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What Does Angel Number
14 Mean?



The angel number 14 combines the two powerful numbers 1 and 4 to deliver a significant message of hope and reassurance. If you are constantly seeing this number everywhere you look, it is not a coincidence. This is a direct message from the universe that is meant just for you. But in order to understand what the message is and how to apply it to your life, you have to understand the significance behind these numbers.


Angel numbers are special messages from your angels or the universe that are meant to guide you along life’s pathway and provide you with assurance that you are making the correct choices. These messages can help in various areas of your life such as your relationships, career, or financial situation.


You can find angel numbers in a wide range of places such as on digital devices like your smartphone or laptop, on TV shows and movies, and in newspapers, books and magazines. Other places where you may see angel numbers throughout your day include:


Invoices、Sales tags、Receipts、Restaurant menus、Street signs、House numbers、Billboards、License plates、Clock radios、Kitchen Appliances


If you are seeing angel number 14 frequently and would like to know more about its messages and how they apply to your life, you have come to the right place, in this article we will discuss what the messages are behind angel number 14 and what they mean to you. We will also look at how different crystals can be used while receiving these messages to help you in various areas of your journey through life.


angel number 14 numerology and significance

Angel number 14 signifies that you are entering a period of intense change and growth, where new beginnings will bring balance and harmony into your life, encouraging you to embrace opportunities with confidence and diligence.

Before we get into what messages the angel number 14 has for you, it’s important that we look at the significance behind each individual number when it comes to numerology.


Number 1


In numerology, the number one is very important. It stands for leadership and those who can easily jumpstart brand new endeavors. It is a symbol of new beginnings, great opportunities, power, confidence, and the ability to take action without hesitation. The strengths behind number 1 include independence, goal-oriented, and being creative or innovative in all areas of life.


Number 4


In numerology, the number 4 is all about dependability, reliability, and working hard. This number is associated with those who are dedicating to improving their life and always up for trying something new. The strengths of number 4 include loyalty, being practical, and hard-working. They are known for putting extra effort into their relationships and working hard to ensure they get the best results.


What Does 14 Mean When Combined?


When you see angel number 14, it is a message from your angels that an intense change and season of growth is upon you, but you can take solace in knowing that these sudden changes will not overpower you or be too overwhelming. You can prepare to accept these changes freely and with an open heart because these new beginnings will be filled with balance and harmony. When you see this number, the universe is letting you know that it is okay to be independent and take risks. You have the ability to take on anything you put your mind to, and you have the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish each new task with success.

angel number 14 meaning in love

In the area of love, the angel number 14 is a message that you should always seek out harmony and balance in any relationship, especially a romantic one. This is a reminder that you should communicate openly with your partner and always listen attentively to their needs if you want to create an environment that is nurturing, loving, and caring. By paying attention to what your angels are telling you, this number will help guide you toward a much stronger bond and deeper connection with your partner.


If you want to promote positive energy in your love life, the moonstone is always a good choice. This stone is known for its ability to balance your emotions and promote healing in relationships. It can be very useful when you have conflict in your love life, and you want to increase feelings of calmness and harmony between you and your partner.


Crystal Energy & Love


Now, if you want to boost this process even further, Rose Quartz can help. If you’ve read chemistry you’d know that catalysts speed up a chemical reaction. Similarly, stones help you channel energy and strengthen your chakras thereby accelerating the process of attracting energies.

angel number 14 meaning in twin flame

Finding your twin flame can be a glorious time. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find their other half, their true soul mate in this world and when you do, it can be as if you are finally a whole person. If you are seeing the angel number 14 and haven’t found your twin flame, your angels are telling you that now is the time to try something new, and by doing so you will be connected with your twin flame. This could mean it’s time to finally go through with those travel plans you keep putting off, or its time to take the chance and move across the country. Alternatively, it could be something as simple as deciding to go out one night with friends so that you can be around new people and possibly bump into your soulmate on the dance floor.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Malachite is an excellent stone to wear when you are searching for your twin flame. This powerful stone can promote feelings of emotional balance and transformation. It is ideal for anyone who is seeking growth and healing within themselves or in their relationships. This stone encourages you to take risk and embrace change, which is essential when trying to find your twin flame.

