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What is Peridot ? Peridot Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb 15,2024   


Of all gems and stones, peridot stands out for many reasons. Also known as chrysolite, peridot is a very unique gem with fascinating abilities, a powerful backstory, and many interesting elements.


In order to truly understand it all, we must first know the basics of peridot, along with its worth, different varieties, and overarching impacts on humanity. After all, there’s nothing quite like this gem. Despite being lesser known than other gemstones, peridot is quite potent and imbued with life-changing, transformative healing properties. 


To say there’s a lot to unpack here would be an understatement. 


Peridot is a vibrant gem that stands out for its stunning green color. But it is more than its appearance that makes it unique. It is also said to have healing properties and metaphysical characteristics that bring good vibes to peridot jewelry wearers.Although peridot is very lovely and spiritually beneficial, it is also very delicate. Its Mohr hardness rating ranks between 6.5 and 7 making it softer than most other gems. It can easily become damaged and must be stored carefully.           



Solar Plexus







Tanzania, United Republic Of; Myanmar; Afghanistan; Russian Federation; Viet Nam; United States of America; Egypt; Madagascar; Thailand; Mongolia; Mozambique; Pakistan; Korea (the Republic of); Unknown; Mali; China; Brazil; Chile; Nepal; Colombia; Sri Lanka; Kenya; India; Norway; Namibia; Mexico; Ethiopia; Indonesia

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what is peridot?

Peridot is a derivative of olivine, a mineral that forms deep inside the earth’s mantle and is brought to the surface by volcanic activity. The gem’s exquisite green color comes from the mineral composition of the stone rather than the trace impurities that give so many other stones their luster.


As a result, it is one of the few stones that only come in one color. However, its tone may vary from a yellowish green to a brownish green.


Peridot is a green gemstone that sometimes contains somewhat yellowish hues. The exact color shades of peridot can range from a clear, rich green color to more watered-down forms with stronger presences of yellow. 


Trace elements, light energy, and other factors will impact the color peridot presents as. Though in many cases, you’ll find this gem to be green like the grass you see during the springtime. Peridot, unlike some other stones, also tends to be very transparent by nature. In most cases, greener peridot is more popular than its yellower forms.


What Are the Types of Peridot?


Type variations of peridot are largely dependent upon the size, presentation, and hue of the stone. When considering size and structure, this gem usually presents in a round or even emerald-like form. Its hues of green can also vary, from olive and honey-like tones to dark or brownish green. 


When assessing peridot’s presentation, it can appear as raw or geode types. In most cases, you’ll find the raw version of this gemstone is quite brittle and easy to damage. Raw peridot moreover has a reputation for being translucent and less potent in color. 


With geode peridot, mineral-rich groundwater is a major element. Eventually, this can lead to several crystals joining and growing together to create a very beautiful peridot. When appearing in geode form, this gemstone tends to be much richer in green than its rawer versions.


Higher quality peridot also tends to vary from its less impressive counterparts. While the former appears in green or yellowish-green colors, low quality peridot is often dull, looks washed out, and can even present as a brownish color. 

Peridot Properties


Mineral Information

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index


(Mg, Fe)2SiO4

Medium-pale lime green

6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs)

3.27 - 3.37

1.654 - 1.690

Peridot Hardness

Peridot Hardness


peridot history

The earliest record of peridot mining can be traced back to 340-279 B.C. and the island of Zabargad in Ancient Egypt. The island was a terrific source of gem-like specimens that are displayed in museums throughout the world to this day. However, due to brutal living conditions, it is no longer a thriving mining community.


Today, green peridot can be found in destinations throughout the world. China, Pakistan, the United States, Myanmar, and Vietnam are just some of the countries that produce the gem.Arizona is a prime peridot destination. 95% of the world’s peridot is mined on Arizona’s San Carlos Apache Indian reservation. 


