or another kind of energy practice.


In addition to the crystals discussed above, others to include in your life are citrine, lapis lazuli,  and tiger’s eye. Whatever practices and crystals you choose, be sure you take the time to focus on yourself, which is the premier way of finding the abundance, balance, connection, and love that you want in your life. What do you think angel number 122 is telling you?