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What Does Angel Number
88 Mean?



Have you ever heard that a wish made at 11:11 comes true? While this is a lucky superstition, 11:11 might signify something greater than the “right time to make a wish”. It could be an angel number - a message from the universe trying to tell you something.


Angel numbers appear in ordinary places - think street addresses, clocks, or grocery receipts. They may appear in sequences (2345), patterns (1212), or repeated numbers (333). Angel numbers are most common in series of 3 or 4 but the universe may send you a message in any form. These messages can come from angels, spirits, guides, ancestors, or even a heightened state of your own consciousness - whatever you choose to assign them to. You’ll see this number several times until you finally receive the universe’s message.


If the angel number 88 has appeared, you are in the right place. Understanding what angel number 88 means is the first step to deciphering the message that the universe is sending. Keep reading to learn about its significance in different areas of your life.


angel number 88 numerology and significance

88 angel number meaning:Angel number 88 signifies spiritual messages and positive change. It is associated with career, luck, finance, and personal growth. The number resembles an infinity symbol, representing reassurance and being on the right track. Embracing transitions and stepping out of the comfort zone leads to higher vibrations.

Greek philosopher and mathemetician Pythagoras was one of the first to address numerology. He believed that the energetic vibration of numbers is responsible for creating our physical reality. Essentially, certain numbers have a mystical relationship between circumstances or events in your life.


Eight is the most divine of the angel numbers because of its connections to the spiritual realm. In some cases, it represents a message from an ancestor or a loved one who has passed on. It may appear as 88, 888, 8888, or in a pattern like 7878, 6789, or 3838. To understand the full message, it’s important to understand how numerology works and the individual meanings behind each number. For now, we will focus on the angel number 88 specifically.


With Angel number 88, the numbers may be added using numerology rules. For example, 8 + 8 is 16 and 1 + 6 is 7. In this circumstance, the angel number 88 appearing has the same associations as the number seven. It is related to areas like career, luck, or finance. It can also be reduced to 11, another angel number with strong implications for financial reward.


The number 88 also stands as a positive angel message on its own, too. If you look at the number eight, you’ll see it resembles an infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is an endless loop, something that goes on for eternity. It exists long before and long after your lifetime. When this “infinity symbol” appears to you, trust your intuition. It’s often a sign that you’re on the right track! Your guardian angel, loved one, higher self, or whatever entity you assign angel numbers to is trying to give reassurance. Trust the process and know that even the universe is confident you’re moving in the right direction.


With its vibrations of achievement, progress, and introspection, angel number 88 can be applied to the business realm and personal growth. It provides support during life transitions and encourages positive change. Often, these transitions push you to a higher level and toward the best version of yourself. Remember that change is uncomfortable. However, we can only reach our highest vibrational frequency by stepping out of our comfort zone.


Below, we’ll take a closer look at what 88 means for different realms of your life. We’ll discuss areas of love, twin flames, finance, and spirituality. I’ll also talk about crystals that can help you attract the right vibrations in these areas, encouraging the appearance of the number 88 that lets you know you’re on the right track.

angel number 88 meaning in love

In love, angel number 88 puts forth the vibrations of a stable, healthy relationship. For some people, this is an opportunity to show your current partner more love. For others, it may signify the end of a relationship. Take this angel number as a sign to reflect on your current relationship and whether it fulfills you. Is it healthy and do you see it lasting?


If you are single, the angel number 88 still has a message for you. It encourages introspection. When you reflect on yourself, you see your full potential as a partner. Being the best version of yourself attracts healed energies and the right type of love. It leads you down the path of a healthy, fulfilling relationship.


Crystal Energy & Love


Whether you are single or in a relationship, the crystal amethyst elevates these energies. Amethyst helps you understand your wants, needs, and desires. If you are in a relationship, this brings about balance. It also stimulates the heart chakra, strengthening the bond you share with your partner.


Knowing your wants and needs is also beneficial if you are single. Furthermore, amethyst stimulates your heart and releases fears about love. You may be more willing to try, even if you have been scorned by love in the past.

angel number 88 meaning in twin flame

The angel number 88 represents strong ties between twin flames. With its representation of infinity, 88 represents spiritual connection and universal energies tying these flames together. It can tell you that your twin flame is close or provide guidance in your relationship. Twin flames are opposites - they balance each other. If you are capable of achieving this balance, both flames experience fulfillment.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


A crystal that benefits these energies is celestite. Celestite lifts the crown and heart chakra, bringing your energy into a higher dimension. Twin flames often communicate across these dimensions, which is beneficial on your twin flame journey. The energy celestite gives off is also soft and comforting, reminding you of the sense of peace that is possible when you find balance with your twin flame. It is like being snuggled in a warm blanket.

angel number 88 meaning in twin flame reunion

When twin flames are reunited, the angel number 88 suggests restoration. Twin flames are opposites. They balance each other. However, because they are opposites, these relationships can face difficulties. The angel number 88 represents the return of love and respect after such difficulties. This returns the twin flame relationship to its former strength. Furthermore, angel number 88 hints toward abundance in the relationship, often in the realm of personal growth.



Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


The crystal morganite benefits twin flame reunion. It promotes the healing of emotional wounds that may exist from past experiences, either in this life or another one. As you heal, the positive vibrations of morganite can help you attract your twin flame. You may be reunited with an old love or introduced to a new one.

angel number 88 meaning in twin flame separation

Twin flames have a divine connection reflected in the cosmic significance of angel number 88. Even when separated, twin flames share a strong universal connection. The number 88 may provide guidance on your journey to find your twin flame. It also signifies an abundant, long-lasting relationship when you find your twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


If you are on a twin flame journey, the crystal moonstone offers incredible benefits. It brings your deepest truths to the surface, helping your heart and soul vibrate on a new level. As your own energy exists at a higher level, it makes it easier to connect and communicate with your twin flame, even when separated.


Furthermore, moonstone has a healing energy. It helps reduce emotional baggage and negative energy that may be carried over from other lifetimes. Healing from these negative energies prevents self-sabotage that happens when you are unhealed. When you do reunite with your twin flame, moonstone will promote a healthier, long-lasting relationship.

angel 88 meaning in career

Regarding your career, the angel number 88 is reduced to 11. Eleven signifies that the universe is rewarding you for hard work. Often, this is a financial reward. The ones in 11 also represent the opportunity for manifestation. Use these energies to progress in your career or achieve new levels of success.


Even though the universe is rewarding you, it’s vital to remain in control of your good fortune. Make smart decisions instead of leading a braggart’s lifestyle. Tap into the personal power angel number 88 brings to your attention and pay attention to the guidance offered from the spiritual realm.


Crystal Energy & Career


You can attract divine assistance for your career using the crystal peridot. peridot has many positive benefits for the mind. Its vibration enhances your self-confidence in ways that affect your career, as well as the rest of your life.


With a heightened level of confidence, you can make strides forward in your career. You’ll have the confidence to ask for what you deserve and rise to circumstances that can take your career to the next level.

angel number 88 meaning in finance

The angel number 8 has universal energies of material wealth and karma. When it is doubled, however, it signifies your hard work is being rewarded. The divine energy of seven is also present here because 8 + 8 is 16 and 1 + 6 is 7. Seven signifies good fortune. Furthermore, it invites the opportunity to manage the wealth you have accumulated.


Crystal Energy & Finance


The crystal citrine attracts the angel number 88 and positive financial vibrations in your life. Citrine is often called the “merchant stone” for its association with success and prosperity. It may also be referred to as the “sunstone”, referring to its positive vibrations and the feelings of joy it may invoke. However, citrine doesn’t only invite abundance into your life financially. Its positive vibrations attract abundance in other areas of your life, too.

angel number 933 meaning in spirituality

The angel number 88 is synonymous with spirituality because of its connections to the cosmic realm. As an infinity symbol, the vibrations of the angel number 88 go beyond a single lifetime. It represents a connectedness to something greater than yourself and may lead you to your divine purpose in life. However, it can also bring overdue karmic consequences.


In the spiritual realm, the angel number 88 signifies abundance. This isn’t just a physical wealth, it is a spiritual one. Abundance overflows into all areas of your life. When the angel number 88 appears, use it as a sign to nurture your inner gifts and talents. Allow these things that set you apart and your unique strengths to help you grow. Identify areas of improvement and challenge yourself to rise to the next level.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


The crystal howlite positively impacts your spiritual journey. Howlite has a peaceful energy that encourages emotional healing. It balances your state of mind and makes it easier to take the next steps on your spiritual journey. Furthermore, howlite is associated with new perspectives and patience. You’ll find both qualities are necessary as you try to vibrate at a higher vibrational level.

angel number 933: final summary

Angel numbers create vibrations that shape reality. Opening your mind to these angel numbers is a great place to start. Remember though, angel numbers cannot be forced. They are signs from something greater that will appear when the divine has a message to you.


Even though angel numbers cannot be forced, it is possible to invite energies that attract love, career and financial success, and spiritual healing into your life. Something as simple as wearing a crystal bracelet is an easy way to invite positive energies into your life. These positive vibrations will reach out across the cosmos. In time, you’ll likely see the number 88 reaffirming the path you are on in life.


Wearing different crystals changes the energies you attract. For example, a crystal bracelet with citrine and olivine attracts financial blessings and career success. A crystal bracelet containing morganite, moonstone, and celestite benefits your twin flame journey.


Pairing crystals that align with your goals invites these energies into your life. Remember that shaping your reality is as simple as tapping into the right universal vibrations. When the angel number 88 appears, it signifies benefits for finance, career, love, twin flame relationships, spirituality, and personal growth. You can manifest these things and use this divine guidance to transcend to the next level of growth in your life.