Throughout the Medieval Era and beyond, peridot continued to be seen in various areas around the world. It was discovered not just in the Cologne Cathedral of Germany, but also in Pakistan and other world regions. Some reports even indicate that Egyptian Queen Cleopetra’s jewelry collection - one that most people thought to be emeralds - was actually composed of precious peridot pieces. 


peridot vs. emerald

While peridot and emerald may both look alike, there are some major differences between these two stones. Peridot gems are generally more of a deeper olive green shade, whereas emeralds come with very rich green hues. Furthermore, peridots are a little softer than emeralds and much more eye-clean. Both of these stones contain very different healing properties and varying impacts on individual chakras. 


Despite these variations, both peridot and emerald have been confused with one another many times throughout history. After all, looks can be quite deceiving. During the ancient Egyptian era, for instance, it wasn’t uncommon for people to mistake peridot gemstones for emeralds. Thankfully in modern times, there are many more available tools to tell these two stones apart. 


Understanding the differences between each of these gems requires not just a keen eye, but also rudimentary knowledge about gemstones. Peridots are considerably less expensive than emeralds, too. While the former stone sometimes costs around $600 for each carat, the latter has been known to command $5,000 per carat. 


Peridot and emerald also vary in terms of popularity around the world. Despite both of these gems being of the color green and quite beautiful, emeralds are much more popular. They also have a more impressive reputation, widely regarded as one of the most precious gems in the world. Peridot, on the other hand, carries a more modest reputation, but it is still appreciated for its own beauty and merits. 


In other regards, what peridot has, emeralds often lack. For instance, the former gemstone is quite easy to come upon and often appears in different shapes and sizes. Emeralds, however, require immense pressure to form and therefore aren’t as easy to find or come across. You could say that where peridot is more flexible in nature, emerald is more exclusive. 


Peridot Healing Properties

Peridot’s healing properties are quite impressive and extensive, with the ability to yield positive impacts on physical, mental, and emotional levels. This gemstone, since its inception, has earned a stellar reputation for helping people free themselves of negative emotions and other toxic energies that threaten to bring them down.


Folks looking to reap healing benefits from peridot would benefit from keeping this mineral close by. This could mean wearing it in jewelry form, sleeping with some of it on their nightstand, or all of the above. Many people have also discovered that keeping peridot with them during stressful moments gives them an easier time coping and rising above challenges. 


No matter how you use peridot, its healing properties are quite admirable and highly sought after. 


Peridots are known for their ability to improve mood and bring good luck. But they also have mental and physical healing properties. Here are some to consider


Detoxification:The peridot green color caused ancient healers to associate the gem with detoxification. Many believed it could improve health in the liver, gall bladder, and digestive system. It was also thought to regenerate cells and tissues and speed up metabolism.


Improved Skin Health:Wrinkles, acne, dull skin? Why spend money on cosmetic products when you can buy a beautiful green peridot? Many believed it could clear up rashes and other skin conditions, and produce a glowing, dewy complexion.


Let Go of Negativity:Emotions like jealousy, resentment, and spite can eat away at you. Peridot is said to help people let go of these emotional issues. Once you get past these negative emotions, you will reduce stress and anxiety levels and sleep better at night.


Improves Focus:Cramming for a tough exam? Green peridot could be the perfect study buddy. It is said to increase focus so you can ace tests and be productive at any task.


Reduces Fever:Cramming for a tough exam? Green peridot could be the perfect study buddy. It is said to increase focus so you can ace tests and be productive at any task.


Reduces Birthing Pain:Peridot’s ability to reduce muscle contractions makes it a popular item in birthing centers and maternity wards for spiritual midwives and moms-to-be. 


Peridot Spiritual Meaning

On a physical level, peridot is a magnet for overall good health and vitality. People who remain in proximity to this gemstone often reap higher metabolism, greater bodily strength, and even cellular regeneration. 


