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What is Clear Quartz ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        May.26,2024


clear quartz meaning

clear quartz, known as the "master healer" and "universal crystal," is a versatile gemstone that absorbs, balances, and amplifies energy, benefiting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Clear quartz can have a clear appearance or look milky or snow-like. Its unique crystalline structure allows it to absorb, channel, and transform energy. With names like “Master Healer” and “Universal Crystal”, it’s clear the impactful role this gemstone can have as you wear it or keep it close. Its white light reflects and amplifies other energies and it pairs well with other crystals.


Furthermore, it is incredibly multipurpose, absorbing, reflecting, balancing, and transmuting energy where needed. Clear quartz benefits all realms of your life including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Often, the energies of the stone know what you need even if you don’t. Its powerful energy makes it a perfect stone for anyone who chooses to keep it near.




Solar Plexus










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what is clear quartz?
clear quartz properties
clear quartz hardness
origin and history
spiritual meaning
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
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what is clear quartz? 

Clear quartz may also be called rock crystal or crystal quartz. This plentiful mineral is found scattered across the globe. It can be transparent or opaque, ranging in color from clear to milky white and everything in between. Some quartz also appears to shimmer in the light.


Many groups throughout history have noticed and appreciated the powerful vibrations of this incredible gemstone. It is also used in manmade inventions including the quartz clock, radio, and computers, a testament to the stone’s ability to conduct energy.


Type of Crystal


Clear quartz is silicon dioxide (SiO2) in its most natural form. This igneous rock is made from silicon and oxygen atoms, abundant worldwide. It is formed when silica-rich deposits enter crevices in the Earth’s crust. The pressure creates the beautiful stone. While it can appear by itself, clear quartz may also be found scattered through other igneous rocks including granite and magmatic pegmatites.


Rock crystal is commonly found in the Alps, Madagascar, Japan, Brazil, and Minas Gerais. In the United States, it is most abundant in Little Falls, NY, Ellenville, NY, and Hotsprings, AR.


Clear quartz’s abundance makes it more accessible than some other gemstones. However, its multipurpose healing energy is rare. Crystal quartz has an incredibly powerful vibration coming from its internal energy and structure, a helical spiral crystalline shape. The shape and structure of the stone is an incredibly powerful conductor of energy, evidenced by its use in manmade inventions.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Silicate mineral


Colorless to gray to yellow, yellow-green or white

6–6.5 (Mohs)


nα = 1.611 – 1.632

nβ = 1.615 – 1.642

nγ = 1.632 – 1.665

clear quartz  hardness


origin and history

Crystal quartz is named for its appearance from the Greek word krystallos that means “ice”. It’s said to be ice formed by the Gods. “Quartz” is also a derivative of the German word “Quarz,” meaning hard.


Countless groups of people have recognized clear quartz through history, each o them recognizing the stone for its incredible mystical abilities. Here are some of its rumored origins and the beliefs surrounding the stone:


  • The Ancient Japanese believed clear quartz was a representation of perfection. The energy inside the stone was rumored to come for the breath of a dragon.
  • In Ancient Rome, the stone was believed to have mystical qualities. They believed clear quartz was a solid, permanent form of ice.
  • Austrian Aboriginals believe clear quartz contains a substance called maban. This mystical substance is also credited with providing magical powers to Elders and Shamans.
  • Crystal quartz is commonly found in ancient burial tombs in the Republic of Ireland and burial passages of European cemetaries. It isn’t known exactly why these stones were used in burial passages and chambers. However, they were used at a time when glass wasn’t invented. It’s likely that this clear rock that caught rainbows of light would have been quite mystical.


Crystal quartz has also had practical uses throughout history. It has been used to create hard stone carvings, vessels, and vases. These remained popular until the mid-19th century until they faded out of fashion, but clear quartz continued to be used in manufacturing.


Clear quartz has piezoelectric properties, meaning that it conducts energy. The stone is used to make crystal oscillators, a device found in radios, computers, and quartz clocks.


Crystal quartz is also the hard stone used to carve crystal balls. This speaks to the mystical and energy qualities of rock crystal. Crystal balls are used to communicate with the spiritual realm, reveal the future, and promote healing. In a way, the usages of crystal balls are very similar to gemstones.


healing properties

Clear quartz possesses incredible healing properties, exactly what you’d expect from the “Master Healer” stone. It absorbs, stores, changes, and balances energies. Rock crystal promotes harmony in your body, spirit, and mind. Simply holding clear quartz in your hand or wearing a bracelet on your wrist increases your biomagnetic energy field. It amplifies the energy of other crystals and promotes healing in all areas of your life. Let’s look at its physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical benefits. 


physical healing properties

When you have an ailment or health condition, your body is out of balance. There are even connections between your chakras being imbalanced and physical health. For example, when your crown chakra is blocked, it can cause learning struggles, sensitivity to light and sound, and depression.


Clear quartz is incredibly adept at balancing energies and restoring what is right. It stimulates the immune system and organs, protecting health and amplifying your body’s energy levels. Rock crystal also removes any blockages in your chakras that might be causing physical ailments.


With these benefits, clear quartz encourages your body to heal itself. Think of this stone as a means to hack your health.


mental & emotional healing properties

You may also hear clear quartz called “stone of the mind.” It benefits your mental and emotional health in several ways. First, crystal quartz boosts mental abilities and concentration. It calms the mind while helping you focus, eliminating distractions that might impede personal growth.


