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What is Larimar ? Larimar Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


larimar meaning

Larimar, a rare blue crystal, has captured the hearts of many with its beauty. Its versatility makes it a popular gemstone in the Dominican Republic. The precious stone symbolizes inner peace, wisdom, and clear communication, representing the calm vibes of the sea and sky. Larimar stone meaning: It is simple, as this stone is popular for promoting stress relief, eliminating skin conditions, and lowering high blood pressure. It is used to create beautiful jewelry due to its majestic beauty.

Larimar crystal represents the depths of the clear blue ocean, which gets the warmth of the golden sunlight from underneath the sea. The sea gives a layer of blue filter, making the golden light bright blue and white when seen from underneath gigantic ocean water. When someone looks upon or gazes upon closely, the intricate patterns of Larimar stone seem to draw the individual in. The beauty of this stone creates clear, healthy, and sensible communication, the ability to work through past trauma, and a sense of serenity, all of which give the wearer the freedom to live out your truth fearlessly.





Third Eye




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what is larimar?

Larimar gem is a volcanic stone resulting from a volcanic eruption that occurred many centuries ago; it is said to be a fibrous pectolite, typically found in white or gray colors. Larimar stone is one of the world's most adored and rare gemstones. Larimar is the Atlantis crystal, a powerful defender of the notion that could have originated in the Caribbean.

Pectolite's color is usually white or gray, but do you know there is a beautiful blue rare pectolite found in one location? Yes, Larimar is the most loved and rare pectolite found in the Bahoruco mountains in the Dominican Republic. Larimar Crystal's beautiful color palette shows the blue sky and ocean, which are symbols of peace and serenity. Every Larimar gem is full of its uniqueness, as every piece has its own beauty.

The gem's color palettes vary from light blue, green-blue, and white to deep blue to dark shades, but its beauty is the same in any color you choose. Geologically, this stone belongs to the silicate mineral family, which has fascinated  gem collectors for a long time. This rock is also named Dolphin Stone and is also known as the "Lucky Stone," as it has changed many people's luck throughout history.

This stone is relatively soft, so it should be handled with care and humbleness to avoid scratches or any kind of damage. It is also sensitive to chemicals, heat, and sun, so storing it away from harmful agents is better.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Silicate mineral

(Ca, Na)_2-3Sr_0-1(CO_3)_1-x(SiO_4)_x(OH)_x)

Light blue, blue-green, white

4.5 - 5 (Mohs)

2.70 - 2.85

1.610 - 1.650

larimar hardness


origin and history

This blue pectolite is a rare gemstone found in the province of Barohona in the Dominican Republic. While local inhabitants and their ancestors may have been aware of Larimar for some time, the first official request for mining and marketing the stone came in 1916, not 1974. However, this request was denied by the Dominican Ministry of Mining.

It wasn't until 1971 that Miguel Méndez, a Dominican craftsman, discovered Larimar washed ashore near his village. He, along with Norman Rilling, a geologist from the Peace Corps, identified the stone and named it "Atlantis."  This beauty was also named Travelina, but later, it was renamed by Miguel Mendez, who merged his baby girl's name, Larissa, with the Spanish word for sea, Mar.

Earlier, the island's inhabitants revealed that the stones were collected easily from the seashore, and they thought the fragments came from the sea, but one day, there were no more Larimar crystals left. Locals later explored and found the stone's formation; the primary source is the volcanic deposits within the Bahoruco Mountains.

A significant amount of small blocks of larimar stone are found in the very place where they formed. However, due to weathering, it is believed that some crystal particles broke off and were moved into the Rio Chiquito, a small stream that tumbles these fragments into Rio Baoruco. Later, the river deposits them in the Caribbean Sea, and some of them are washed on the seaside, contributing to the beach finds.


types of larimar based on its color

Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic. Every Larimar varies in shades of color, but each piece is highly valued for its beauty and rareness. Following are some of the types of Larimar stone based on their color:

  • White Larimar Crystal
    The White Larimar is a type of gem that is scanter than blue color; it is identified as gray or bluish-white shade. Due to the lack of copper hue during its formation, its color is white. It is also named the Moon of Larimar or Luna de Larimar.

  • Blue Larimar Gemstone
    This type of Larimar is identified by its rare blue variety palette. It is the most common type of Larimar stone, as the blue shade is very common in its origin. Its color can be either pale or dark-greenish blue shades.