Someone who’s struggled with physical challenges should keep peridot near to them, especially by regularly wearing a necklace, bracelet, or ring with the gemstone. Having it close by - rather than at arm’s length - allows its healing properties to truly manifest and materialize. 


If you’ve been dealing with skin problems - such as itchiness, dryness, swelling, or other forms of discomfort, peridot helps with regulating the adrenal system and endocrine. Over time, you’ll notice that having this gemstone at close range helps your skin flourish and become more radiant. 


Good Luck


Peridot’s spiritual history can be traced back to ancient times. It was originally sourced from the Red Sea, a body of water associated with salvation. Its proximity to the shores of Egypt meant many Egyptians would wear the stones to flaunt their vibrant beauty and surround themselves with the good luck the gems brought.


Promotes Empathy, Compassion, and Forgiveness.


Ancient Egypt is buried in the past, but the peridot still holds its spiritual meaning. It is said to connect to the heart chakra which serves as a center for self-love and the love of others. It promotes empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.


Bring Balance to the Body


To better understand Peridot's spiritual meaning, let’s take a closer look at the heart chakra and how it affects well-being.Chakras are said to bring balance to the body. They allow energy to flow through the body. When a chakra becomes blocked, it can lead to anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.


There are seven chakras in the body, and the heart chakra is the fourth. Also called the Anahata chakra, it is associated with the color green. It was assigned its vibrant color by the ancient rishis who meditated on chakra energy.When your heart chakra is open, you let go of negative emotions. You see the joy and love in everything around you. You connect better with the people in your life.


When your chakra is closed, you hold on to negative emotions. You experience stress in your relationships and have difficulty sleeping at night. Some say a blocked chakra can even lead to serious medical conditions like respiratory and circulatory issues.  


The natural peridot stone will keep your heart chakra open, so you make the most of the positivity in your life. It will prevent you from giving in to negative emotions that can impact your physical and mental well-being. 


Peridot Metaphysical Meaning

Peridot promotes mental clearness by helping to free you of self-sabotaging habits and patterns. With this newfound clarity, you’ll be in a better position to make decisions that are most aligned with your goals, purpose, and higher self. Many people have also found that remaining in close proximity to peridot gives them more confidence, erasing the self-doubt that previously held them back. 


The emotional benefits of the stone are also quite impressive. If you’ve found yourself struggling with negative feelings, peridot is an amazing antidote. This mineral has a way of freeing people from emotional baggage such as spite, hatred, greed, envy, and more. Each of these sentiments can lead you astray, cloud your judgment, and cause you to make rash decisions that backfire. 


If you find yourself most prone to emotional struggles in certain environments, these are places where you’ll want to keep peridot closest to you. For many people, this means using the gem as a paperweight on their work desks or wearing it as a necklace so they have it close by at all times. However you decide to embrace peridot, with time and consistent access, you’ll find peace. 


Metaphysical properties refer to a gemstone’s ability to create spiritual and supernatural changes in a person and their environment. So, what are peridot metaphysical properties? 

A peridot goes to the core of our beings. It has a positive impact on our health. It minimizes stress, improves sleep, and balances our emotional and mental core. It inspires creativity, minimizes anger, and improves mood.


The stone’s energy can help forge better personal and professional relationships. Single but looking to mingle? Some say the peridot can even help you find love.


If we journey back in time, we will find out even more about peridot metaphysical properties. Ancient spiritual philosophers believed that a peridot set in gold was a talisman to ward off evil. It would reduce nighttime terrors and nightmares.

The Russian philosopher, Pliny the Elder, also believed in peridot’s ability to chase away nightmares. He believed talismans, such as peridot bracelets, should be worn on the right arm to ward off evil. Others believed its ability to calm negative emotions made it the perfect way to protect oneself from the evil eye.


The stone has long been linked to mythology. Hawaiian people believed it symbolized the tears of the goddess Pele, who controls the flow of lava from volcanos. Her fiery personality matches the gem’s vibrant beauty.


