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What is Moonstone ? Moonstone Meaning Healing Properties


Moonstone Meaning

Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


Throughout all the years that humans have existed, they’ve been interested in the beauty and allure of crystals. The little gems are used for everything from decoration to spiritual guidance and even divination. Crystals come in a variety of colors and styles, from the strength of quartz to the brilliance of amethyst and even the protective properties of obsidian. Every crystal has a purpose and moonstone is no different.


When it comes to radiance with a sense of subtlety, moonstone is where it’s at. Like other crystals, the moonstone has a huge number of meanings, and many people find it a significant part of human history. It offers an iridescent sheen that suggests enchantment and mystery, which may be why it’s so popular for people of all types. Citrine might get more recognition, but the moonstone is special for those who search it out. Having one in your hand can provide you with countless blessings and wisdom.


As we explore the true meaning of moonstone, we’ll delve into the depths of this crystal. From the origins of ancient years to modern applications, we’ll look at spiritual awakening, healing, and intuition that are a part of this gorgeous crystal. Hang around to find out more about this brilliant crystal, which may help you on the path toward inner understanding and connection with the divine. 










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what is moonstone?

At the most basic, moonstone is part of the feldspar mineral group. The crystal’s name points toward its resemblance to the stunning glow of the moon that so many of us hold dear. Providing a play of light called adularescence, moonstone is known for its appearance which can range from translucent to milky white with bits of gray, blue, or peach to shake things up a bit.


Moonstone is associated with the cycles of the moon and feminine energy, which has made it a harbinger of emotional balance, insight, and intuition. Known to be connected with nature and its rhythms, this stunning gemstone is believed to elevate people’s sensitivity to the cycles of life. This can create a better understanding of oneself as well as the world that spins around us.


Ancient people used moonstone for various traditions and the same holds true even in our modern world. Whether used in meditation, as jewelry, or placed in important locations, moonstone is revered for the way it can create a sense of inner wisdom, harmony, and tranquility.

moonstone varieties

white moonstone 

The most common variety of moonstone, it features a milky white color with a soft glow. It is valued for its calming energy and is often used in jewelry designs.


rainbow moonstone 

This variety displays a stunning play of colors, including blue, purple, and sometimes even green or orange. It is known for its iridescent sheen and is highly sought after for its mesmerizing appearance.

gray moonstone

With its grayish-blue or grayish-brown color, this variety of moonstone exudes a subtle and elegant charm. It is prized for its soothing energy and is often used in minimalist jewelry designs.

cat's eye / blue moonstone

Ncluding the Blue variety, is believed to enhance clarity, insight, and perception. It is often used in meditation and healing practices to promote inner strength and connection to one's intuition. 

moonstone properties


Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Feldspar mineral


White, peach, gray, blue


2.56 - 2.59

1.518 - 1.526

moonstone hardness


Peridot Hardness


moonstone’s healing properties

Moonstone is gorgeous and has a mystical connection, but it goes beyond that. Many associate moonstones with impressive healing properties that focus on the physical and metaphysical aspects of well-being. Inside the stunning depths of this crystal are useful energies that can head the body, soothe the soul, and activate the spirit.


Emotional Healing


Moonstone is known for the ability to harmonize the body, which can offer solace in times of anxiety, stress, or other emotional upheaval. Its energy focuses on creating emotional balance by emphasizing feelings of inner peace, calmness, and emotional resilience. Since the stone connects with the lunar cycle, it also assists with emotional purification and release. This allows people to part with past fears, trauma, and negative patterns.


Intuition and Insight


Characterized by insight and intuition, moonstone can emphasize existing psychic abilities and increase awareness of intuition. Through opening the crown and third eye chakras, the moonstone pushes for linear knowledge and clarity of vision. This allows people to trust their gut and move through challenges with a greater sense of wisdom. Moonstone is also a great addition to divination, dreamwork, and meditation because it facilitates spiritual growth and introspection.


Feminine Empowerment


The strong connection to the divine feminine makes moonstone a symbol of female empowerment, intuition, and nurturing. It honors the core of the feminine and supports women while embracing their intuition, creativity, and strengths. Moonstone is known to be useful for women’s health problems, such as fertility worries, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual irregularities. It helps restore balance and promotes reproductive health.


Physical Healing


The healing powers of moonstone also focus on the body as a whole. Many find it offers effective and gentle support for many conditions. It’s believed to help with promoting healthy circulation, aiding in detoxification, and eliminating digestive discomfort. It’s also useful for reproductive issues, such as menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, and discomfort during pregnancy.

As a whole, moonstone has many healing properties to offer a holistic approach to health. The crystal addresses the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Whether kept in someone’s bedroom, used as jewelry, or utilized in healing practices, moonstone can create healing and light to aid people on their journey toward self-discovery and transformation.


Moonstone’s Spiritual Meanings

The inner depths of the moonstone also bring spiritual meaning that goes far beyond the aesthetic beauty of the crystal. Moonstone has been valued for ages as a stone that contains celestial energies and has a ton of spiritual meanings that connect with those who want to experience inner transformation and spiritual enlightenment.


Connection to the Divine Feminine


The most important part of the moonstone’s spiritual symbolism involves its association with the lunar cycles and the divine feminine. Sometimes called the “Goddess Stone, this gem is focused on the intuitive, nurturing, and receptive qualities associated with the feminine.


