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What is Amethyst ? Amethyst Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


The amethyst is a semiprecious gem that stands out for its vibrant purple color. Look deep into an amethyst stone and you can become almost mystified by its beauty. It comes as no surprise that it holds great spiritual and metaphysical healing properties. 
The gem belongs to the quartz family. It owes its mystical hue to a process called irradiation AKA radiation exposure. It causes iron ions to infuse the gem and form chemical bonds that account for a unique color center and exceptional hardness properties. 
Read on to explore the world of amethyst so you know what to expect from this powerful gemstone.









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what is amethyst?

Amethyst is a purple stone found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Siberia, Uruguay, and the Far East. Its name is derived from the Greek word amethystos. The ‘a ‘translates to ‘not’. Methystos means “intoxicate” The stone was believed to protect wearers from intoxication. 
The gem has a high hardness scale rating of 7. Its durability makes it ideal for amethyst jewelry wear. It is often featured in amethyst earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

Amethyst  Properties


Crystal system

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index



Violet to purple

7 (Mohs)



Amethyst  Hardness


Peridot Hardness


what color is amethyst?

Amethyst's unique color is part of what makes it so lovely. But it also makes it a jeweler’s nightmare. 

Most amethysts show strong secondary hues of blue and red. It is up to the gem cutter to facet the gem, so it shows a mostly even tone. The process often requires shaving down a good portion of the gem. 
The irradiation that gives amethyst its color also makes it a fickle gem- well, concerning color anyway. It may turn an amber color when heat is applied. Lower levels of heat can cause it to transform into ametrine, a naturally occurring quartz with amethyst and citrine characteristics. 

It can also fade with light exposure. 
While purple is a popular amethyst color, the name can also be used to describe green quartz which is also known as prasiolite, vermarine, and lime citrine. 

amethyst stone geographic locations

Amethyst can be found in many locations throughout the world. It is plentiful in Rio Grande in Brazil where it often appears in volcanic rocks. It is also found in nearby territories like Uruguay.

Other amethyst producers include Russia and South Korea. It is plentiful in the United States in areas of Yellowstone National Park, Delaware County, PA, and the Lake Superior regions. It is also commonly found in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Ontario. 

historical significance of the natural amethyst stone

Amethyst meaning shows it can protect people from intoxication.  Therefore, it was often used to maintain temperament. During Medieval times, European soldiers would carry the gems into battle believing they could heal them and help them remain levelheaded in times of battle.  

They were often set in episcopal rings Anglican bishops would wear as a reference to the “not drunk” apostles. (See the Woodlake book “This Anglican Church of Ours” Acts 2:15). They also were integrated into the headstones of English Anglo-Saxon graves. 

In Ancient times, the Chinese would use amethysts for Feng Shui. Their ability to create balance and harmony and reduce negative energy made them a useful tool for promoting harmony within environments.

the amethyst in greek mythology

The gem also had a place in Greek mythology. French poet Remy Belleu’s poem, L’Amethyste spun a myth in which Bacchus, the god of intoxication, pursued a maiden named Amethyst. Amethyst refused his affections and prayed to the goddess Diana for chastity. 

Diana granted Amethyst’s wish by turning her into a white stone. Bacchus poured wine over the stone turning it a deep purple color, hence transforming it into the amethyst stone we know and love. 
In another version of the story, Dionysus, also a Greek god of wine-making, was mad because a mortal insulted him. He vowed to slay the next mortal who crossed his path. That mortal turned out to be a beautiful young woman named Amethystos who was on her way to pay homage to Artemis. 

Artemis learns of Dionysius’s wishes and saves Amethystos by turning her to stone. When Dionysius comes to his senses, he regrets his actions and weeps tears of wine onto the stone formerly known as Amethystos. The tears turn the stone purple, hence amethyst's stunning color. 


Amethyst’s Healing Properties

It has been many years since the times of Ancient Greece. But the amethyst stone's meaning lives on. It is known as a powerful physical and emotional healer. Here are some of the physical benefits it provides. 

Hormonal Balance: Amethysts’ ability to restore balance provides benefits to the endocrine system. It keeps the stress hormone cortisol under control. In doing so, it promotes healing sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. 


Aids with Sobriety: People struggling with addiction may carry the amethyst stone to encourage level-headedness and help them make smart life choices. 

Boosts Immunity: The gem is said to help the body fight disease by purifying the blood and reducing stress and anxiety. Amethyst also supports emotional healing in the following capacities:

Promotes a Sense of Calm: Amethyst helps balance emotions, so wearers feel more grounded, comforted, and happier. 

Helps Us Deal with Grief: Grief and loss come with a deep sense of sadness. Amethyst reminds us there is a spiritual side to loss. It helps us accept loss and promotes positive thinking in the face of grief. 

Reduces Anger: Amethyst promotes level-headedness that helps us let go of our anger, so we don’t let it get the best of us. 

Promotes Creativity: The gem’s ability to support clarity allows us to focus on our creative side and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. 

Improves Decision Making: Amethyst brings clarity that helps us make smarter decisions. 

Conducive to Meditation: Those who struggle to achieve a deep, meditative state may try bringing amethyst into their sessions. The stone can help you clear your mind so you can meditate more easily and enjoy benefits such as decreased stress and increased mindfulness. 


