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What Does Angel Number
838 Mean?



We see a lot of different numbers throughout our lives. Sometimes these numbers are just a random collection, but often, when we see a number appear over and over again, it is a message from our guardian angel, alerting us of some major changes that are about to happen or letting us know that something amazing is just around the corner, if we can just be patient enough to wait for it.


One of the angel numbers that you may start to notice around your life is the angel number 838. But what does this number mean and what is the spirit world trying to tell us when it sends this number our way?


angel number 838 numerology and significance

Angel number 838 signifies that you are on the path to achieving balance, success, and abundance by integrating creativity and self-expression into your life. It encourages you to pursue your life’s purpose with focus and enthusiasm, supported by divine guidance.

Each angel number is going to tell us something unique when we start to see it. Whether it is around town, on our receipts, or even in a telephone number, they are a message from the spiritual world. But what does angel number 838 mean?


First, we see the number 8. This is a number all about balance, success, prosperity, and abundance. These are all good things. Whether you are learning how to see them in your life already or you are able to get a huge breakthrough that will help you be prosperous and have abundance, this is a good number to have appear in your life.


The fact that it shows up twice means that you will reach success in no time. Since you will see the number 8 appear twice, it is a message that you need to create some balance in your life to reach success. Make sure that you are setting boundaries around your work so that you have that healthy work and life balance that is so critical.


This number also has the number 3. When you see this number, you should know that it is associated with memory, imagination, self-expression, and creativity depending on the situation. This number encourages you to be creative and lean in on some of that side, rather than being serious all the time.


So, what does it mean when these numbers come together? Angel number 838 is a sign that you should pursue the purpose of your life with focus and enthusiasm. You should never be afraid to aim high and take on some creative risks. This can be scary, but if you see this number, it is a sign that the heavenly realm is beside you while you do it.

angel number 838 meaning in love

If you are currently single and you notice angel number 838 popping up more often, then this is a reminder that you need to keep your mind and heart open. Your next partner will show up in the least expected place and you need to be open to it. This can help you increase the odds of finding the love that you want. For those who are in a relationship, the number 838 is a sign that you need to be honest and open with your partner. Make sure that you are able to express your feelings, especially things that bother you, and that you need to set healthy boundaries that will be good for both of you. This is a good way to create balance to make sure that you can get the best results from the relationship.


Crystal Energy & Love


The Garnet is a good crystal for angel number 838 and love. It is all about stimulating some of the passion that you need in new love, keeping the flame alive, but it also balances out the head and heart chakra, so you don’t lean too far in either direction either. Balance is always important with love, whether it is new love or an established relationship, and the ruby crystal can help bring that in, without quelling some of the flames.

angel number 838 meaning in twin flame

If you have seen this number in a number of different locations, then this is a sign that you are close to crossing paths with your own twin flame. This meeting will happen sometime soon and can be a path of deep personal growth as well as your own self-discovery. You will find that your twin flame is often a mirror into some of the strengths and weaknesses that you have, giving you a place to make some changes. You can use the angel number 838 to help guide you towards your twin flame, but you may need to prepare and open your heart to get this amazing connection.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


The best crystal to use for helping you balance your energies when it comes to angel number 838 and your twin flame journey is Rose Quartz. This one is all about promoting self-love and self-acceptance, while balancing out your energy so that you do not take on too much passion and forget about some of your boundaries. This rose quartz will do wonders for helping you have a healthy and wholesome relationship with your twin flame.

angel number 838 meaning in twin flame reunion

In some cases, you may have a time of separation from your twin flame. This can be a painful time and is not a lot of fun. But you should take that time to prepare yourself and find balance and learn boundaries that can make the relationship stronger. If you are separated from your twin flame and hoping for a reunion soon, then rejoice when you see the angel number 838. This is a sign that you and your twin flame are about to reunite again, any day now. You need to trust in the divine timing of this connection, listen to your intuition, and maintain an open heart as well and it will happen.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


As you wait for your reunion with your twin flame, you want to make sure that you work on personal growth and being fulfilled, whether with the twin flame or not. The Citrine crystal can help with that, giving you more balance and preparing your personal growth so that you will be ready when it is time to reunite with your twin flame at some point.