It acts as a strong symbol of the feminine energy that has been a part of the world for ages. It pushes people to embrace their innate emotional wisdom, creativity, and intuition. By attuning to the moon’s rhythms, the moonstone allows a deeper connection with the cycles of nature and the cosmic forces that impact spiritual journeys.


Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Abilities


Moonstone is also admired due to the way it can enhance psychic abilities and increase intuition. By stimulating certain chakras, moonstone offers a gateway to higher consciousness associated with people accessing inner guidance, visions, and spiritual abilities. It can be used in divination, dreamwork, or meditation to awaken psychic powers and increase perception of the world.


Emotional Healing and Inner Wisdom


As a crystal that focuses on wisdom and healing, the moonstone provides support while navigating the human experience. It has a nurturing and gentle energy that can soothe emotions, promote peace, and create self-awareness.


The connection with the waxing and waning of the moon makes moonstone encourage emotional purification and release. People can use it to let go of past fear, trauma, and negative patterns. As this occurs, the stone connects with your inner wisdom and deepest self to create a journey of true spiritual growth and self-discovery.


Alignment with Higher Purpose


More than anything else, moonstone can align a person with their spiritual path and higher purpose. The brilliance of the crystal is used to remind people to trust in the time of life and surrender to the guidance of the universe. The gem can attune to small vibrations, which awakens peoples soul’s needs. It also pushes them to embrace their talents and move forward into spiritual awakening and bliss.

All in all, the spiritual meanings of moonstone focus on a journey of connection, enlightenment, intuition, and healing. While delver into these changes, people can explore larger mysteries and open themselves up to the many possibilities found across a spiritual path.


Moonstone’s Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone, as beautiful as it is, is known for not just its physical properties but its attributes related to the metaphysical realm. This is a mystical gemstone that is believed by many to offer a variety of metaphysical properties that connect with the energies of the universe to grant transformation, healing, and growth.


Alignment with Lunar Energies


In the depths of the moonstone metaphysical properties is a connection to lunar energy. As the moon waxes and wanes in the sky, the moonstone also embodies the nature of life and the changing rhythms of the cosmos. Attuning to the moon phases allows people to embrace the ups and downs in life to create a deeper connection with the world and any divine forces contained in it.


Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Awareness


Many appreciate moonstone for its enhancement of psychic awareness and intuition. The activation of the crown and third eye chakras helps open the inner senses and mind to see higher realms of consciousness. This is an essential tool for receiving divine guidance, accessing spiritual realms, and understanding the realms we cannot see. When used in energy healing, divination, or meditation, it helps create better spiritual attunement and a higher state of awareness.


Emotional Healing and Balance


Emotional balance and healing are also provided by the moonstone. It has a gentle energy that can soothe emotions and promote harmony and inner peace. It’s useful for anyone suffering from trauma, stress, or anxiety since it pushes for emotional release and purification. Introducing a sense of serenity allows the moonstone to show people how to compassionately move through life’s challenges.

Moonstone has metaphysical properties that include emotional healing, spiritual insights, and cosmic energies. It acts as a beacon of transformation and guides people on journeys toward spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, and self-discovery that can lead to better wholeness and healing.


Moonstone and the Body’s Chakras

Moonstone influences more than all the things we’ve already talked about. It also has an affinity for some of the body’s chakras. It’s closest to the crown chakra and sacral chakra, both of which have an impact on spiritual, physical, and emotional health.


The sacral chakra is found in the lower abdomen and has an impact on sexuality, creativity, and emotions. The light energy from the crystal resonates with the chakra and helps to enhance creativity, balance emotions, and allow for healthy expression of sexuality. Stimulating this chakra empowers people to embrace their passions and encourages emotional healing


The moonstone also connects to the crown chakra, which is near the top of the head and is known as a gateway to spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness. Activating this chakra creates a better connection with the divine and can result in insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness. This alignment lets the moonstone expand perception, elevate consciousness, and awaken the soul’s potential.


The connection with the crown and sacral chakras lets the moonstone harmonize energy throughout the body, which can create better creativity, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening. This makes it ideal for transformation and healing, leading people on a path toward spiritual evolution, self-discovery, and evolution.


Zodiac Signs Suited for Moonstone

Moonstone has a relationship with certain zodiac signs based on its cosmic energies and spiritual quality. Moonstones can be used by those of any zodiac sign, but some will find greater resonance with the crystal.


As a sign ruled by the moon, cancer is drawn to the moonstone and it’s associated with the lunar world. Moonstone’s intuitive and nurturing facets align well with Cancer’s desire for security and emotional sensitivity.


Known for spiritual intensity and depth of emotions, Scorpio also benefits from the transformative properties of moonstone. It can help Scorpios explore inner depths while promoting spiritual growth and emotional healing.


As a creative and empathetic sign, Pisces also finds something in the calming presence of moonstone. The gem enhances Pisces' intuition and fosters a better connection with the spiritual world.

People with a strong lunar influence in their birth charges, as well as those with a prominent moon or a water sign, can resonate well with the energy of moonstone. However, all zodiac signs can enjoy a variety of benefits from accessing moonstone and making it part of everyday life.

The Moonstone Meaning: Growth, Introspection, Healing, and Protection

For all time, moonstone has been part of intuition, healing, and spiritual guidance. As long as it has been in the hands of humans, it has captivated us and provided a gorgeous look in tandem with impressive energy.

Placing a moonstone in sacred locations, using it in meditation, or wearing it as jewelry reminds us that the world is connected and each human is composed of complete potential. While moving through life, the moonstone can provide us with inner peace, emotional healing, and spiritual fulfillment. 


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