  • Black Larimar
    This Larimar is mostly found in the presence of manganese; it is one of the most valued stones due to its unique form and rarity. This type of Larimar is so rare that it is not widely known by people. The presence of manganese typically creates brown or reddish hues, not black.

  • Red Larimar
    This is also a rare and valued rock that is popular for its pink or red shade. It is generally the result of iron in the crystal. However, such stones are extremely rare and require careful evaluation by a gemologist to confirm authenticity.

  • Green Larimar
    In this type, Larimar is identified with a light green to dark green-blue shade, usually because of nickel in the mineral. After blue, this is one of the most common colors of Larimar found. 

  • Marahlago Larimar Stone

    This is a most valuable crystal found only in the Caribbean Sea. This gemstone is based on a blue-green color and is composed of a very rare type of pectolite. Marahlago larimar is often used in jewelry and other decorative items. It is popular for its healing properties, and it is said to bring inner peace, harmony, and luck to its wearer.

  • Raw Larimar Crystal
    Raw Larimar has a vivid blue shade and is known as the blue stone of Atlantis. Wearer believed in getting spiritual healing and thought to balance a person's life. People believe that raw Larimar has spiritual meaning, and it connects the wearer to goddesses of beauty and admiration. This type of Larimar makes gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and pendants. It is also believed to be used in metaphysical healing to balance body and spirit.

  • Tumbled Larimar Gemstone
    This type of crystal is popular for its healing and calming properties, as they can help the wearer reduce anxiety and stress. It can bring balance as well as harmony in the person's life. It is believed to bring unconditional love, hope, understanding, and peace.
    Tumbled Larimar can help open the throat chakra and allow transparent expression, communication, and connection with higher realms and spiritual guides. It can help bring clarity to dreams for the wearer and bring them closer to peace.


The Many Names of Larimar

Larimar isn’t always called ‘Larimar’. In fact, if you do an internet search, visit a jeweler, drop into a gemstone store, or head to a local jeweler you’ll find the stone called a variety of names that are far more appealing than ‘Larimar’. 


The Dolphin Stone: Yes, Larimar is associated with the aquatic dolphin due to its lovely blue hue. 


Atlantis Stone: As mentioned, Cayce made Larimar's association with the lost city of Atlantis famous so many call it simply the “Atlantis stone”.


Caribbean Gemstone: Larimar's lovely appearance that looks like waves and its abundance in the Dominican Republic have earned it the name of the Caribbean gemstone. 


Now you are probably wondering how such a lovely stone has such a mundane name like “Larimar”. The stone was first discovered by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Lorean in 1916. 

Widespread mining of the stone did not start until 1974. 


Norman Rilling who was a Peace Corp volunteer along with Miguel Mendez, a Dominican native, found a Larimar stone on the shoreline in the Barahona province. 

Miguel named the lovely stone after his daughter Larissa.  He then added mar which is the Spanish word for ‘sea’. 


Larimar Crystal Properties for Healing

Larimar gemstone resonates with the emotional, spiritual, physical, and so many other ways as it connects with nature and counteracts negative energy. It is said to be a precious meditation stone as it calms the tense mind and brings inner peace. The larimar spiritual meaning is itself explainable by its positive traits.

Larimar helps cure disorders and phobias related to extreme anger and fear. It also helps to remove self-imposed blockage and constraints, reconnects the wearer to the outside world, and helps in living an everyday life again. This crystal makes you feel confident and takes care of your heart, crown, and throat chakras in balance. It assists in balancing the yin-yang vibes and promotes self-healing properties.

This gemstone is believed to have various healing properties; here are some of them:

Larimar Stone’s Physical Healing Properties 

Larimar gemstone cleanses the energy and develops soothing strength for the wearer. These two are the most important healing properties for an individual's physical, spiritual, and mental health. Larimar brings a smooth touch of deep healing. It is concerned with throat chakra as it keeps your throat relaxed. 

This crystal sharpens the wearer's speech and improves communication skills. This stone helps to remove all sorts of baggage and heal the wearer from within. Larimar is most commonly known for calming practices and soothing stress-related problems. Being a natural coolant. It can take part in fighting fire ailments like rashes and fever.

Larimar heals stress and anxiety, eases pain, and is believed to be helpful for the respiratory system.

