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What Does Angel Number
66 Mean?



Have you been noticing the number 66 everywhere in your life? The address you're heading to has 66 in it. As you drive, you may see a license plate that ends in 66. As you stop for gas, you may do so at a Phillips 66. The number may be in your bank account balance, on a receipt, or in any other place that has numbers on it.


Seeing the number a few times in your life may be a coincidence, but if you keep seeing it, this may be a sign your angels are trying to tell you something. There is great power in numbers, especially 66. The number 66 is an angel number and carries many secrets with it. So, if you looked up the meaning of the number 66 and arrived here, then you’ve come to the right place.


angel number 66 numerology and significance

66 angel number meaning:It's an even greater call that you need to achieve balance and practice self-care. It may show when you're in the middle of a stressful job or a rocky time in a relationship. Its presence means that you must find love and balance, or else you'll be vulnerable to dark forces.

Some in numerology fear the number 6 because 666 is associated with Satanism. However, the number 6 itself carries many positive traits.


The number six is associated with balance and harmony first. You can divide the number 6 into threes or twos. Six is half a dozen. Many products come in packs of six. When you see the number six, it may mean that you should keep your life as harmonious as possible. It's not a period where you should make chaotic decisions, nor is it a time where you should respond to adversity harshly.


Six is also associated with responsibility and love. The duties that you have may be for yourself or other people. If you keep seeing the number six everywhere, it could be a reminder that you have a duty to fulfill. However, it's also a reminder to treat yourself. If your duty is bringing you significant mental imbalance, this could be a sign that you need to reevaluate the situation you are in.


So, what do two sixes signify? It's an even greater call that you need to achieve balance and practice self-care. It may show when you're in the middle of a stressful job or a rocky time in a relationship. Its presence means that you must find love and balance, or else you'll be vulnerable to dark forces.


In many cases, harmonizing yourself is easier said than done. But the number 66 is a reminder that there is a path forward to harmony and self-love.

angel number 66 meaning in love

The number 66 may show up in your love life in different ways. You may have 66 matches on your dating app. If you're in a relationship, a dinner for two may total $66.


If you're single, the number 66 may remind you that you need to find balance and self-love before you can be in a relationship. Some of us spend so much time desperately finding love that we forget to find love in life's offerings.


If you’re in a relationship, the number 66 may be a reminder to keep things balanced in a relationship. If your relationship seems one-sided recently, then the number 66 could signify that you need to convince your partner to add more balance to it. Whether it’s through more communication, splitting chores, or parental duties, good balance equals a great relationship.


Some people are already in harmony. If this is the case, the number 66 could signify that your relationship may soon enter a more profound period of love and understanding. Speaking of understanding, the number 66 is a reminder to have a mutual understanding during all phases of your relationship.


Crystal Energy & Love


Rose quartz is a valuable gem to have during this period. This gemstone promotes balance, harmony, and love, which will help you during this period in your love life. It also promotes healing, which can help you move on from past breakups or current relationship issues.

angel number 66 meaning in twin flame

Your twin flame is your other half, one who burns with you even if you’re not together. In this period, you may be searching for your twin flame, or your twin flame is approaching without you even knowing it.

While the fires can burn uncontrollably, the number 66 means that you must achieve balance and harmony during this time. Don't spend all your time searching for your twin flame; instead, practice self-harmony and self-love.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


The emerald promotes hope, love, and balance. These powers can help you find your twin flame without spending too much of your mental energy doing so. It also promotes vitality, allowing you to have the energy to pursue the search when the moment is right.

angel number 66 meaning in twin flame reunion

The twin flame reunion process means that you’ve found your twin flame and are in the process of togetherness. This time can bring you many strong emotions. You may feel joy, excitement, and even anxiety.


When you see 66, this is a reminder that you must stay in harmony. While the flames are burning bright, there are still many ordeals ahead that could separate them. Stay with your twin flame, have mutual love and understanding, and keep things balanced.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


Jasper can be a valuable gemstone during this time. This gemstone promotes compassion, balance, and contentment. It also gives relaxation when emotions can bring a bit of chaos.

angel number 66 meaning in twin flame separation

Separating from your twin flame can be devastating. While you must remember that twin flames can never be extinguished, they will separate due to life's plans or due to disagreements.