angel number 838 meaning in twin flame separation

It can be painful when you go through a twin flame separation. But this can often happen because something got out of balance and the boundaries that you need to set with your twin flame and with others in your life were not maintained. If you are going through a separation and you see angel number 838, that is a sign that things will get better, but you need to work on some self-improvement first. Think about some of the things that were wrong with the relationship and work on improving them so that you are a better person and can maintain more balance when you and your twin flame do have a chance to come back together.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


The best crystal for your twin flame separation is the Moonstone. This is going to be a good one that will help to smooth down all of the surfaces and will help you heal when things are going wrong. It is good for helping you grow and develop in a manner that will help you and your twin flame come back together in the future. A twin flame separation is sometimes difficult, but the moonstone will help you use this time for self-improvement.

angel number 838 meaning in career

Angel number 838 is a good one when it comes to your career. In fact, this one is going to have a big influence on your professional life if you let it. In some cases, this angel number is going to urge you to work on personal development that will help you to focus on your career. You will need to set boundaries to help you learn more and focus on what is important, while also remembering that your work/life balance is important as well.


If you see this number, it may be a sign that you need to embrace some new beginnings as well. Maybe you need to take on some new responsibilities or look at new jobs that will help lead to your professional growth. It does depend on where you are in your professional life at that time. It could even be the sign you need to take on that leadership role you have been worried about.


Crystal Energy & Career


A unique stone that can help out when you want to improve your career after seeing angel number 838 is Chalcedony. This is another heart crystal like rose quartz, but it is going to work in a slightly different way than you will find with some of the others. It is best for promoting a good work-life balance, which is so critical to helping you have boundaries and more balance, while also reaching some of the success that you need in your life.

angel number 838 meaning in finance

If you have been worried about your finances and what is going on in your life with money, then seeing the angel number 838 is a good sign. This number is all about abundance, financial success, and wealth creation. If you see this number, it means that your financial success is within reach and reminds you that you should achieve financial abundance. Wealth creation is possible with this number as well, as long as you use it to help embrace new opportunities and create material wealth at the same time. This number is all about embracing the abundance mindset and is a reminder that financial success is imminent.


This is not a number that says that you will become rich overnight. You need to be balanced to make sure that you can get some of the finances that you need. But if you are open to different opportunities and keep your chakras open for abundance, then your financial situation is going to turn around and get better.


Crystal Energy & Finance


You will want to attract as much of the abundance as possible when it comes to angel number 838 and your finances during this time. Green Aventurine will help you with that. This is going to help soothe some of your emotional instability and will keep you level-headed so that money and wealth will come your way. Keep this one close by so that you can attract some of the money you are looking for.

angel number 838 meaning in spirituality

This angel number can also show up for you spiritually. If you see it, this is a sign that you may be going through a spiritual awakening. This number is asking you to learn, teach, or practice some of your spiritual principles. Whether you attend more religious services, meditate, or explore nature, you need to lean in on these heavily for some time. If you do experience your own spiritual awakening at this time, then angel number 838 is a sign that you should allow those connections to happen.


You may see a lot of changes in your spiritual life when angel number 838 comes along. But you need to be ready to open your heart and mind to them in order to see success. It is all about balance here and if there is something that gets in the way of your spirituality and how well you can connect to the heavenly realm, then the angel number 838 is a reminder to keep working hard at it and finding that great balance.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


The best crystal to use for helping you balance out and do well with your spirituality and angel number 83 is Black Obsidian. This will help you to connect to the spirits and can be a protective barrier against things that may slow you down with that connection. It is often used for spiritual grounding and balance, which can help out while working on that awakening journey.

angel number 838 : final summary

Angel number 838 is going to be a powerful number that you need to focus on to help you get ahead and have some good balance and success in your life. Success is right around the corner, but you still need to create those boundaries, so you have balance and don’t veer off too much in either direction. Wearing a crystal bracelet is going to make a difference. It allows you to keep the necessary stone or crystal right next to you all the time, giving you the power and protection that you deserve no matter the situation. Trust that angel number 838 is a message that you need to hear and follow the advice of the angels to get the best results.