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What is Aquamarine?
Aquamarine Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


When you gaze at the ocean, do your worries melt away? Do you feel a calming effect when you are near the sea? The crystal aquamarine captures the calming essence in a beautiful stone with blue to greenish-blue tones. You will feel the serenity of the sea when holding this lovely stone in your hands.


Happiness, peace, and the energy of youth! This is what this blue stone Aquamarine brings to your life when you get it. Well, this enchanting gemstone is not only about its beauty but also about the meaning and purpose that it brings along wherever it goes.


Though we can’t deny the beauty of this pretty gemstone, it has an interesting history of what made it so popular and special among its kind. Besides its turquoise hues, the world chases after Aquamarine’s symbolic value. It has become a symbol of peace and happiness for those who believe in the power of gemstones and their chakra natures.


Let's discuss the Aquamarine stone in its depths and learn about its infamous benefits that have inspired people for centuries to acquire it. But, before that, we want you to know what aquamarine means. 








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what is aquamarine?

Those who want to get rid of the stress and feel relaxed can have their hands on this gemstone. You can find your inner peace when surrounded by raw aquamarine crystals. You know seashells have become boring these days as anyone can go to the sea and acquire it.


However, one thing that gives the calm of the sea while being rare and interesting is the Aquamarine. This lovely blue gemstone channels the calming vibes of the ocean in your environment no matter how thousands of kilometers away you are from the sea.


Enough babbling the praises about this Aquamarine stone; let's get to the point where we actually tell you about what it is Aquamarine.


Aquamarine, the notable aquamarines, were discovered as beads on the Egyptian mummies, so imagine how far they have come. In fact, people have documented it to be a part of ancient Sumer, Egypt, Canaan, and Greek civilizations. Its history is worth mentioning to understand where it came from. Aquamarine crystals are not just associated with the sea; although they are said to be from the sea, there is a lot to them. It is a bona fide family member of the Beryl family, just like Emerald, Heliodor, and others of high value.


It is a gemstone that is mostly formed in mineral-enriched pegmatite rocks, and they are often found with stones like quartz and topaz. You can call it their brother, as there is only a color difference. Besides being the sibling of quartz, topaz, and emerald and a member of the Beryl family, it is all about its beautiful, serene shades and the spiritual energy it depicts.


This beautiful gemstone is available in a range of tantalizing shades that include ethereal blue, intense turquoise, surf blue, etc. It works like a chameleon, though. Wherever you keep it, it will catch its color since it is transparent and usually has a light hint of blue. 

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Beryl group mineral


Blue-green to greenish-blue

7.5-8 (Mohs)



aquamarine hardness


Aquamarine Healing Properties

Many individuals believe in the healing properties of gemstone or their birthstones. People use Aquamarine for its healing properties as they believe this harmonious stone has the positive energy to heal a few ailments. Some studies document that aquamarine can cure physical sicknesses like sore throat and thyroid. We don't know how true that is, but we do know it works wonders for those who believe.

There is not much scientific evidence to support that aquamarine has physical healing properties. However, we can proudly say that the traditional beliefs have something else to say about this gemstone.

Traditional Beliefs For The Healing Properties Of Aquamarine

Aquamarine has been used throughout history, whether for its decorative purposes or for its healing properties. The Aquamarine birthstone has been used by various cultures and traditions across the globe. Let's break into the details:


For Physical Healing

Ancient Egyptians believed aquamarine could alleviate digestive issues and improve eyesight.
Some European folklore suggests the stone strengthens teeth and promotes oral health.
Sailors often carried aquamarine amulets for protection against injuries and illnesses at sea.


For Emotional and Mental Healing

Many cultures associate aquamarine's calming blue hues with emotional balance and tranquility, believing it reduces stress and anxiety.
Traditionally linked to the throat chakra, aquamarine is believed to promote clear communication, honest expression, and emotional balance.
Some traditions view aquamarine as a stone of intuition and insight, aiding in clear thinking and decision-making.
The stone's association with water often leads to beliefs of fostering peace, harmony, and a sense of calm.


For Spiritual and Metaphysical Beliefs

In various cultures, aquamarine is considered a protective stone, bringing good luck and fortune.
Some traditions believe aquamarine helps connect with the energies of the ocean and its spiritual guardians.
The stone's calming properties are believed to enhance meditation and facilitate spiritual growth.


Spiritual Meanings Associated With Aquamarine Gemstones

If you come to think of it, Aquamarine crystals, with their calming blue hues, have a connection to the vast ocean. The ocean or sea has already captivated the hearts and spirits of people for its peace.


The same sea transcends its physical beauty and tranquility into Aquamarine. It holds deep and diverse spiritual meanings across cultures and beliefs. The symbolic associations of peace, tranquility, truth, and content can be seen in the blue hues of this gemstone. Here is what this gemstone spiritually does to you:


Aquamarine For Peace and Tranquility

It is like the serene depths of the ocean, aquamarine embodies a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Its cooling blue color inspires calmness, reduces stress, and promotes emotional balance. In meditation practices, some believe holding or meditating with aquamarine helps quiet the mind, fostering self-reflection and inner harmony.
Aquamarine For Purity and Truth

The clarity and brilliance of aquamarine symbolize purity, honesty, and clear communication. It's associated with the throat chakra, which governs self-expression and speaking one's truth. Many believe wearing or carrying aquamarine promotes honest and open communication, allowing for authentic expression and deeper connections.