When you are separated, you may feel intense grief and a desire to make radical changes in your life. You may seek temporary pleasures or ways to take your mind off the separation.


The number 66 is a reminder that this is a period where you should love, not hurt yourself. Do not turn to harmful activities to quell the sensations you’re experiencing. This may be a period where you need to find self-love by finding new hobbies, speaking to new people, and taking life in stride.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Topaz and tourmaline are two incredible gemstones to have during these uncertain times. Both promote healing, with tourmaline also giving emotional healing. Topaz gives clarity, peace, and loyalty. tourmaline will provide you with confidence and grounding to achieve harmony.

angel 66 meaning in career

You may see the number 66 when encountering paperwork during your job. You may be working overtime and have a 66-hour work week. What does this number mean for your career?


This means that you probably need better work-life balance (especially if you work 66 hours a week). You may need to find a way to work a little less and focus on your family, friends, and hobbies a little more.


You are also in a period where taking large risks will be your downfall. It may not be time to change careers yet or ask for that promotion. The time will come when you can take risks and succeed. But during an angel number 66 period, you may want to think twice.


Crystal Energy & Career


Alexandrite can be a valuable gemstone to have during this period. This gemstone promotes balance and purely balance. You're currently in a period where you'll need as much work-life balance as possible so that this gemstone will tip the scales in your favor.


Chalcedony can be a gemstone you may want to have on you during this period as well. This gemstone promotes goodwill and friendship. When you're dealing with customers or coworkers, this gemstone may turn enemies into friends. The gemstone may also bring you stability and calm, which is vital to possess in any job.

angel number 66 meaning in finance

Angel number 66 may manifest in finance in many ways. If you look at your checking account and see that it had only $66 in it before payday, you may eat some ramen noodles. This number is a sign that it may be time to balance your finances.


Now is not the time to make significant financial decisions, such as buying a house. The numbers may be telling you that the market may approve soon, so keep your money balanced for the time being. You may wish to cut back on unnecessary purchases, too. You may enjoy a unique blend from your favorite coffee shop every day, but you may need to brew your coffee for the time being.


Angel number 66 is also a number of self-love, so this number does not mean that you can't make purchases that make you feel great. Treat yourself every once in a while, but do it in moderation. The universe may have considerable financial gains for you soon, and keeping your finances in balance can help you prepare for the blessings you will receive.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Lolite is the gemstone you will need during this period. It brings financial responsibility and self-awareness. Many of us spend without thinking about it, and our small purchases may add up as time goes on. Lolite will help you make every purchase matter.


Jade can be another great gemstone to have. This gemstone promotes serenity. During a time of financial struggles, having some inner peace can pull you through it. The gemstone also fosters prosperity. Even if it's not your time to prosper, having prosperity can give you little financial blessings in a period where you may need them.

angel number 66 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 66 is deeply spiritual. When you're trying to harmonize with the universe, the number 66 reminds you to find your inner balance and harmony. Dark energies may surround your life, and finding inner harmony can mean that they have little chance of entering.


This may be a period where you'll want to meditate more and listen to the universe. Also, this is a time when you can achieve spiritual harmony by practicing self-love. Tell yourself, "I am enough." No matter what others will say about you, you've gained a lot, and you will achieve more as time goes on.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


During this period, you should have some zircon handy. Zircon promotes strong spirituality, and also wisdom. When you're going through a big spiritual trial, having some knowledge to know what decicions to make and when to hold off can help you to succeed.


Another gemstone to possess is lapis lazuli. This gemstone gives you harmony and self-awareness, two ways to overcome this spiritual challenge. You’ll also have honesty, which is needed when you may need to take some brutally honest spiritual deep dives.

angel number 66: final summary

So, despite the number 6 getting a bad rep, it's actually a good number, especially in twos. The angel number 66 reminds us that when life brings you challenges, sometimes the best way to move on from them is to stay balanced. Having an extreme reaction may make the problem worse.


Finding your inner peace and learning to love yourself is also needed. You may need to take a little time for yourself. While you should not spend too much, you may wish to treat yourself and stop pushing yourself to the very limit when life doesn't call for it.


The universe and your angels will help you if you help yourself. However, you can enhance your spiritual battle with some gemstones. There are several gemstones that pormote balance, stability, and goodwill. Having a gemstone bracelrt may help you during this time. Good luck with whatever the universe has in store for you.