The peridot also has a place in the Bible. Its protective properties made it a common amulet in warrior breastplates. The Book mentions a peridot in the breastplate of Aaron, a priest and warrior identified as Moses’s brother.


The Bible also mentions the peridot was found in the layers of the earth in New Jerusalem. It was said to protect the city. 


How Does Peridot Impact the Chakra?

Peridot has the most potent impact on the heart chakra. Because this gemstone radiates pure and pleasant energy, it keeps your equilibrium in harmony while also soothing your spirit amid interactions with the external world. If your heart chakra has been congested or clogged up, bringing around some peridot can help. 


The heart chakra is a deeply critical part of your essence, as it impacts your relationships with others, self-love, balance, and further feelings. If you’ve been struggling with feelings of numbness, isolation, or loneliness, this is largely due to a blocked heart chakra. 


Opening yourself up to peridot can free you of these burdens and attract positive energy into your life. At its core, your heart chakra is designed for you to not only give love, but also receive it from others in a healthy manner. Peridot makes this possible by helping you see the world through a brighter lens and fix heart-related complications. 


Even after you’ve reaped the benefits of peridot, still keeping this gemstone close is a great way to not only maintain a healthy heart chakra, but also ward off negative energies that could cause harm. Having regular access to peridot, in the long run, can fortify your heart chakra and make it less vulnerable to negative influences in the outside world.  


The August Peridot Birthstone  



Like many gems, peridot is one of the twelve birthstones. The peridot birthstone month is August. It makes sense that the peridot would be the August birthstone as it is formed under extreme heat and pressure.


As August's birthstone, the peridot is ideal for people who fall under the Zodiac signs of Leo (July 23- August 22), and Virgo (August 23- Sept. 22). Let’s see how those signs align with peridot meaning.




Leos are full of life and like to be the center of attention. These traits make them highly entertaining and inspirational. Their positivity is infectious. They can help friends and relatives see the bright side in any situation. Their sense of focus helps them turn their dreams into reality.


However, Leos’ constant demand for attention can also have its downsides. A lack of self-actualization brings out traits like narrow-mindedness, conceit, and a need for domination. They may turn on you if they don’t feel you’re not giving them the respect they deserve.


One can easily make the connection between a Leo and a peridot gem. The gem captures a Leo’s fiery nature. It provides the balance they need to promote positivity and avoid narcissistic tendencies.




Virgos have a lot to offer. Their loyalty and selflessness make them great friend material. They are hardworking and industrious. Their sensitivity to their surroundings makes them highly detail oriented.

Unfortunately, Virgo’s high standards can work against them. Their sensitivity can cause them to get insulted easily. Their ability to tune in to their surroundings can make them hypercritical. They also tend to be perfectionists which can make them expect too much of themselves and others.


Like Leos, Virgos need the peridot’s magic to help them achieve balance. They may use it to bring out their selfless, loyal traits and form strong relationships. The stone will help them open their hearts to the love in their lives and leave negativity behind them. 


Where is Peridot Found?  

Zabargad Island, 35 miles off Berenica, Egypt, is an ancient peridot source. Rediscovered in 1905, it produces medium green peridot crystals in nickel-rich veins within peridotite rock.


Myanmar:The slopes of Kyaukpon, located near Mogok in Myanmar, are the world's only major source of large peridots. The rough harvested from this area produces fine-quality, dark green, oily, transparent gems, some of which can weigh several hundred carats.


In Arizona and New Mexico, peridots occur as tiny grains used by ants to build hills. Peridot mining on the Navajo Reservation yields small cut stones and occasional larger gems.


In Ameklovdalen, Sondmore, Norway, peridots are produced with a paler hue due to lower iron content. However, finding cuttable pieces in large sizes is very rare, and they seldom yield cut stones over five carats.


