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What is Calcite?Calcite Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 28,2024   


calcite meaning

Crystalline minerals have been used for centuries in promoting healing and protection. Ancient Sumerians, Chinese medicine, and Egyptian culture long relied on the power of these precious objects for thousands of years. These iconic crystal rocks were held up on a pedestal as mystical items that could do almost magical things. In modern times, people still enjoy the use of crystals, especially ones that contain interesting properties to affect mind, body, and spirit. 

Crystals can do all sorts of amazing things to boost physical, mental, and spiritual energies. One of the best crystals, which after all is just a mineral that comes from the Earth, is calcite. This impressively strong crystal has been studied extensively in mineralogy, or the scientific study of minerals in geology, to be one of the most widely used minerals in the world. Let’s look at some specific details about the benefits and uses of calcite in order to understand more about this miraculous mineral crystal. 







Solar Plexus

Third Eye




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what is calcite?

In scientific terms, calcite is calcium carbonate or CaCO3, a naturally occurring mineral that develops into all different types of gorgeous crystals. It also contains traces of other mineral forms, but calcium carbonate makes up the majority of calcite. Minerals are usually part of rocks, mostly limestone and marble, that are created deep inside the Earth. When they are separated from that sedimentary rock material, they are considered a crystal. These types of rocks are some of the most common that are found within the Earth’s crust. 

Calcite has all kinds of practical purposes due to its considerable strength and durability. Some of its uses include materials for construction, preparing cement, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural uses. This is especially true when it’s a part of limestone or marble. 

When Calcite is separated into a beautiful crystal form, it’s a truly treasured mineral that is seen on display in all kinds of museums and national history archives as part of their gemology exhibits. 

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Carbonate mineral


Colorless, white, gray, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, brown, black

3 (Mohs)


nω = 1.658–1.486, nε = 1.486–1.658

calcite hardness


types of calcite

There are quite a few different types of calcite in crystal form. In fact, there are over 300 different types of calcite. Most of them are based on colors, even though some are completely colorless, but most have the ability to reflect light that is quite magnificent and brilliant. Here are some of the basic types of calcite crystal in a colorful form that are the most common. 


As you can see, there are many stunning colors that calcite comes in making it popular in jewelry and home decor items. Some versions of calcite may even have a fluoresce that glows when shown under different types of UV light.  

In looking at types of calcite, they are not only classified by color, but also by formation and properties. They form in a trigonal system, which means that this is the structural category in which crystalline forms. Some of these forms of crystals include dogtooth, prismatic, pseudocubic, needle, and tabular. 

Clear or Transparent Calcite: This is the most common form of Calcite and is often colorless or white. It is known for its transparency and glass-like appearance.

Orange Calcite: This type of Calcite ranges from pale to deep orange in color due to the presence of iron oxide impurities.

Green Calcite: Green Calcite gets its color from trace amounts of other minerals such as copper. It can range from pale green to vibrant emerald green.

Blue Calcite: Blue Calcite exhibits a soothing blue color due to the presence of trace amounts of copper. It is often used for calming and relaxation purposes.

Honey Calcite: Honey Calcite has a golden to amber color, resembling the shade of honey. This coloration is caused by iron oxide impurities.

Red Calcite: Red Calcite derives its color from the presence of manganese impurities. It can range from pinkish-red to deep red hues.

Manganoan Calcite: This type of Calcite contains high levels of manganese, resulting in pink to lavender-colored crystals.

Rainbow Calcite: Rainbow Calcite exhibits bands of various pastel colors, creating a rainbow-like effect. This is caused by different impurities present during formation.


origin and history 

Calcite has a long and storied history. One of the first discoveries of calcite was in Eskifjordur, Iceland located in basalt, which is a solid version of lava. The size of the calcite was amazing, weighing 250 tons, which is the size of a small elephant. It was a clear and transparent form of calcite, but high quality. That’s why sometimes calcite is referred to as “Icland Spar.” 

Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus) in the year 79 created the name for the mineral calcite, based on the Latin word for “lime” since it was often discovered in limestone. 

In other parts of history where calcite is significant was during Egyptian times. The ancient Egyptians used to carve all kinds of items out of calcite, mainly in worship of their gods. Other civilizations used to make things out of calcite for different objects and applications. For example, during WWII the highest grade of calcite was used in different parts of gun manufacturing and other types of weapons. 
As far as the origin of calcite, it’s found all over the world. The top five places to find it are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, England, and Germany. 


healing properties

There are all kinds of healing properties that can be attributed to different calcite crystals. Some of those include physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical properties. The reason that crystals are thought to potentially have certain healing properties is due to vibration medicine. 

