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What Does Angel Number
456 Mean?



Do you often see numbers in sequences or patterns? Do the numbers tend to appear frequently throughout the day everywhere you look? Most people will claim that seeing these numbers often is simply a coincidence and in some cases that may be true. But if you have noticed the exact same set of numbers showing up in your life, especially during periods of doubt and uncertainty, you may be seeing what is known as Angel Numbers.


Angel numbers are a sign from the universe, God, the Divine, or whatever you prefer to call the Higher Power. They are meant to help guide us on the correct path in our lives, provide us with hope and encouragement during a difficult time, and let us know that we are not alone. They are a sign from the universe letting us know that whatever circumstances we may be facing at the present time is exactly where we need to be.


Angel numbers will appear as repeating numbers such as 1111, or in a sequence like 1234. You can see them appear anywhere such as:


  • Digital clocks
  • Timers
  • License plates
  • Street addresses
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Ticket stubs


The meaning behind each number in the sequence in unique and therefore every angel number combination you see has its own special meaning.


If you have seen angel number 456 frequently either throughout your lifetime or just recently, here are some things you need to know about this special angel number.


angel number 456 numerology and significance

456 angel number meaning:The combination of these numbers creates a strong message that a person has strength, love, and support from those around them. It encourages those who see it to be more curious and excited about their life, all while maintaining a balanced and loving approach to everyone and every situation they encounter along life’s journey. 

Before you can start to understand the significance behind angel number 456, it’s important to break down the sequence and look at the meaning behind each individual number according to numerology.


Number 4


Number four in numerology possess the traits of strength and efficiency. Although it is viewed as an unlucky number in some western cultures, when it comes to numerology, the number 4 contains a rational and wise energy that can provide sense of consistency and security. It has a direct view of right and wrong and often sees things in either black or white without any gray or uncertainty in between. This number is linked to those who are practical, loyal, and hard-working.


Number 5


Number 5 in numerology possesses the traits of curiosity and excitement. While it’s weaknesses include a relentless need for freedom and being easily distracted, number five also stands for being fearless when setting goals and making plans for the future. The number five is related to change and one’s ability to adapt to new situations and environments. It is linked to individuals who are curious, adaptable, lively, and social.


Number 6


Number 6 in numerology possesses the traits of love, support, healing, and nurturing. While it’s weaknesses include being too passive in relationships or self-sacrificing, number 6 is also known to be the pure personification of the heart. It can be a powerful source when it comes to empathy and compassion and offers a beacon of hope to all those associated with it. This number is powerful in all types of relationships and the empathy allows couples to be comfortable letting down their guard with one another. Number 6 is often associated with those who are romantic, supportive, ,and protective.


What Does 456 Mean When Combined?


The combination of these numbers creates a strong message that a person has strength, love, and support from those around them. It encourages those who see it to be more curious and excited about their life, all while maintaining a balanced and loving approach to everyone and every situation they encounter along life’s journey.

angel number 456 meaning in love

Angel number 456 is a powerful one when it comes to love. The number six alone is described as the embodiment of the heart and represents healing, empathy, and compassion, all of which are necessary in any type of loving relationship. The three numbers combined can offer useful guidance for all types of relationships. When you see these numbers together often, the universe is telling you that things are going well in your love life. It acknowledges your ability to balance your relationships with other aspects of your life and the strength to take on any obstacles that may get in your way.


Crystal Energy & Love


Amethyst is an excellent crystal to have when you want to enhance feelings of love and happiness in your life. The stone is known to be a symbol of love and healing power and is recognized as the stone of St. Valentine.

angel number 456 meaning in twin flame

Angel number 456 lets you know you are on the right track to finding your twin flame. When you pursue your goals and embrace what the universe has in store for you, it puts you more in line with locating that true soul connection. At the same time, the angel number 456 also alerts you that you must remain patient when trying to find your true flame. When seeing this number, the universe is telling you that rushing through the process of locating that one individual may put a hinderance on your own personal growth. Be at peace knowing that you are doing everything you should be to align your path with your twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Celestite is an excellent stone to possess when you are searching for your twin flame. That’s because it helps to elevate your vibration in areas of unconditional love and also enhances your ability to communicate with higher realms. It works by uplifting the heart and crown chakra and has a soft, innocent angelic energy that is both friendly and comforting.

