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What is Amazonite ? Amazonite Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Mar. 05,2024


amazonite meaning

Amazonite is a mineral known for its unique blue-green colors. For centuries it has been used in jewelry and other crafts because of its striking colors. No two stones are the same. Each one has slight differences that make them stand out. Many compare the stone’s appearance to that of turquoise which is commonly used in jewelry and other adornments in the American Southwest. 

Gemstone lovers and healing practitioners are drawn to the stone not only for its beauty but also the stone’s supposed supernatural powers. The mineral gemstone is often referred to as the "Stone of Courage" due to its believed ability to create positive energies in people who wear it or handle it. It’s not only valued for its visual beauty but also for a vast array of believed metaphysical benefits. Many firmly think that the stone promotes emotional healing and physical well-being. 








Solar Plexus






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What is Amazonite? 
amazonite properties 
amazonite hardness
origins of amazonite
history of amazonite
healing properties of amazonite 
spiritual traditions of amazonite 
metaphysical properties
Zodiac Signs for Amazonite 
Adding Amazonite to Your Gemstone Collection 

what is amazonite? 

Amazonite is a beautiful mineral. It naturally occurs in varying shades of light green to deep turquoise. It also often has white streaks or fine mottling that occurs from traces of lead and water that seep into the feldspar during development. 

Johann Breithaupt, a German mineralogist is believed to have given the microcline stone the official moniker of ‘amazonite’ in 1847. Why he picked that name is open to debate. Maybe he felt like it sounded more exotic than simple ‘feldspar.’ 

Feldspar minerals are a part of the Earth's crust. Known scientifically as microcline, it is actually a potassium-rich alkali feldspar that has a semi-glossy appearance. Jewelry makers love the stone because it's easy to cleave into shapes for crafting and jewelry making. 

With a hardness rating on the Mohs scale of approximately 6 to 6.5, amazonite is tough. However, jewelry makers love the stone because it's not so hard that it's difficult to work with. The mineral typically crystallizes into wonderfully unique formations and is very eye-catching when used in jewelry. 

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index



Blue-green to green



nα = 1.518-1.526, nβ = 1.522-1.530, nγ = 1.525-1.533

amazonite hardness


origins of amazonite

As you might have guessed, amazonite was named after the mighty Amazon River. However, the name is misleading because the stone is not indigenous to the Amazon River region. Amazonite can be found in several locations around the world. In each location, the specimens have very unique characteristics and qualities. A true gemstone enthusiast can often identify the stone’s origins simply based on its appearance.  

Here are some of the key locations around the globe which are well-known for their large amazonite deposits:

Russia: The Ilmensky Mountains in the Southern Urals region of Russia produce high-quality amazonite. The stones have a deep green color and are very popular with gemstone collectors.

United States: Colorado is particularly famous for its amazonite, especially from areas like Pike's Peak and Crystal Peak. The region’s specimens display a beautiful green color with just a touch of blue. The state of Virginia also has notable deposits that are found in Amelia County.

Madagascar: Amazonite from Madagascar has striking bright green to blue-green colors. The region has become a major contributor to the global supply of minerals.

Brazil: While the Amazon River itself may not be the source of amazonite, Brazil, with its vast mineral resources, does produce amazonite, particularly in the Minas Gerais region. The stones found here can vary in color. Some appear as a very light green and then gradually become an intense turquoise.

Ethiopia: Recently, Ethiopia has emerged as a valuable source of amazonite. 

Canada: Some regions in Canada, including Ontario and Quebec, produce amazonite, though the area’s deposits are small and many consider them insignificant compared to the big amazonite producers. 

Mongolia and Namibia: Both Mongolia and Namibia have deposits of the stone that they readily mine. 

Gemstone collectors, jewelry enthusiasts, and metaphysical practitioners regularly seek to add amazonite from various regions of the world to their collections because of the diversity of the stones. No two are truly alike and each region has variances that stand out making them appealing for their diversity. 


history of amazonite

The stone’s lovely appearance has made it a valued gemstone for jewelry making throughout history. The stone has been found in tombs throughout ancient Egypt. King Tutankhamun was said to have items that contained Amazonite in his tomb. Ancient amazonite mines have also been found in Egypt that date back to 1800 B.C. 


healing properties of amazonite 

Amazonite is regularly used in healing due to its tranquil energy and its ability to balance the mind and body. The stone is believed to bring about a feeling of calmness and whole-body well-being.
Below are a few healing properties of Amazonite:

Emotional Healing: Amazonite eases stress and emotional turmoil

Nervous System Support: Many think it supports the nervous system and can even relieve painful muscle spasms caused by a variety of medical conditions. 

