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What Does Angel Number
1331 Mean?



Does it feel like a number has been following you around recently?


Everywhere you look, it feels as though you are encountering one specific number or combination of numbers – on car license plates, coffee shop receipts, in phone numbers, on graffiti, you name it, you can’t turn around without being faced with this number or these numbers. Confused? You don’t have to be!


These numbers are known as “angel numbers” - a collection of digits that represent the universe reaching out to you and letting you know what path you should be taking, what you can expect in your future, and how to navigate certain situations that you currently find yourself in. If you’ve been feeling like you’re standing at a crossroads, not sure what route to take, these angel numbers can serve as a guiding light to what will serve you best in the future.


Who exactly is sending these numbers for you? That depends on your belief system – some people see them as messages from God, others from the universe, and some choose to view them as nudges in the right direction from the best version of themselves. Whoever you see as behind these messages, just know that they can be powerful tools in reaching your goals and achieving what you want to achieve – if you know how to read them!


Which brings us to the angel number we’ll be looking at today, 1331, and just what it means if you’ve been seeing it frequently in your life lately.


angel number 1331 numerology and significance

Angel number 1331 symbolizes a harmonious blend of independence, strength, optimism, and self-expression, suggesting that personal growth thrives when grounded in self-reliance and balanced by a playful, communicative spirit.

The numbers 1 and 3 hold powerful significance in numerology. 1, as you might imagine, is a signifier of independence, grounding, and strength – think of it as a reminder of how strong you can stand on your own two feet, without becoming reliant on the help of others around you. Traits like determination are strongly associated with this number, and it’s also an indication that some big opportunities might be coming your way soon.


3, on the other hand, encourages an engagement with your inner child – 3 is a reminder to embrace your optimism, hope, playfulness, and spirit, and focus on improving your communication with the people you care about. This number is an open door in numerology, inviting self-expression and self-discovery, a perfect balance to the more independent, grounded nature of the 1.


The double appearances of both these digits in the angel number 1331 intensifies their power, and the nestling of the double 3s between the 1s nods towards the idea that your self-discovery is best taken care of in a space where you’re grounded and independent. That’s the central meaning of 1331: a chance for growth that comes from a place of deep, personal understanding.


Together, the numbers add up to 8, a number which signifies a comfortable balance between the spiritual world and the material one – something to consider if you’re looking to explore new avenues while keeping yourself grounded and strong!

angel number 1331 meaning in love

The angel number 1331 applies to relationships in a number of ways, but first, let’s talk about what it can mean if you’re currently in a relationship.


In this case, the message being sent is one that encourages you to develop yourself as an independent entity from the relationship – not to emesh yourself too deeply in another person and lose your personality, goals, and dreams in the process. But it also encourages a playful exploration with your partner, a chance for both of you to ground yourself as individuals while enjoying plenty of play and fun with your lover – whatever that means for the two of you!


As for the singles reading this, 1331 is an indicator that you should prepare yourself for the possibility of someone new entering your life – but not to let yourself get too caught up in the whirlwind of a new romance. Focus on yourself during this time and the energy you can attract, rather than what you can chase – your strength and self-assuredness will bring the right people into your life, people who respect who you are and, more importantly, encourage you in reaching the highest version of the person that you can be.


Crystal Energy & Love


Outisde of romantic love, this number can serve as a reminder to focus on your community, and building up a strong series of connections with the people around you. Don’t neglect the platonic love in your life – it's with a community around us that we grow best, and allow others to thrive in the process!


During this time, making use of the crystal Rose Quartz can be really useful – meditating with this powerful crystal known for helping develop self-love and boundless care for oneself is a perfect complement to this powerful angel number.

angel number 1331 meaning in twin flame

The balanced nature of the 1331 angel number can be an indicator that many things in your life are coming in to balance – and your twin flame, as the balance to your spiritual self, is part of that.


But you have to balance out the other factors of yourself in the process. Now is the time to tend to your wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally – think of it like laying down the soil for a positive, thriving relationship with your twin flame when they eventually make their way back into your life. Keep your mind clear but your heart open!


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


To help aid you in this mental clarity, consider making use of Clear Quartz, to keep your head as clear as this crystal!

angel number 1331 meaning in twin flame reunion

We all want to know when we’re finally going to meet our twin flame – and, if you’ve been seeing this number around a lot lately, there’s a good chance they might be nearer than you think.


