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What Does Angel Number
99 Mean?



Angel numbers – if you’re anywhere near the spiritual world, especially on social media, chances are that you’ve encountered this phrase at least a few times. But what does it mean? What exactly is an angel number? And how can you implement the lessons it has for you in order to impact your life for the better?


You’ve likely already encountered angel numbers without even knowing it. Any number or combination of numbers that turns up in your life across various circumstances and situations could well be an angel number! Whether it’s in a phone number from a new friend, on the back of a new credit card, in a license place, a house number. These numbers can turn up anywhere, and each number or combination of numbers can signify different messages intended to guide you on your life’s journey.


But who exactly is sending you this messages? That really depends on your spiritual beliefs. Angel numbers, contrary to the name, aren’t solely a reference to religion, but rather to any higher power that you look to for guidance and support. This could be God, the universe, or even the best version of yourself; whatever you turn to in your time of need to inspire and support you spiritually and emotionally, that’s who is delivering you these messages.


If you’re reading this article, you likely want to know the meaning of your specific angel number, 99. So let’s break it down, and figure out what this number means, and how you can apply the lessons to your life!


angel number 99 numerology and significance

Angel number 99 signifies the completion of one phase and the beginning of another, encouraging you to embrace new opportunities and spiritual growth.

In numerology, the number 9 is assigned the meaning of completion and rebirth, the ending of one phase and the opening to another. It has a powerful healing energy, with a focus on regrowth, regeneration, and forgiveness.


Seeing the number doubled, as you might imagine, indicates the profound importance of these ideas in your life right now. It suggests harmony and the forces of the universe coming together to lay the groundwork for the next stage of your journey, whatever that might look like. It has a particular significance as part of your spiritual growth, though this, of course, can extend out to include many different aspects of your life. The number 99 indicates an era of closure and new opportunities, and a chance for you to begin again in places you might have believed you were stagnant.


You are likely in a transitory period in your life if you frequently encounter this number, though exactly what this transition looks like for you will vary. We’ll get into the specifics of the angel number 99 in specific aspects of your life in the next section!

angel number 99 meaning in love

The specific meaning of this number in terms of your love life will vary depending on whether you’re in a relationship or not! If you’re currently in a long-term romance, this number is an indicator to focus on overcoming conflicts and working on forgiveness, both for yourself and your partner, for troubles that may have affected you in the past, setting aside previous pain and working through it as a couple will lay the groundwork for a flourishing and balanced future together.


If you happen to be single right now, this is a nudge towards self-healing and self-love to make way for a truly functional relationship when the time is right. You might not be in a place to have the relationship you deserve with wounds still causing you problems, and attracting the right person relies on your ability to take care of yourself first.


Crystal Energy & Love


Making use of crystals during this time can be a great way to balance your spiritual practice, and there’s no better one for your self-love journey than Rose Quartz., known for its powerful self-compassionate energy.

angel number 99 meaning in twin flame

The angel number 99 is a profoundly important one when it comes to the matter of twin flames. It indicates that major changes are coming up in your relationship with your twin flame, whether you’ve met them or not.


The end of the last phase that you experienced is coming to an end, and what lies ahead is going to build on the lessons learned in the previous months or years of your twin flame journey; what lies ahead might not be easy, but it will lead you to the end goal you’ve been seeking. The twin numbers in this angel number can be a reflection of your twin flame, depending on where you encounter it, so keep an eye out for this angel number if you’re searching for reassurance on your twin flame journey! It’s a promise to put your trust in the process, and allow change to wash over you and leave you renewed in the process.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Moonstone is an excellent crystal to make use of during this time, known for it’s connection with new starts, fresh connections, and positive changes.

angel number 99 meaning in twin flame reunion

99 is one of the most positive angel numbers you can encounter in your path towards twin flame reunion, and here’s why – it can be an indicator that your twin flame has begun their journey towards seeking you out. The two of you are likely travelling towards each other, and a reunion, under the right circumstances, could be imminent! Now, that’s something to get excited about.