Clear quartz also brings about emotional balance. It protects you from negative energies and relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it benefits past trauma. Many of us have past trauma that guides our decisions and actions, even on a subconscious level. Crystal quartz helps you let go of what has hurt you. It encourages you to live in the present moment and helps ease fears about the future. By overcoming your fears, you can enter a new era of personal growth.


metaphysical properties

Clear quartz embodies white, spiritual light, apparent by the stone’s appearance. White also reflects all colors on the spectrum, representing the crystal's ability to amplify any stones it is paired with. Its metaphysical properties allow crystal quartz to direct and amplify energy. While there are benefits just from being in the stone’s presence, it also amplifies practices like meditation, manifestation, and channeling.


Clear quartz also eliminates blockages between yourself and the spiritual realm. Often, energy imbalance is the reason we struggle to connect to our higher selves. The stone deeply cleanses your soul, helping balance chakras and emotional issues standing in the way of your connection to the spiritual realm. With this connection, the resulting energies foster self-improvement and spiritual growth.



Clear quartz benefits the crown chakra, the chakra associated with our connection between the physical realm and the cosmic energy of the universe. Balancing your crown chakra brings about a sense of peace. You’ll feel a greater trust in your intuition and radiate with the lightness of spiritual balance. Furthermore, your connectedness with the cosmos creates a deep sense of belonging and meaningfulness.


Crystal quartz’ many benefits heal your physical, emotional, mental, and physical self. It helps remove blockages from your crown chakra, leaving your heart, mind, and spirit open to a powerful cosmic connection. As you sit in this connection, light will fill your spiritual and physical body with purpose.


This light clears your mind of things that distract you from self-growth and achieving your highest potential. It awakens dormant desires and dreams, giving you renewed focus for the future. Clear quartz can help you achieve your full potential and strive for greater things. It shows you the path to overcome obstacles, fears, or whatever is holding you back.


zodiac signste

As a multipurpose stone, it’s no surprise that clear quartz benefits all zodiac signs. Its incredible ability to hold, mutate, amplify, and dispel energies lets crystal quartz benefit anyone who keeps it close. These energies know exactly what you need, even if you don’t. It varies depending on the sign. For Geminis, for example, clear quartz helps focus their versatile, distracted mind. Leos will benefit from how the stone enhances their natural traits including creativity, leadership, and confidence. Clear quartz also benefits Virgos, magnifying their grounded energy and supporting them on their journey of personal growth.




Clear quartz is the birthstone for April. It represents strength, similar to diamonds which are also the birthstone for this month. The power of crystal quartz depends on your specific needs. For some it may store or harness energy, helping them achieve a goal. For others, quartz might absorb negative energies and uncertainties, guiding them down the right path.



Clear quartz is an incredibly powerful multipurpose stone. Its high vibrational energy has healing powers, benefiting your physical, mental, and emotional health. The stone brings about balance removes blockages, fears, and trauma that may be stopping you from reaching your highest potential. It allows you to make a cosmic connection to the spiritual realm and your higher self.


Crystal quartz’ powerful energy has been recognized by many groups throughout history. Even though meditating with the stone can enhance its benefits, you only have to keep the stone close to feel its vibrational energies. Something as simple as a crystal bracelet could help you achieve this.


Clear Quartz FAQs


What is the Best Color of Clear Quartz?


Quartz is a powerful stone because of its crystalline structure. It comes in many colors, each of them powerful. According to ancient beliefs, however, the best quartz is crystal clear, but shimmers like water. The clarity of quartz speaks to its quality. Even though subtle lines known as inclusions are common in the stone, those with fewer inclusions are considered higher quality. High-quality stones are used for jewerly-making, as true clear quartz is brilliantly beautiful.


Does Quartz Come in Multiple Colors?


Yes, quartz comes in many colors. Many quartz stones were named before people had the scientific capability to detect the composition of various minerals and stones. Some popular gemstones in the quartz family that are colored versions of this gemstone include citrine, aventurine, carnelian, amethyst, and jasper. Even though they do not share the same milky white, clear, or translucent color, they have powerful energies because of their crystalline structure. Each stone offers a unique set of benefits to the wearer.


What is the Best Way to Use Clear Quartz?


Clear quartz is so powerful that being in the vicinity of its vibrations can have positive effects. You can reap these benefits by keeping it close, but its most effective when near you throughout the day. Carry crystal quartz with you, wear it on a piece of jewerly like a bracelet or pendant, or hold it while you are meditating.


How Can You Tell a Stone is Clear Quartz?


Clear quartz is identifiable by its color and shape. It exists on a spectrum, ranging from almost completely transparent to milky white. It may also be any color in between, appearing shimmery or cloudy. Sometimes, clear quartz also has greyish smudges in it called inclusions.


True crystal quartz also has a distinct shape. It is a hexagonal prism and has two six-sided shapes at either end.


Where Can You Buy Clear Quartz?


Clear quartz is an abundant mineral. You can buy crystal stones from jewelry companies, apothecaries, and online retailers like Amazon. But how do you know that the stone you are purchasing is authentic?

True clear quartz may be transparent or white. Often, it has inclusions, which are subtle lines in the crystal. However, the stone should never have any air bubbles.


If you can touch the stone, it will feel cooler than a piece of glass. Since clear quartz is hard, having a Moh’s score of 7 it should also be hard to scratch, even with a knife.

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