Amethyst Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst’s spiritual meaning may be related to how it connects to the crown chakra. 

According to spiritualists, there are seven main chakras in the body as well as other minor chakras. The chakras promote energy flow in the body. When chakras are blocked, they can negatively affect our mental and physical health. 

The amethyst is said to connect to the sixth chakra, AKA the third eye chakra, and the seventh chakra, AKA the crown chakra. 

Amethyst stones stimulate the third eye, which is considered the body’s spiritual center. It makes people more open to their environments and spiritual enlightenment. When the third eye is blocked, it can cause anxiety and depression. 

The connection between amethysts and the third eye chakra is likely due to the purple hue. The third eye chakra is often associated with the color indigo, which is not far from amethysts’ range of purple tones. 

Amethyst is also connected to the crown chakra which promotes communication between the spiritual world and the physical world. It helps individuals forge a deep connection with their environments. It promotes balance and well-being. 

A blocked crown chakra may cause a person to feel alienated from the world around them. They may feel depressed and isolated, or they may allow their egos to get in the way of their relationships.


Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst's metaphysical properties are derived from various cultures. Here are some ways the gem could change your life’s trajectory.   

Promotes Wealth:  In the early days, amethyst was worn by British royalty and became associated with wealth. It is believed to guide wise financial investments and improve negotiation skills. 

Guards Against Attacks: Many believe that an amethyst can protect you from physical and psychic attacks. 

A Talisman for the Artists Community: Artists, poets, painters, musicians, and other artistic creators carry amethyst as a Talisman. They believe it will bring them luck in their creative endeavors. 

Protects us from Black Magic and Evil: Spiritualists believe amethysts protect against black magic and evil thoughts. Black magic refers to the use of magic to conjure evil spirits for selfish reasons. 

Keeps us Safe from Emotional Manipulation: The gem promotes a clear-headedness that helps us see through people who are trying to manipulate us. It gives us the strength to resist their forces. 
Associations with Christ: Many Christians associate the amethyst with Christ. Some say it signified His royalty. Others say it represents the agony of crucifixion. 


Using Amethyst

Using Amethyst Spiritually
Amethyst has great spiritual properties. You can benefit from its energy by wearing the stone and keeping it nearby. Some spiritualists say it will be most powerful if you activate its energy as follows. 

1.Identify the goal you wish to accomplish with the amethyst. 

2.Hold the amethyst against your heart with your palm closed to open the third eye. 
3.Visualize the goals you wish to accomplish and the best ways to accomplish them. 
4.Reach the hand holding the crystal outward. This gesture will lock the amethyst with your heart and mind. 
5.Express joy and praise for the amethyst stone to open yourself spiritually to its powers. 

Using Amethyst in Meditation
Amethyst is often used in mediation because it promotes balance and spirituality. It opens the third eye and crown chakra to ease users into a deep, meditative state. It aids with the mind and body connection. 
You will gain optimal results if you connect with your amethyst before meditation. Memorize its color and shape. Feel its vibrational rhythm. 
You may forge a connection by placing amethyst under your pillow and sleeping with it for a few nights before incorporating it into meditation. 
Purify the stone by washing it with gentle soap and water. Burn incense to unlock its energy. 
Meditate in a room that makes you comfortable. The room may be dark and soothing, or you may prefer a bright and positive atmosphere. Ensure the room is quiet and far from the disturbances of everyday life. 
You may hold the stone while meditating or position it in a visible area to include it in your spiritual journey. 


Amethysts  Birthstone  

February is the amethyst birthstone month. In Zodiac signs, that could relate to Aquarius (January 20- February 18) or Pisces (February 19 – March 20). Let’s see how the gem relates to the personalities behind those birth months. 

Amethysts and Pisces
Pisces are artistic, empathetic, and spiritually aware. They tend to carry grudges but often use their creativity as an outlet. They are incredibly loyal and can be the perfect person to turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on. 
On the downside, Pisces can let their emotions get the best of them. They may find themselves wallowing in misery and self-pity. They are prone to addiction and may develop a martyr complex. 
Amethysts and Pisces relate due to their sense of spirituality and creativity. The gem can help Pisces stay balanced, so they keep their emotions in check and don’t let negativity get the best of them. It can keep them open to the world around them. 

Amethysts and Aquarius
Aquarius are intellectual, curious, and social. They think outside the box. They can see the big picture and make clever judgments and decisions. They are in synch with their feelings and desires. 
However, Aquarius presents a dichotomy in their personalities. They like stability in their relationships but also tend to shake up the status quo. To sum it up, they don’t play by the rules. 
Aquarius and amethyst go together in that they both represent creativity. An amethyst can also help an Aquarius achieve balance so they can develop stronger relationships with others. It keeps them grounded so their eccentric ways don’t cause them to lose touch with reality. 

Summing up the Properties of the Natural Amethyst Stone

Amethysts’ fiery purple color makes them attractive jewelry pieces. They also have emotional and mental healing powers and spiritual significance. They promote balance, ward off evil and negative thoughts, and aid with creativity. 
As the August birthstone, amethyst helps Pisces and Aquarius achieve emotional stability. But the gems can provide benefits to anyone who wears them. Their attractive appearance and metaphysical properties make them an ideal stone for fashion, spiritual events, and general well-being. 


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