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What Does Angel Number
155 Mean?


Do you regularly see the same number 155 around you, wherever you look? On receipts, on clocks, printed in papers, online, on cars while you sit in traffic, Angel Numbers can appear anywhere around you, as a message that you need to see. Do the same numbers crop up for you in public? Have you ever noticed at a particular time in life that you see repetitive sets of numbers everywhere you look?

These could be your angel numbers. Angel numbers are messages sent to you from a divinity, the universe, or angels meant to guide you and encourage you as you transition through different periods of life. But what do these angel numbers mean?


angel number 155 numerology and significance

Angel number 155 signifies positive change and fresh starts. With 5 symbolizing change and progress, and 1 representing new beginnings, seeing 155 suggests significant shifts ahead in areas like career, love life, or spirituality, prompting readiness to seize new opportunities.

Angel numbers are thought to be numbers that are symbols, sent to you by an angel. These highly personalized numbers are designed to guide you throughout life, drawing your attention to important things, circumstances, and places.

Angel numbers are numerical sequences of three or four numbers that can serve as a confirmation that the universe or a divine power is helping you see an opportunity before you. Different numerical combinations offer unique signs like intuition, luck, support, or opportunity. 

Angel Number 155 is associated with change and positivity. It is thought that angel number 155 has several qualities from the number one as well as the number 5. 5 is heavily associated with change and progress while one is associated with new beginnings. From that it is believed that angel number 155 represents significant change and an opportunity for a new beginning in several areas of your life. 

If you see these numbers, it could indicate that you are about to undergo a significant shift in things like your career, your love life, or your spirituality, and being aware of this significance can help position you to capitalize on that new beginning.

angel number 155 meaning in love

Angel Number 155 brings with it the opportunity for major life changes particularly in love. It is heavily tied to manifestation and the Law of Attraction which means that if you choose to manifest positive changes in opportunities, visualizing changes in love, this number can help you remain open to all manner of love in your life, particularly profound and life-changing love.

If you see Angel Number 155 it could indicate an opportunity for trusting in yourself and the relationships in front of you, and finding not only self-love but love with others.

Tip: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, take some time to be aware of the people in your life or the opportunities that manifest which could lead to love.


Crystal Energy & Love


Amethyst can help you with love. Amethyst is known to offer emotional strength, especially for those who wear it. It was worn by Greek soldiers to bring strength and emotional support while also improving inner peace.


Today, it can help you with love because of the self-growth, inspiration, and inner peace it provides. That peace can do away with stress or worry and help you focus on love and whether or not it's the right love for you.


With a strong association to the crown chakra, amethyst can remove negative energy, promote love, and enhance your emotional strength so that you are vulnerable enough to accept love when the circumstances are right.

angel number 155 meaning in twin flame

Tangentially, Angel Number 155 has a deep meaning when it comes to your twin flame. If you see Angel Number 155, it could signify that you are soon to encounter your twin flame or perhaps have already encountered your twin flame, but now is a chance to reunite.

Angel Number 155 is indicative that a critical point in your twin flame journey is about to take place so stay focused on your intuition and personal evolution. 

Tip: Don't be afraid of what the universe has in store for you. Angel Number 155 contains a powerful message for you that it's time to enjoy personal growth and significant change, which could very well be a significant change that involves your twin flame and the personal growth necessary to support that connection. 

Crystal Energy & Twin Flame

Celestite can help you with Twin Flames. Twin flame, or your soulmate, can seem next to impossible to find but celestite, a beautiful blue crystal, offers increased understanding, mindfulness, and divination. That divination and mindfulness provides the inner peace and clarity necessary to find and maintain your twin flame.

angel number 155 meaning in twin flame reunion

When it comes to Twin Flame reunion, seeing Angel Number 155 around you is indicative of an opportunity for personal growth and change and that change could specifically relate to a reunion. It's up to you to choose whether or not to embrace that change.

Tip: Don't be afraid of a reunion. Do not let fear interfere with a greater purpose in life. You need to take a leap of faith and be willing to pursue a Twin Flame reunion, letting go of things that may have hindered that relationship in the past or personal fears that you have.

Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion

Morganite can help you with Twin Flame Reunion. This is a popular pink gemstone closely related to tourmaline and kunzite. The energy behind Morganite encourages empathy and compassion and, in so doing, helps you with the Twin Flame reunion by reconciling the challenges you might have in your relationship. The more empathetic and compassionate you are when wearing Morganite jewelry, the better position you are in to foster reconciliation in your relationships. 

angel number 155 meaning in twin flame separation

Similarly Angel Number 155 could indicate time for twin flame separation signifying an opportunity for personal growth and evolution as an individual. This sign from the heavens or divinity could indicate that it's time to make a change in your relationship particularly if you are struggling with problems and now is the opportunity for you to make a separation.