The renewal and rebirth central to the number 99 can be channeled into a reunion with your twin flame, and the new stage in your life might well be meeting them for the first time. It can also be an indicator to put aside and forgive any frustration you may be feeling with yourself for how long your twin flame reunion has taken ; remember, everything happens for a reason, and when you come into someone’s life, it’s because there is a driving force behind it. Don’t rush things, and trust in the way things are unfolding; show yourself kindness and patience during this time.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


Amethyst, a crystal renowned for its connection to deep love and connection, is a great tool to incorporate into your spiritual practice as you seek reunion with your twin flame.

angel number 99 meaning in twin flame separation

On the flip side of the rebirth and renewal of this number is the possibility of twin flame separation, which may not sound as appealing as reunion, but can be an equally, if not more, important part of your journey.


Moving into a new stage of your relationship where you find more distance between you and your twin flame can feel painful and difficult at first, but this angel number is a reminder that change takes time and sometimes struggle. It can be overwhelming to manage your emotions and reactions, but taking the space you need can often be the most impactful part of your twin flame journey. This new phase may be one that calls for more independence, but it’s an opportunity to reflect on your relationship so far and navigate how best to carry it forward, whether that’s together or apart.



Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


If you use crystals as part of your spiritual practice, Rhodonite can be a great one to tap into during a period of twin flame separation.It known for supporting you through grief and emotional heaviness, meditating with this crystal can help ease some of your mental weight.

angel number 99 meaning in career

If you’ve been feeling stuck on a particular project or job in your career, frequent encounters with the angel number 99 can serve as the nudge you need to close this chapter and move on to what comes next. Whether that’s a whole new career, a new position, or just a fresh project to spark your interest, it’s time to close this chapter that’s no longer serving you and move on to what’s next.


And what’s next is totally up to you! This number encourages you to tap in to your hard-earned wisdom and intuition to navigate the best step forward in your career. It’s a particularly significant number if you’ve been considering jumping into beginning your own business, a reminder to trust in your instincts and put some faith in the hard work you have done to build your skills and knowledge of your sector. Now is the time to jump into something daring. If it’s been calling to you, why not take the chance and see where it leads you?


Crystal Energy & Career


Sunstone, with it’s expansive and open properties, makes for a great supplement to this angel number if you’re looking to take your career to the next level!

angel number 99 meaning in finance

Have you been pouring a lot of energy into your finances recently? This angel number is assurance that your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and they’re soon going to be returned to you. If you’ve been distracted by other aspects of your life lately, this could be a sign to buckle down and look into your money management, to find a perfect balance between the various pressures and expenses you’re managing to live a life that’s truly fulfilling to you, and one that isn’t consumed by money stress.


The closing of this old phase of your life and the beginning of a new one represented in this number can hint towards real abundance coming your way. Now is the time to start planning how to make use of that abundance to enhance your life and the lives of the people you care about. What can you do to invest in yourself in a meaningful way? How can you support your community? These are some of the questions to consider if you find yourself encountering this angel number as you search for guidance in your finances.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Green Jade, which is known for its properties in attracting wealth and money, is a great crystal to tap into as you seek to balance your financial health!

angel number 99 meaning in spirituality

Perhaps the most potent and important place you can apply this angel number to comes in the form of your spiritual life. While your spirituality and relationship with your higher power is totally unique to you, now is the time to consider the adjustments you can make. The number 99 signifies huge change and a major shift in your outlook and life in general, but you have to be ready to welcome and recognize it when it hits. While it can be tough to move through periods of change, think of this period of spiritual growth as closing one door so another can open.


By letting go of what no longer serves you in your spiritual practice, you can leave room for new beliefs and experiences that better reflect your needs and deeply-held desires. Consider what patterns you have fallen into, and how they can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle. What stories have you told yourself, and what stories do you want to tell in future?


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


One way to expand your spiritual practice, if you don’t use them already, is to make use of crystals. The crystal Carnelian can be a good one to start with, known for it’s powerful connection to spirituality, as you navigate the upcoming changes to your spirituality!

angel number 99 : final summary

The number 99 is a powerful symbol of change, growth, and the end of one phase of your life that leads into the beginning of another. This can apply across many aspects of your journey, and how you apply the lessons it has for you depends on what best serves you during this transitory period. Remember, change can be tough, but what lies for you on the other side will be rewarding after all of your hard work!

As we’ve discussed through this article, crystals can be a great tool to make use of during this time in your life, as you apply the lessons this angel number has to share with you. A great way to make use of them is in wearable form – try a crystal bracelet, to keep a constant reminder of your new goals and life ambitions at the front of your mind!