Changbai Peridot, mined in Northeast China, is renowned for its organic green hues and inclusion-free clarity. The area boasts lakes, rivers, and high mountains, including the highest peak in Changbai Mountain.


Pakistani Peridot is a young but prized stone, with light apple or lime green color and subtle golden undertones. Mined in harsh conditions, it's polished for maximum beauty. Discovered in 1994, it boasts a rare range of carat sizes and rising prices due to its unique color.


Hunan Peridot from southeastern China is prized for its world-class clarity and non-bearing yellow tones, offering an open color. Cut correctly, it resembles diamond brilliance, with an average size of about a carat. Contrasting with Changbai Peridot, it tends to have a slightly lighter tone.


How Much is Peridot Worth?

The prices of peridot can vary depending on a number of factors. How this gemstone was produced, its color grade, carat, and cut will all play a role; though in most cases, natural peridot may cost up to $80 per carat, whereas more refined versions of this stone can command $600 for each carat. 


When purchasing peridot for jewelry or other purposes, some people feel paying for a higher grade is worth the money. Chemically-made peridot, for example, often costs more than its natural counterpart; though this stone also yields stronger saturation and a higher color quality. 


When assessing the worth of peridot and determining how much to spend, each individual should know what they want from peridot, how long they’d like the stone to last, and how important it is for them to walk away with a high-quality gem. 


If you’re thinking of wearing peridot or purchasing it for its healing properties, investing in a high-quality version of the stone is worth it. This becomes even more important if you’re planning to purchase peridot in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry. 


Peridot Q&A

Is Peridot Expensive?

Compared to other gemstones, peridot is relatively inexpensive. 1-2 carats that are well cut can cost $50 to $80. Larger, finer cuts of peridot can cost $400 to $600 (or more!) for each carat.

What Does Peridot Symbolize?

Peridot symbolizes faithfulness, peace, truth, and love. Because of this gemstone’s potent abilities, it also symbolizes protection against negative emotions or states of being, such as jealousy, envy, and egotism. 

Is Peridot a Mineral?

Peridot is not technically a mineral. However, it is a gem variety that stems from the magnesium iron silicate known as olivine. 

What is Peridot Good For?

Peridot is good for healing, health, and doing away with negativity that weighs on the spirit. This gemstone is also excellent for healing the heart chakra and freeing it from damaging blockage.

Can Peridot Fuse?

Peridot can fuse, although this is more common among other gemstones. 

How is Peridot Formed?

Peridot is formed by volcanic disruptions in the earth’s magna crust that eventually reaches the surface level of the earth. 

What Does Peridot Look Like?

High-quality peridot is either green or yellowish green, depending upon its hue and carat level. Low-grade peridot, on the other hand, may appear dull or even brown in color.

What Does Peridot Represent?

Over millennia, peridot has come to represent good health, healing, and compassion. Because of its positive impacts on the heart chakra, this stone is also representative of happiness and freedom from negative emotions. 

What is Peridot Used For?

Peridot is often used for healing, whether emotionally, physically, or mentally. People who want to clear up their skin, free their heart chakras from blockage, and increase their overall strength also use peridot to achieve these goals. 

Where Do You Find Peridot?

Today, you can find peridot around the world, but particularly in countries like the United States, China, Pakistan, and Vietnam. To directly purchase peridot, many people shop online or buy it from metaphysical supply shops.

Is Peridot a Crystal Gem?

Peridot is a unique crystal gem, insofar as it stems from the mineral known as olivine.



The peridot is a lovely gemstone that bears a unique green color that indicates its fiery nature. It offers emotional peridot stone benefits, mainly in its ability to help people let go of negativity so they can improve their emotional well-being. Some healers believe it can also treat physical ailments.

Green peridot is a powerful stone, but it must be worn carefully. Its soft texture makes it vulnerable to the elements. Perhaps, this is part of what makes it such a revered, precious gem.

How do you incorporate peridot into your life? 


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