Tip: Don't be afraid of a separation. There might be a purpose for your twin flame separation, whether temporary or permanent. Look at the opportunity as potential growth and Improvement that brings with it unbounded possibilities for the future.

Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation

Moonstone can help you with Twin Flame Separation. With ties to Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, those who wear moonstones wear a powerful token of love and wisdom.

Moonstone is a fragile stone that is known for its ability to offer help with love and protection. Moonstones can have a calming influence and are tied to the moon and its many changes. 

As a direct result, the monthly renewal of the moon means that those who wear Moonstone bracelets can get help with love, particularly during a full moon if they need help restoring tranquility or reaching a lost love. If you have been separated from your twin flame or soulmate, holding a moonstone at the full moon can help you with that separation. 

angel 155 meaning in career

Angel number 155 can extend to your career. If you see this number it could represent the personal growth and change that you need to make in your career, accepting a new job, being brave enough to move to a new city, or accepting a promotion. It might even mean making a big enough change that you have to leave your current job so that you can pursue one that's more fulfilling.

This number could be a sign from the heavens or divine universal power that it's time for you to:


1.Start a new project


2.Launch a new product


3.Head in a new direction with your career


Recognize the meaning of pursuing your dreams and taking unexpected opportunities, but always practice wisdom in making these changes and finding balance with things like financial stability.

Tip: Don't be afraid of prioritizing your personal development, recognizing new opportunities before you for self-improvement, for learning, and for career progression. Embrace the situations that arise no matter how far you have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve them.


Crystal Energy & Career

Citrine can help you with your career. This beautiful gemstone has a dark green hue, one that is not only heavily associated with money but has links to the power of creation and balance with the earth. When your life is in balance you can enjoy the focus necessary to create wealth and sustainable career decisions.

angel number 155 meaning in finance

Financially if you are seeing Angel Number 155 there could be an opportunity for significant personal growth. Your sign from the universe or a divine power could be there to tell you not to give up hope for your financial situation and to trust that if you continue to persevere things will get better.

As you approach a significant change in your finances, you need to be aware of your balance. If you notice a significant change in how much money you make because of a temporary job opportunity or promotion, don't recklessly spend that money but rather maintain balance with savings and appropriate spending

Tip: Don't be afraid of financial strain or success. Trust that the universe may be calling you to pursue your dreams or to develop financial stability, and that can take time, dedication, and hard work. But if you continue to look for your angel numbers, you'll know that there is an opportunity for change when you see Angel number 155, and you need to capitalize on that change when the time is right.

Crystal Energy & Finance

Citrine can help you with your finances. This stunning yellow-gold gemstone is commonly referred to as the money stone or success stone. The nickname derives from not just the color but its association with bright energy and sunlight, something thought to be imbued in the wearer.

angel number 155 meaning in spirituality

In terms of your spirituality, angel number 155 could be an indication from angels or other spirits on high that you can achieve whatever you need as long as you ground yourself in spiritual change. You need to be open to the idea of spiritual evolution, personal progression in your spirituality, and deeper wisdom for yourself and your life.

For many, Angel Number 155 contains great meaning for Spiritual expansion. You might:

1.Have an opportunity to explore a new spiritual practice

2.Need to seek guidance from a spiritual member in your community or your face

3.Have an opportunity to expand your mindfulness and self-reflection

Tip: Don't be afraid of personal growth. When you see Angel Number 155 this could be a message from a Divinity or your guardian angel that it's time for you to embrace the faith you have in yourself or in something else, and to trust that faith and spirituality as you transition into a new chapter in life. 

No matter what comes your way, remember to have faith in your inner strength that you will be able to achieve the changes necessary for new financial stability, career progression, or love.

Crystal Energy & Spirituality

Howlite can help you with your spirituality. This stunning white stone with dark crystalline veins running through it improves your vision and awareness. With increased cognizance, you're able to turn your attention inward and focus on promoting wisdom from within by understanding the connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

angel number 115: final summary

Angel Number 155 can hold many meetings contingent on your current place in life. If you are undergoing a significant change or you are currently in a position to experience profound positive growth, consider what it is you are trying to manifest and what this angel number could be intended for. New possibilities may apply to your love life, your finances, or your career. As long as you are mindful and open, you'll be able to discern which is right for you right now.

Crystal bracelets can offer a quick and reliable way to capitalize on your angel number, finding a combination of crystals that work most appropriately in helping you with different aspects of life from your finances to your spirituality, to your relationships.