Larimar Gemstone’s Mental and Emotional Healing Properties 

Larimar carries all the stress from the wearer's mind and detoxes toxic, overwhelmed, and self-sabotaging emotions. It can help the wearer to overcome their fears and phobias and can assist people to find themselves. This gemstone is best for lightening your mind as its energy often invokes a childlike wonder and encourages you to experience the world through fresh eyes. 

It's a common saying among individuals that despite putting in so much effort and hard work to make their lives better, wearing Larimar can change their lives.



Larimar Crystal’s Metaphysical Properties 

Larimar stone is laced with positive energy when it comes to spirituality. This gorgeous gem works for all kinds of upper chakras. Due to its soft ocean-tinted energy, it is said to be a vital companion for the heart, the third eye, and crown chakra. Its healing properties can connect you to divine feminine energy. 

The clear line of power from the heart to the crown boosts your sense of trust, wisdom, love, and communication. The metaphysical healing properties of larimar crystal make you feel heard, and you can rely upon the understanding of wisdom. The larimar wearer can trust without doubts, speak without second thoughts, love deeply, and be what the wearer wants to be.


Chakras of Larimar Crystal

This crystal is famous as a healing stone, but when we talk about its metaphysical energy, they are much more profound. Larimar stone affects four out of the seven main chakras by healing The Crown, the Heart, The Throat, and the Third Eye.

When you set the stone on the chakra, it will stimulate self-healing as it will energize the crown chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra, and throat chakra. This stone will help the wearer release blockage, and it will allow the positive energy to flow freely. 


Zodiac Sign for Larimar Gemstone

Larimar stone can help people with various aspects of nature, but it has a unique vibe over those born under the Lion Zodiac Sign. Here are the Zodiac signs for Larimar crystal:

Leo: Leos are extroverted and warm individuals who always stand in the spotlight. They have prominent, magnetic personalities with leadership qualities that inspire so many people. But sometimes, they can be named as attention-seekers who only care about their repo. This is where crystals' properties help them to lower their negative temper and bring them to settle down. Laimer helps Leo to be a more effective and influential leader.

Pisces: Pisces are often very empathetic and compassionate individuals, highly intuitive and in touch spiritually. Larimar has so many qualities to be shared under Pisces. However, Pisces are considered water signs, and this stone is found near water bodies. But it should be noted that this rock can reap benefits for all signs, not just Pisces.


Birthstone for Larimar

“When a new life is about to burst forth, it is believed that the Larimar is blue.” While Larimar isn't a traditional birthstone, some associate it with specific birth periods based on its color and symbolism. The birthstone of those as the earth's waist, the vernal equinox, and spring (Feb 19 to  March 19). There are different techniques to find the appropriate and familiar birthstone. Though Larimar is not a traditional birthstone, it does have blue-tinted natural birthstones.

The turquoise-tinted Larimar is a type of natural birthstone; it is for those who are born from (March 20 to April 19).


Uses of Larimar 

We have touched on a few uses of Larimar but there is so much more to this stone. You can definitely incorporate the stone into many aspects of your life whether as a lovely piece of jewelry, as a talisman, a part of your home Feng Shui, or more. 

Larimar in Jewelry

If you want to truly harness the power of Larimar and its many benefits then we suggest wearing the stone close to your skin such as in a necklace. The stone’s natural vibrational energy will start to coexist with yours in harmony.

When worn, Larimar can help restore your positive energies to create greater balance.

Larimar is also known to help many with their communication skills when worn near the throat chakra. If you have a big speech coming up or you need to make a presentation in front of your work team then why not wear a Larimar stone close to your throat to help your voice flow with confidence? 

With each beat of your heart, your life force flows throughout your body. Larimar can bring peace and balance when worn in a bracelet close to your wrist pulse. 

If you are seeking greater mental clarity, then why not don a pair of Larimar earrings?  

Pairing Larimar with Other Gemstones

Agates are great stones to pair with Larimars. Pick the Blue Lace Agate to further improve your communication abilities. Also, Larimar works well with the agate by creating a great energy flow.
Moss Agates are a good choice to pair with Larimar to influence the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst both look stunning alongside Larimar. In addition, the two stones in combination with Larimar help increase your feelings of love and tenderness. You’ll feel a high level of nurturing love when you combine the stones in a jewelry item. 

