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What is Agate? Agate Meaning 
And Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Mar. 07,2024


agate meaning

No two pieces of polished agate are exactly alike.


Sure, technically speaking, all crystals are one of a kind. It’s why they call out to us, essentially “choosing” their owner.


But a unique blend of trace elements imbues every agate with a distinct swirl, marbling, or banding. Agate is where nature proves itself as the root source of inspiration for so much manmade art, as layer upon layer of color comes together in sequences and patterns born inside of volcanic rock.


Agate is also more durable than other crystals and comes in many varieties. Today, we’ll explore some of the very best, as well as learn what healing properties this stone can provide, if it’s useful in chakra work, and much more.




Third Eye


Solar Plexus






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what is agate?
agate properties
agate hardness
what is agate used for?
types of agate
agate’s healing properties
agate’s metaphysical properties
what is the spiritual meaning of agate?
agate and the chakras
what zodiac signs should wear agate?
step into your power with agate

what is agate?

Agate is part of a group of minerals called chalcedony, a subtype of quartz. The most common chalcedony on the planet, it is technically classed as a silica mineraloid.Some of agate’s relatives in the chalcedony category include carnelian, onyx, and jasper. 


Is agate a gem or a stone?


Both! It’s a gemstone. As a member of the quartz group, it rates a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, just below topaz.

How is agate formed?


What sets agate apart from many other chalcedonies is its characteristic banding. This is built as silica-rich water repeatedly flows up into the cavities and voids of other rocks. Each new deposit helps to establish a new layer.  This process is completed over millions of years, so you can consider your agate a real labor of love from planet Earth.Agate forms all over the world, but some of the most common places it’s found include Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Morocco, India, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Uruguay, and the western United States.


Is agate microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline?


Many gemologists will describe agate as either microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline. Microcrystalline stones are composed of tiny crystals that can be picked up visually under strong magnification. The crystals that make up a cryptocrystalline piece cannot.In truth, agate can be either. It depends on the variety of agate and the strength of the microscope. Either way, its true composition cannot be observed by the naked eye.


Agate or geode? Is there a difference?


Geodes are hollow rocks with crystal formations inside, whereas agate is typically a solid formation.If you’ve ever gone hunting for your own geodes, you know they’re frequently their own, potato-shaped rock, just waiting to be cracked open for the big reveal. Agate, on the other hand, builds up in the nodules and seams of other rocks.


That said, you never know – you could crack open a geode to find agate inside! It’s relatively normal to find some layers of agate among a geode’s crystals.


What about coral agate?


Also known as agatized coral or fossil coral, this forms when silica replaces or fills the empty chambers that comprise unoccupied coral. The original coral is ancient and long abandoned by its organisms, as it can take 30 million years to agatize the limestone structure.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index




6.5-7 (Mohs)



agate hardness


what is agate used for?

From necklaces to meditation to a mortar and pestle, agate’s strength makes it useful in a wide range of settings, from spiritual to industrial.It’s a popular choice for jewelry makers, with the perfect pendant requiring little more than a slice of polished agate.As a spiritual or mindfulness tool, agate is prized for clearing, transforming, and creating desirable energies, as well as grounding the owner, which we’ll discuss a bit later.


Finally, the hardness and chemical resistance of agate makes it suitable for laboratories and factories, where it’s used in grinding and polishing equipment.


types of agate

Unlike other members of the chalcedony family, there are at least 100 types of agate in all colors and patterns. You might be surprised to discover that some of the most coveted types of agate don’t contain that characteristic banding.

Here’s a brief rundown of terms and types for aspiring collectors.

Fortification Agate

“Fortification agate” is actually a descriptive term that illustrates the most common pattern you’ll find in the agate world. You’ll find it in all colors and most locations, but the bands will be emanating and building around a cavity or hollow point in the center. To some, the band arrangement looks like a fortress, hence the name.

Iris Agate

Would you prefer slim, elegant bands that reflect all the colors of the rainbow? Iris agate can be cut and polished in a particular way to create stunning iridescence. To get the full effect, it should be viewed in the light. It’s subtle yet striking and finding the right piece can be a challenge, as it’s a rare variety.

White Agate

White agate gets a separate mention because it is one of the most in-demand types of agate for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. Plus, the bands of a white agate will vary in opacity, right down to layers of clear agate. This makes it a fine choice for those who want to benefit from the stone but aren’t into the look of high-contrast stripes.

Black Agate


Like white agate, black agate is essential for healers and spiritual practitioners. Thought to offer the owner protection, black agate comes in many patterns, its markings ranging from gray to deep onyx. You can also find some with white contrast, offering a perfect balance of energies.

Dendritic Agate


The trace minerals that help build an agate’s layers aren’t always easily identifiable – unless you have some dendritic agate. Here, dendrite-shaped deposits of iron oxide or manganese resemble trees, not bands. They’re usually cloaked in milky stone that resembles a blanket of snow.

Moss Agate


Many people confuse moss agate with dendritic, but there is a distinction. Hornblende, a collection of minerals found in metamorphic and igneous rock, creates a mossy, earthy-colored pattern on this agate. It’s said to be an excellent rock for farmers and gardeners calling in a prosperous, healthy crop.