Improved Mental Clarity: Amazonite might break down mental roadblocks that occur during studying or when someone is trying to focus on a problem. Their mind might start to wander and they lose focus. The stone can clear the mind and return a sense of focus to the mind. 

Opening of Communication: With its connection to the throat chakra, amazonite is thought to improve a person’s ability to communicate. 

Protection Against Negativity: Amazonite is often used as a protective aid against negative energy and the unwanted stress of life. 

Spiritual Growth: The stone can open spiritual doorways and help a person expand their horizons. 

The many healing properties of amazonite are valued by those seeking to improve their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The lovely stone is often worn as jewelry, kept as a talisman, or used in meditation practices.

Amazonite Meaning

The amazonite crystal connects with the heart chakra which is why it is commonly called a “hope” stone.  It also possesses the energy of water.  Individuals who connect with amazonite gain greater fluidity and flexibility in their outlook and daily life. It can give them the push they need to meet life's challenges head-on and surge ahead in their goals. The amazonite meaning is all about surrendering to the currents of life and enjoying the journey. You swim with life’s waters instead of against the tide. 

spiritual traditions of amazonite 

Around the world, Amazonite is an integral part of many spiritual traditions. It is believed to provide serene energy. In addition, many believe it creates a bridge between the physical realm and the spirit world. It provides a serene energy that is valued in meditation. 

Amazonite is said to have great healing properties that have the power to soothe emotional trauma while calming both the mind and spirit. It often offers a sense of renewal of the soul and lets a person feel more balanced. 

Many who seek to align their physical and spiritual self-use amazonite to create harmony and balance, especially between the masculine and feminine energies that they find deep within themselves - some refer to it as a yin and yang effect. They often rely on the stone’s assistance to take control of their life’s direction. It can act as a much-needed roadmap or talisman that helps guide them in decision-making. 
In addition to the stone’s healing abilities, many believe it provides good luck which is why some call it the “gambler’s stone”. Those who enjoy a hand of cards or betting on the ponies often carry or wear amazonite to bring themselves good luck. 

metaphysical properties

In spiritual practices, amazonite is used as a protective shield against negative influences and bad energy. The crystal mineral helps create positivity and peace for the individual. It is also associated with psychic abilities. Some firmly believe that it gives them a deeper connection with inner wisdom. It lets them tap into the spirit realm more easily. 

Amazonite aligns with the heart and throat chakras. It can enhance loving communication and emotional healing. The stone promotes an unbridled flow of positive energy through the chakra’s energy centers. Not only does it help balance emotions and provide greater clarity in life, but the stone makes someone more outspoken in a positive way.  

For centuries Amazonite has been used in meditation, for physical healing, and as a daily reminder of one's spiritual journey toward harmony, truth, and inner peace.


zodiac signs for amazonite 

Amazonite is considered beneficial to everyone but for a few zodiac signs, it stands out due to its strong influence. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Amazonite supports Virgos in their pursuit of clarity and calm. It can help soothe their often-overactive minds, encouraging relaxation and stress relief. 

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): For Geminis, amazonite creates great balance and harmony. It can help balance the dual nature of a Gemini, so they achieve greater consistency and reliability. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): This stone benefits Aquarians by encouraging freedom of expression and strong personal/work ethics. It can protect against negative energies. Amazonite helps bring about positive changes and improve relationships. 

Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Pisces are natural emotional roller coasters. Amazonite is beneficial for Pisces because it can give them the emotional balance, healing, and spiritual growth that they so desperately. They feel happier and at peace. 

adding amazonite to your gemstone collection 

Amazonite captivates not only because of its beautiful appearance but because it can also enrich a person’s spiritual journey. Beyond its visual loveliness, it also offers healing powers, helps enhance communication, and can provide protection from negativity. 
Without a doubt, amazonite is beautiful but it may also give a person much-needed courage, free their self-expression, and build a true sense of harmony with the natural world which is why it continues to be a valued jewelry gemstone and talisman. 


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