angel number 14 meaning in twin flame reunion

If you are currently separated from your twin flame, seeing the angel number 14 is a message of encouragement from the universe that your will soon reunite. Your relationship will be stronger thanks to the time you spent apart since you both worked on your personal growth. Now you will have balance and harmony in your relationship and your bond will be much stronger than it has been in the past. But at the same time, be cautious when you reunite. Your angels want you to know that you should take a practical approach to your relationship and that could mean that you may need to take the reins in some areas and let your partner know where you stand in order to have true peace and harmony.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


Sodalite is a great stone to have on hand all throughout your twin flame journey. This stone can be especially useful as you are awaiting your twin flame reunion. Sodalite is associated with harmony and trust. As you reunite with your twin flame, you may be hesitant to be as close as you once were. With this stone, you can promote feelings of trust and mutual understanding so that you can deepen your relationship and make it much stronger than ever before.

angel number 14 meaning in twin flame separation

Times of twin flame separation are never easy, but they are needed in order for both of your to grow on both a personal and spiritual level. Seeing the angel number 14 while you are separated from your twin flame could be a message from your angel that you need to take this time to focus on your personal growth. Your angels are encouraging you to take this time to prioritize your well-being. It is time for you to invest your energy in the activities and passions that nourish your mind, body and soul. By giving yourself time to appreciate the things you love, you will reunite with your twin flame with a refreshed sprit that is full of happiness and peace.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


If you are looking for a stone that can help you communicate better with your twin flame once this separation period is over, you should try wearing Blue Lace Agate. This stone is known for its soothing properties that bring calmness and balance to your relationships. It can help to block negative energy filled with tension or misunderstanding so that you can both communicate with one another with an open mind and heart.

angel number 14 meaning in career

When it comes to your professional life, the angel number 14 is a message of encouragement. Your angels are telling you that you need to create an ideal balance between your career and your personal life. If your career has you stressed out lately, it may be time to request a vacation if possible or perhaps even look for a new career option. Your angels are encouraging you that you should pursue what you are passionate about if you want to find peace and harmony in your professional life, and you should have faith whenever you are faced with potential new beginnings.


Crystal Energy & Career


Do you need something to help give you an extra boost of confidence while on your professional journey? Fluorite crystals are the perfect stone to wear when you need to focus on your goals and improve your concentration. This stone can help bring you more success in your career while guiding you towards the best path along your journey.

angel number 14 meaning in finance

The angel number 14 is associated with very strong qualities like leadership, trying out new opportunities, taking risks, and being practical. When you are at the crossroads of making an important financial decision for yourself or your family, the angel number 14 is telling you that you should take the risk but do so in a practical manner. This means that you should not be afraid to seek out new opportunities but also take the time to do your own research about these new endeavors so that you can make the very best decision regarding your finances.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Carnelian is a beautiful warm crystal that can help promote your wealth and abundance. This stone gives you the motivation to get your work completed so that you may earn more and improve your bottom line. It helps to push you to be your very best so that you can achieve your goals. If you are feeling unmotivated with your current job or wish that you could find an occupation that would provide you with more money, wearing this stone can help you reach your desires.

angel number 14 meaning in spirituality

If you are feeling stuck spiritually, the number 14 is a message from your angels that you should hold and stay on the path you are currently on. Your spiritual guides are aware of your efforts, and they are telling you that you should trust in the universe that it will offer guidance when it is needed. This number can also provide reassurance that you are always supported by the higher power. Number 14 is often associated with expanding your spiritual knowledge and consciousness; therefore, this could be a sign that your angels are telling you to embrace the journey you are currently on and continue to seek out enlightenment.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


If you feel that you need to awaken your spiritual side more, you should wear a crystal bracelet that features Amethyst. This stone is one of the best crystals to have when you want to improve your spiritual connection. It is known to help stimulate the third eye chakra while also enhancing intuition and your psychic gifts. You should wear amethyst whenever you need more spiritual wisdom, awareness or protection from your guides.

angel number 14 : final summary

The angel number 14 serves as a general reminder to go into every aspect of our lives with harmony and to find balance in each situation, whether that is in our romantic relationships, career, or spirituality. It serves as a reminder to take a practical approach to every new beginning and go into new opportunities without fear. Your angels are reminding you that you are a hard worker who is dedicated, loyal, and reliable, and therefore you can take on each new project with confidence and pride.


If you want to give your spiritual side a boost while receiving messages from your angels, you should consider wearing jewelry featuring the crystals mentioned in this article. These precious stones can help promote positive energy in your life while blocking any negative forces. Be sure to check out our collection of crystal bracelets available here on our website before you leave.