Green Flower Agate


Chlorite deposits create the unmistakable floral pattern we see in green flower agate. It’s easy to identify, with a creamy base that often includes swirls of green and splashes of clay red. It’s considered a personal stone, enhancing the owner’s self-acceptance and development. 

Lace Agate


Stones such as the Mexican lace agate, as well as the blue varieties found in some African countries, are some of the rarer forms of agate. These are easy to spot due to the bands, which are wavy in some parts and form peaks in others, resembling lace.

Fire Agate


A powerful type that has the appearance of glowing embers, fire agate comes in metallic gold, bronze, orange, red, and even golden-green hues. Like lace, the most attractive fire agate is quite rare, with Mexican fire agate being one of the most sought-after varieties.


agate’s healing properties

There may not be any stone-cold science on crystal healing, but it’s been a practice for thousands of years. Everyone from the Sumerians to Ancient Egyptians as well as early Hindus and Buddhists used particular stones to manipulate the body’s energy field and promote wellness. Greeks and Romans were even said to grind agate to powder and add it to beverages as medicine (do NOT try that at home).

Here are some types of agate and their reported healing benefits:


Dendritic agate – Used for the circulatory system, veins, capillaries, and nerves. Some also keep it around for back pain.


Fire agate – Preferred for menopause and other conditions that come with hot flashes. Recommended for low libido and nervousness as well.


White agate – For low mood, digestion, and pregnancy. Some claim it is also good for circulation.


Moss agate – Reportedly beneficial for inflammation and to support the immune system. Also used during pain or infection.


Black agate – Dizziness, headaches, and other conditions of the head, from facial skin to the teeth and gums.

As it relates to emotional benefits, many forms of agate are supposed to be soothing. If you’re prone to tension and overwhelm, healers and collectors recommend wearing a moss agate bracelet or keeping some polished agate (and type) in your pocket.


agate’s metaphysical properties

More than many other crystals, agate is practically synonymous with self-development. Here are some of the metaphysical benefits agate collectors enjoy.


Prosperity and manifestation.


We already learned a bit about moss agate’s metaphysical properties when it comes to plant life, but in general, agate is associated with wealth-building and manifestation.


What this really means is that agate can increase positivity, focus, and confidence – after all, a rock alone can’t make your dreams come true. You need a good attitude to make it all a reality.


TIP: Moss agate is the most popular choice for prosperity, but common green agate is worth collecting, too.


Mental clarity and intuition.


Agate is an ideal stone for anyone who wants help holding it all together. Bust through mental fog, get grounded, and increase your analytical capacity. As a result, you may finetune your intuition, and even hone your psychic abilities.


The bottom line is that agate can make you feel safer and more certain in your energy. This makes it easier to keep the mind trained on what matters, instead of regrets of the past and worries of the future.

TIP: Agate is thought to be pretty calming, so if you are looking for a more stimulating stone, choose bold pieces with banding that waves and dips. Their frequency is said to be more conducive to taking action.


what is the spiritual meaning of agate?

You can apply the metaphysical benefits above to your spiritual body and beliefs, deepening your connection and widening your consciousness. Plus, since it is a grounding gemstone, there will be strength and confidence in the many renewed areas of your spiritual life.


How? Historically, agate has been a tool for the type of contemplation that leads to real spiritual growth. In other words, it supports a cycle of inaction (thinking, reasoning, reflecting) that spurs a course of action (deciding, solving, expanding).


agate and the chakras

Another area where agate stands out from other gemstones is its use in chakra work. While others bear an association with one or two chakras, you can use agate to cleanse, open, or balance every single chakra in the seven-vortex system.


You can choose an agate that corresponds to the color of the chakra you’re working with. It doesn’t have to be all one color; a few bands of yellow, for instance, are sufficient for focusing on the solar plexus chakra.


For reference, here is the system and its corresponding color, working from the bottom up:


Root Chakra (Base of the spine): RED
Sacral Chakra (Below the navel): ORANGE
Solar Plexus Chakra (Stomach): YELLOW
Heart Chakra (Center of the chest): GREEN
Throat Chakra (Throat): BLUE
Third Eye Chakra (Middle of forehead): INDIGO
Crown Chakra (Top of head and above): VIOLET or WHITE


what zodiac signs should wear agate?

With so many layers and a wide variety of colors and patterns, it’s no surprise that agate is most closely associated with Gemini. This air sign is dynamic, quick-thinking, and a strong communicator. On the flip side, Geminis can spiral into overthinking and indecisiveness, which agate may help resolve.


However, agate doesn’t only help those with their sun in Gemini. Any Gemini placement can get the support it needs from agate. For example, those with Mercury in Gemini can become more concise, effective communicators. Those with Mars in Gemini may find healthy outlets for strong emotions like anger.


Is agate a birthstone?


Yes, it is one of the gemstones assigned to the month of May, along with emeralds. If you have a May birthday, wearing agate jewelry may bring you a little extra protection and luck.

step into your power with agate


Whether it’s a simple raw agate stone for your pocket, a perfectly polished slice of iris hanging in a sun-filled window, or the moss agate tower on your table, millions of years went into every piece. With age comes wisdom, and agate is especially adept at helping you progress – spiritually, emotionally, and philosophically.

Ultimately, agate is the go-to gemstone for finding balance and stability without missing a step. 


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