This type of medicinal effect is thought to occur with crystals due to the fact that these items have a similar wavelength as people’s own bodies. It can enhance the natural healing with the body’s electrical charges and vibration. In 1970, Marcel Vogel, an IBM researcher is thought to have coined the phrase vibrational medicine. He felt that healing can happen with crystals because it alters the vibrational waves in the body on a molecular level in response to the type of crystals being used. In looking at calcite’s general healing properties, it’s thought to be an all-around beneficial stone that targets a variety of internal and external issues. 


Physical Healing Properties


Calcite is considered a detox and cleansing crystal. It’s especially good for internal organs, like the kidneys and bladder. Plus, it helps promote health in the circulatory system, making it beneficial for heart disorders and can reduce blood pressure. Being beneficial for the circulatory system also helps improve the body’s immune response to illnesses. 

Another way that calcite is good for the body is due to the fact that it contains calcium. It can break down calcification and soreness in the body, helping with things like back pain, joint stiffness, muscle aches, and arthritis. Green calcite is especially great for healing these types of bone and ligament issues.


Mental & Emotional Healing Properties


The mental and emotional healing properties of calcite are well documented. Calcite is thought to be a positive energy crystal. It can help to boost mental energy levels, to allow someone to get more done in their day. This can make your mind feel sharper and ready to tackle whatever your day may throw at you. 

Along those same lines, calcite is going to help alleviate depression issues. It can bring about some mental clarity and understanding of your own emotional state on a deeper level. Calcite is an ideal crystal to use during meditation sessions to find a better state of wellness deep within. When you use calcite in those moments, you may feel a calming love and soothing of your soul. The best types of calcite to use in these blissful meditation sessions to help with mental wellness are yellow and honey calcite. 


metaphysical properties

Crystals are thought to have metaphysical properties, which means that they have the power to direct spiritual and supernatural energies present in the physical environment. It’s all a part of faith healing going back to the days of ancient Egypt. Enhanced metaphysical health and protection are thought to be achieved by using certain crystals. 

Calcite in particular has metaphysical properties that can help you avoid negative energies. This can help someone feel safer in certain situations because it can clear out bad vibes from your aura. This aura is thought to be the unseen light that surrounds a person’s body in energy. So being around calcite, especially pink calcite can bring you to a higher spiritual understanding and connect to your inner spirit. 



The chakra is especially affected by using calcite. The power of this crystal can bring about a prismatic rainbow of energy that can clear and energize the body’s chakra. It can open a level of higher consciousness, even allowing someone to tap into potential psychic abilities. 

The chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” and refers to the 7 different energy levels in the body. So using calcite to manipulate these energy chakras can help with physical and mental well-being, since each of these chakras corresponds to different parts of the body, mind, and soul. Calcite is amazing at targeting each of these chakras, but specific colors work better on different energy points. For example, blue calcite works on throat chakra, while mangano calcite (pink calcite) can help with the heart chakra. 


zodiac signs

There are certain zodiac signs in astrology that respond better to using calcite crystals. The best ones to be around calcite are Cancer (June 22 to July 22), Leo (July 23 to August 22), Libra (September 23 to October 23), and Aquarius (January 20 to February 18). 

One of the most beneficial ways that crystal calcite can help with these zodiac signs is by promoting self-love, harmony, and balance. It can make someone feel more confident at work, allowing personal growth to flourish. The blue calcite crystal is thought to help people be more creative as well, so if you work in an environment that promotes creativity, having a stone like cobalto calcite around may help amp up those creative juices. 


Holding a piece of hematite in your hand automatically connects you to the ancient energies of the Earth and even the universe. It can help you find balance, strength, and clarity while looking stunning. Why not invest in a piece of jewelry with hematite or carry a small hematite talisman?  


common faqs for calcite

Is Calcite a Crystal?

Yes, calcite is the most stable form of calcium carbonate. It’s the one that is considered a crystal. As a very common form, it is also one of the most varied and complex crystals to use because it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.


What Is Calcite Used For?

Calcite crystals are used for a variety of reasons including mental, spiritual, and physical health. Some colors correspond to different energy levels better than others. Using it in daily practice for meditation sessions is also recommended.


Where Is Calcite Usually Found?

Since calcite is one of the most common minerals found in the world in all different kinds of rocks, it’s mined in many countries. The most common places that it’s found are in North America, nordic countries like Iceland, and parts of Europe including Germany and France.


What Are the Benefits of Wearing Calcite in Jewelry?

The benefits of wearing calcite in jewelry are to keep energy levels open and positivity up. It’s a crystal that can affect mental health in a positive way promoting self-acceptance and love. Even though it’s recommended for a November birthstone, anyone who wants to wear this beautiful stone can receive the good vibes and eliminate negative energies from their environments.


Is Calcite Good for Meditation?

Calcite is an excellent crystal for meditation. Just holding on to a piece of calcite crystal can promote a sense of peace and harmony. This may make it easier to focus on breathing techniques and stillness during daily meditation practice. 


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