In terms of twin flame reunion, 1331 indicates a balance between your spiritual world and your material one – as things come into place, your twin flame may make their way back into your life. It’s a call to connect with your highest self and to seek that highest self in the people around you, especially your twin flame. You are both growing right now, and sharing in that growth together can invite profound change and improvement in both your lives – think of yourself like trees, growing around each other, roots intertwining.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


If you use crystals as part of your spiritual practice, Aventurine is a great choice to help nurture your individual growth as you prepare for your twin flame reunion.

angel number 1331 meaning in twin flame separation

As with the 1s at either end of this number, sometimes, twin flames need some space from each other – and that’s a totally normal and healthy part of the process. This number, if you’re going through a separation or questioning whether you might need one, can be a signifier that your growth as individuals needs to take precedence over your growth as a couple for the time being. You have all the time in the world (literally) to be together, and spending time apart can be just as valuable as part of your overall twin flame journey.


Your care for each other is still clear, but a whole takes two solid parts to make it right, and this angel number is guiding you to do that work on yourself while you give your twin flame space to do their work, too. Approach this period with positivity and optimism!


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


The beautiful crystal Carnelian can help you through this period as you navigate the shift in your relationship – it's great to meditate with as you reflect on what you need to do to grow as a person and as a twin flame pairing during your separation.

angel 1331 meaning in career

If you’ve been having some doubts about your skills and expertise lately, this angel number is a sure sign to put your faith in yourself – and trust that you have the ability to get what needs to be done, done! The grounding nature of the 1 is a great place to start as you focus on the hard work you’ve done to get where you are, and the 3 is a reminder not to take things too seriously and to approach your work with a playfulness and creativity that you might have been lacking lately. This angel number is telling you that you already have this in the bag – you just need to believe in yourself a little more!


If you’re looking for a change in career, this can also be significant – this angel number is an invitation to flex your creativity and approach some new challenges, so if you’ve been looking for a reason to dive into an ambitious new project in your work life, now is the time. If you’re an entrepreneur, this number indicates a period of flourishing and growth coming to your business soon – as long as you put the work in to get it there!


Crystal Energy & Career


The crystal Sunstone is a brilliant supplement to chasing down your career goals, especially when used in tandem with meditation and angel numbers!

angel number 1331 meaning in finance

Good news: if you’ve been seeing this angel number around lately, chances are some seriously good financial vibes are coming your way! This angel number indicates that you’re in the process of aligning with abundance, and that abundance is going to make itself known in many different ways – but one of the most obvious is financially. With a strong focus in what you want to use your money for and how you want to earn it, you’ll soon find yourself able to be generous with the people around you – and what goes around, comes around!


Making use of your financial abundance to help your community will allow you to bloom in ways you couldn’t have imagined possible before. Abundance, in this angel number, doesn’t mean hanging on to all of your money for yourself – it's about sharing, community, and taking joy in watching the people around you thrive. And how does that relate to you? Well, you’ll see your kindness come back to you in surprising ways when you need it most.


.Crystal Energy & Finance


If you like to supplement your practice with crystals, green Jade is a great one to pair with this number to see that financial growth come into focus!


angel number 1331 meaning in spirituality

Perhaps this number’s most profound meaning is when it’s applied to your spiritual life, and here’s why: it’s a balance of the spiritual and practical, of your day-to-day life and your highest self. It’s a call to connect with the best version of yourself and consider what steps you can take to bring that person closer to the one you are today – but never fear, the universe has your back as you’re taking these big steps! 


Blend a sense of grounding in who you are with an optimism and creativity about who you want to be, and don’t be afraid to express what you want and need in this process. Your biggest responsibility is to yourself during this time, so don’t be afraid to get your head down and stay grounded in your true values and core beliefs!


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


As you’re working on rising to meet the highest version of yourself, consider making use of the crystal Amethyst – it can serve as a great tool in your journey to seeking spiritual contentment and alignment.

angel number 1331 : final summary

The angel number 1331 has a range of different meanings depending on which aspect of your life you’re looking to make changes in – but if you’ve been encountering this number all over the place recently, it’s a good sign, regardless of what you’re looking to shift in your life. Ground into your true self and approach changes with a sense of playfulness, hopefulness, and optimism, and you’ll reach your highest self before you know it, inviting abundance in money, career, and love into your life in the process.


If you’re looking for some tools to supplement this process, wearable crystals, such as bracelets, can serve as a great day-to-day reminder of exactly what you’re working towards!