angel number 456 meaning in twin flame reunion

Finding your twin flame can be a remarkable event, but if you have lost contact with your soul connection through a disagreement or other circumstance, it can feel like you have lost a part of your soul. If you are in this situation currently, and have seen the angel number 456 frequently, the universe is telling you to not lose hope. It is a sign that your twin flame is nearby and wanting to connect with you. The angels are using these numbers to guide you toward a reconnection with them. If you stopped talking due to an argument, these numbers could be a sign that you should let go or grudges and forgive them, or yourself, for the mistakes that were made.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


Morganite is a great stone to use when you want to reignite the lost connection between you and your twin flame. The stone is known to help attract soulmates and bring you closer together. The morganite is known as the ‘heart stone’ and is a good choice for those searching for love, wanting their heart to heal, or those who want to be more open to receiving love from others.

angel number 456 meaning in twin flame separation

There are many reasons why twin flames may go their separate ways. One of the main reasons is a lack of self-love with one or both of the individuals. Issues such as codependency or jealously may get in the way, keeping the twin flames apart. One person may want to distance themselves from the other or may be withdrawn emotionally. The results of the separation can be devastating for both parties, causing them to feel lost in an environment that was once so familiar to them.


The angel numbers 456 want twin flames to reconnect and encourage these individuals find the love and empathy they once shared with one another. Seeing these numbers is the universe’s way of telling you to resolve any issues with your twin flame to restore balance with your relationship.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


The moonstone is connected to the divine feminine and wearing moonstone jewelry or keeping one of these crystals on you can help with balancing your energy and attract the ideal soulmate. Therefore, if you have been separated from your twin flame, a moonstone can assist with bringing you and your loved one back together so that you can mend what was broken and be whole once again.

angel 456 meaning in career

The angel number 456 can be a prominent factor when it comes to your career. The numbers 4 and 5 include traits such as strength, efficiency, hard-working, being adaptable, and social, which are all important traits to have when you want to be successful in your profession. If you are struggling with a decision about your career and are seeing the numbers 456, it is a sign from the universe that you should learn to embrace the upcoming changes, trust the process, and find balance in your career path. These numbers are here to remind you that all the challenges that you face along your professional journey are excellent opportunities for you to grow and transform into something greater.


Crystal Energy & Career


The peridot stone has positive psychological effects that provide the person wearing it or holding it with heightened self-confidence, which can be crucial when you want to become more successful with your current career or are looking to start a new career path. The crystal’s energy helps to eliminate feelings of stress and guilt, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand and contribute to your success.

angel number 456 meaning in finance

Just like with your career, the angel number 456 is a positive force when it comes to your finances. If you find yourself struggling making ends meet, seeing these angel numbers is a sign from the angels that you will soon gain success and abundance in exchange for your resilience and hard work. This could mean that you are on your way to finding a better paying job, or that you will get a promotion at your current job that will increase your salary, making you more financially stable. Angel number 456 also represents taking chances, being curious, and becoming excited about the road ahead, so if you are considering taking on a new career, this could be your sign to take that risk and pursue your dream job in an effort to improve your finances.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Ctrine is an excellent crystal to use when you are hoping to improve your financial situation. The stone is linked to abundance, prosperity, and wealth. If you want to manifest your monetary gain, hope to improve your career path, or see improvements in your overall well-being, citrine stones can help in all those areas and more.

angel number 456 meaning in spirituality

The message from the angel number 456 pertaining to spirituality is that you should find balance in your life, learn to embrace, and accept change, and trust the process that it is guiding you along the correct path. It is a reminder from the universe that all the uncertainties and hardships you are facing now will result in growth and transformation. It is a reminder to be strong and work hard toward your goals, and to love others with great empathy in order to receive that same level of love and respect in return. When seeing the angel numbers 456, we are reminded that change is necessary for our growth to take place and we need to be courageous when stepping outside of our comfort zones as well learn, grow, and discover what our true potentials in this world may be.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Howlite is a stone that is associated with patience, tranquility, and remaining calm, which are all important traits when you want to enhance your spirituality. The stone offers a peaceful energy that enhances an individual’s state of mind, enforces balance with their

emotions, and promotes healing. It is a great choice for those who desire inner peace.

angel number 456: final summary

Crystals and angel numbers go hand in hand. If you are interested in a way to enhance your spirituality and gain more insight from the universe about the angel number 456, you should check out the selection of crystal bracelets available here on our website. As mentioned, crystals such as Citrine, Olivine, and Morganite, when paired with knowledge about the Angel Number 456, can provide you with guidance and support as you go along your spiritual journey. Check out our exclusive collection of crystal jewelry for more details.