Using Larimar in Your Home or Office 

Do you want to transform the energy within your home?  Many suggest placing a Larimar stone in your residence to alter the energy of the space in a positive way. Larimar appears to promote peace and tranquility in the home.

Larimar is said to be filled with the wonderful energy of water, so it creates a cooling effect wherever it is placed. 

When you use Larimar in your home it can help promote family communication and smooth out any misunderstanding that can occur. Everyone wants a family that is better connected and capable of talking through their problems so a Larimar stone might be the ideal solution.

In addition to helping to foster an environment of communication, Larimar helps residents feel more empathetic toward each other's needs and feelings. 

Larimar also works great in an office setting. It can ease tensions between workmates while creating a greater equilibrium in the space. Many feel the stone also helps fuel the creative juices of workers and even gives them a playful energy that is highly productive. 

If your workplace is in disarray or undergoing changes, then a Larimar stone might prove the perfect solution to restore and anchor the area’s balance.


Caring for Your Larimar Stone

So, you have invested in one or more Larimar stones? You’ll want to take care of each lovely stone properly so you can continue to enjoy its beauty and charm. 

Larimar is what jewelers refer to as a ‘soft stone’.  This means that Larimar does not tolerate heat well. Nor can it withstand rough handling or exposure to harsh chemicals. 

The softness of the Larimar is one of the reasons why it's rarely used in rings. Your hands regularly undergo exposure to heat when cooking and harsh chemicals when cleaning which can all impact the appearance of the Larimar stone. 

Most jewelry designers use Larimar stones only in earrings, necklaces, and occasionally bracelets.  

If you are wearing a Larimar necklace or bracelet, you should avoid wearing additional jewelry that can rub or bang against the Larimar stone. Constant impacts or friction can mark, scratch, or even break the Larimar stone. 

Even with the best of care, a Larimar stone can become dirty so you’ll want to carefully clean the stone. Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steamers which can be too hard on the stone. Instead, opt for simple warm (not hot) water with a little soap. 

Gently rub the Larimar stone with a soft cloth or allow the stone to dry naturally.

Store the Larimar stone in a soft pouch in your jewelry box. Storing the delicate stone alongside harder pieces of jewelry can easily deface the stone. 

One thing to note is that the Larimar stone is overly sensitive to bright light. In nature, the Larimar stone is mined from deep in the soil.  If you expose the Larimar stone to ongoing sunlight it can start to fade so avoid wearing Larimar jewelry during activities in the sun such as sunbathing. 


Larimar Considerations 

Have you ever wondered why Larimar seems to fetch such a high price?  Yes, it's lovely but there are also other reasons why the stone is expensive. 

Larimar's exclusivity plays a huge part. This gemstone is rare. Its limited availability makes it even more coveted and is a driving force in the high price tag.

People love the stone’s beautiful captivating color. The blue instantly catches your eye. Many compare it to turquoise but with a softer appearance. 

The love of Larimar is not just rooted in the stone’s unique color. People also like the swirly white that runs through the blue. Some compare the markings to ocean waves and others see the magic of clouds when they look at the stone. 

Although rare, Larimar is extremely popular and has an impressive following of loyal enthusiasts who adore the stone. Unfortunately, the more popular Larimar becomes the greater the price shoots up. 

The price of Larimar is influenced by several things such as:




Premium Larimar features very vivid colors and has standout patterns. The more striking the stone, the higher the price. 

Larimar is rare, beautiful, and highly coveted, which all make it a popular gemstone.


Nowadays, many individuals are not happy and have suppressed their personalities; some are scared of past traumas, some need attention, and few are scared of the spotlight; others live behind the thought of being judged or rejected. The only thing that can surely change all these negative energies is the Larimar gemstone. It is valuable to all the individuals seeking to live their lives peacefully.

It is one of the most powerful stones that has been used in different cultures and history, has healing properties, and has settled thoughts for ages.


Whether the Larimar stone is set in a jewelry setting or simply kept as a collectible, it will continue to appeal to many who love a unique piece of nature. Larimar will continue to appeal to people who value the stone’s unique properties and also its Caribbean Island origins. 

If you are seeking a gemstone as lovely as the ocean sky and the vast ocean which brings peace and calmness to your life, then look no further than Larimar.