Oceanic Connection

Deeply linked to the sea, aquamarine draws its energy from the vastness and mystery of the ocean. Some cultures believe it carries the power of water spirits, fostering intuition, creativity, and a sense of connection to the natural world. It's seen as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious, encouraging exploration of emotions and hidden depths.

Cultural and Religious Interpretations Of Aquamarine Related to Spirituality

Ancient Egyptians associated aquamarine with eternal youth and happiness, offering it as funerary offerings.
Roman sailors believed it protected them from harm at sea, carrying it as amulets for safe passage.
In Greek mythology, Aquamarine was said to adorn the treasure chest of Poseidon, god of the sea, further solidifying its connection to the ocean's power.
In Buddhist tradition, it is associated with compassion and clear communication, so it is used in meditation practices to promote inner peace and understanding.
In Christianity, it is traditionally seen as a symbol of hope and purity, so it was linked to the Virgin Mary and worn by clergy for spiritual guidance.


Aventurine and Your Chakras

One of the unique things that we love about aventurine is that it is all about the heart chakra. You may think that it would align with one of the other options, such as your head since it helps with focus and fighting off stress, but in reality, the heart chakra and aventurine go hand in hand.


Your heart is an energetic hub that controls a lot of what goes on in your life. You will find love, empathy, emotional healing, and compassion. This all comes together to help us love ourselves, work on our relationships, and ensure that we can effectively give and receive love. When utilizing the aventurine stone to open our heart chakra, we can improve all these different aspects of our lives. 


The Metaphysical Properties Of Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarines go beyond their physical beauty and chemical composition. When we go into its metaphysical properties, we see attributes with unidentified energies that influence people to acquire them. The concept of metaphysical properties exists outside of traditional science. These properties are largely based on beliefs, spiritual traditions, and personal experiences rather than on measurable scientific evidence.


With these metaphysical properties, Aquamarine brings the following to the table for those who believe in it:

The stone's connection to the throat chakra and clear blue hues are linked to beliefs in enhanced intuition, clearer thinking, and improved communication. 
Associated with the water element, aquamarine is often seen as a stone of emotional balance and harmony. It's believed to promote calmness, soothe anxieties, and encourage emotional stability. 
Its link to the ocean and vastness is seen by some as promoting spiritual exploration and connection to higher consciousness. 
In various cultures, aquamarine is considered a protective stone, bringing good luck and fortune. 


Corresponding Chakras Linked To Aquamarine

The chakra system is linked to Indian traditions, but other cultures also believe in it. Chakra describes the seven energy centers along the spine. These chakra points influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here is what chakra points aquamarine crystals can hit:

The Throat Chakra

Aquamarine has a strong association with the throat chakra located at the bottom of our neck. This chakra governs communication, self-expression, and creativity. The calming blue color and the association with the clear sea promote clear communication and emotional fluidity.


Believers suggest wearing or meditating with aquamarine may ease difficulties with communication, self-expression, and honesty. It will also enhance the ability to express oneself effectively and with confidence.

The Heart Chakra

Some traditions also link aquamarine to the heart chakra, located at the center of the chest. This chakra connects to love, compassion, and emotional well-being.

The stone's association with peace and tranquility aligns with the heart chakra's focus on love and emotional balance. Some believe aquamarine may lead to greater self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. The stone may also offer empathy and understanding within relationship


Zodiac Signs Suited for Aquamarine

Beyond its physical, metaphysical, and spiritual properties, this gemstone is attributed to specific zodiac signs based on tradition, symbolism, and shared characteristics. Several signs find harmonious resonance with aquamarine birthstone's properties:


Pisces (February 19 - March 20) - The stone's calming energy and communication connection can support Piscean sensitivity, while its link to intuition strengthens their natural insights.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20) - Aquamarine's association with clear expression and mental clarity can enhance Gemini's communicative skills and aid in decision-making, while its calming influence can counter their occasional nervous energy.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20) - Aquamarine's calming nature can soothe Taurean anxieties, while its association with material security and good fortune resonates with their values.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22) - Sharing the water element with Pisces, Cancer can benefit from aquamarine's emotional balance and support in expressing their deep emotions.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) - Aquamarine's link to clear expression and promoting understanding can benefit their social interactions and sense of purpose.


Specific Uses Of Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine crystals work beyond their beauty and symbolism as they have a diverse range of uses. Here's a glimpse into its multifaceted applications:

In Jewelry

Aquamarine's captivating shades make it a popular choice in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. It is often incorporated into artisan jewelry designs, paired with other gemstones or metals for unique and personalized pieces.

Besides, individuals drawn to its spiritual meanings might wear aquamarine to promote emotional balance, enhance communication, or connect with intuition.

For Decoration and Collectibles

Polished aquamarine stones, raw aquamarine, or even sculptures can add a touch of serenity and natural beauty to living spaces. Artisans carve aquamarine into intricate figurines, animals, or symbols, often imbued with cultural or spiritual significance.

Moreover, gemstone enthusiasts admire aquamarine's diverse colors, clarity, and unique inclusions, seeking rare or exceptional specimens for their collections.


These are just a few ways people can incorporate this gemstone into their lives. Aquamarine is as cherished now as it was in the past. In fact, time has doubled its worth and made it one of the most valuable gemstones available in the market. 


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