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What is Bloodstone?Bloodstone Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


bloodstone meaning

I’ve always been enthusiastic about everything that naturally enhances our psychic gifts and protects us from the harmful energies of our environment, such as healing crystals. All things from the natural world vibrate at a certain frequency, even plants, trees, lakes and mountains.


Healing crystals are stones that vibrate at a particularly high frequency, which is why they have healing properties. They permeate into the most subtle energies of our being, deflect harmful vibes, and calm our emotions, such as stress and anxiety.


Bloodstone is one of the most mystical healing crystals our Mother Earth has given to us. This dark green gemstone with vibrant red splashes allures people with its healing and metaphysical properties. I found it both captivating and a perfect accessory that gives me protection during any occasion.


The supernatural qualities of this ancient stone can provide courage, strength, and the ability to discover your most unique gifts and use them to make a positive difference in the world.

Let’s dive into the bloodstone benefits, types, meaning, and how you can use it to unleash its potential in your everyday life.








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what is bloodstone?

Bloodstone is the name of a dark-green healing crystal with splashes of vibrant red that resemble drops of blood. People believe these splashes embody the vitality of life, claiming that it developed its healing powers from Jesus’ blood when he was crucified.


For this reason, Bloodstone is used to summon people’s inner courage to make a heroic sacrifice for the common good of all humankind. This gemstone brings respect, wealth and reputation to the people who wear it. It also deflects negative energies, people with ill intentions and guards its owner against trickery.

Types of Bloodstone

There are not many types of bloodstones. Some appear to be red bloodstones because the splashes are wider than in other species. However, you can find bloodstones with brown, orange, yellow, or white splashes, although they are less common than the ones with red markings. Hence, the name “bloodstone.”

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Chalcedony with hematite or jasper

SiO2 with Fe2O3 or Fe2O3 and Al, Ca or Mg

Green with red spots or inclusions

6.5-7 (Mohs)



bloodstone hardness


the origin and history of bloodstone

Bloodstone is as old as the world itself, so there is not an exact explanation for its origin and history. Ancient cultures believed this gem and its magical properties could heal people back in 5000 BC.


The Babylonians and Egyptians used bloodstones in their divination practices and even summoned their healing properties to gather strength and defeat their enemies. Some of these cultures believed bloodstones could make them invisible in front of their enemies, allowing them to plan better strategies to defeat them.


At the same time, some other cultures believed that bloodstone could help them control the weather, which allowed them to win their battles. Some others used these gemstones as jewelry or to create mugs or statues.


Today, bloodstones are mostly used as jewelry to deflect negative energies and tap into their healing properties. This stone can be found in different parts of the world, such as Germany, Australia, The United States of America and India.


physical healing properties

Bloodstone has the power to cleanse the blood and purify the organs by removing harmful toxins. It also improves the circulation of the blood. This powerful gemstone has the power to boost the immune system. Let’s not forget this is our body’s way of fighting diseases and infections, which results in a healthy, strong well-being.


This healing crystal also promotes physical endurance. It gives vitality and enhances the energy levels of people who feel weak. For example, some athletes wear it when they need to improve their stamina before running marathons.


mental & emotional healing properties

This mystical gemstone can stabilize and calm our most intense emotions, such as anxiety, fear, and anger. People who are naturally impulsive and tend to get angry very fast can greatly benefit from Bloodstone. This is a grounding crystal, which means that allows people to get back in touch with their inner core and make decisions based on their inner self instead of impulsivity.


Bloodstone also promotes self-confidence. You can keep this healing crystal in your pocket before having an important conversation, making a difficult decision, or standing up to your boss. If you struggle to set firm boundaries or communicate your needs assertively, Bloodstone can be a great ally. This gemstone helps you ground yourself in your inner core and tap into your inner strength, even when you don’t believe you have any. This gemstone has the power to make you aware of your unlimited potential, of the unique talents and gifts you may not even know you have within.


Lastly, bloodstone has the power to bring you inner peace. This crystal can be your ally during crisis, rough patches, and difficult times overall. This healing crystal can reduce your stress levels and help you stay focused on what’s important, even amidst your whirlwind of emotions. This gemstone helps regulate your nervous system and deactivate your fight-and-flight automatic response, allowing you to make conscious decisions during challenging times.


Bloodstone also brings a powerful boost to your sense of resilience and inner balance. This gemstone can be a great ally when going through difficult times. It reminds you that no matter what happens, you’ll always know how to overcome your obstacles. It makes you feel peaceful and confident in your choices, even when there are no guarantees.


bloodstone metaphysical properties

When it comes to the unseen and metaphysical realm, Bloodstone’s vibrational energies can deflect negative energy, harmful vibes, and psychic attacks. Wearing bloodstone as jewelry is a stylish and effective way to protect yourself from emotional vampires. You know, those people who are connected to dark forces and can drain your energy when they are around you.


These emotional vampires can make you feel insecure when navigating important life situations and making crucial decisions. However, Bloodstone will keep you shielded from their negative vibes. This powerful gemstone enables you to stay centered in your authentic self without depleting your energy. You can keep a Bloodstone in your pocket, place it on your nightstand or desktop, or place it around your house to keep you safe and protected from harmful vibes.


This healing crystal can help you ground yourself in your inner core and weigh all decisions before taking action. When your vibrational field is not strong, you may feel indecisive, insecure, pessimistic and disconnected from your intuition.


Bloodstone strengthens your vibrational field, helping you stay focused when negative energies from the environment try to manipulate you. Wearing this healing crystal can be particularly useful when you are in heavily charged environments or when you are surrounded by envious people. I mean, you never know with whom you’ll cross paths with. In my humble opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Bloodstone also enhances your intuition and psychic gifts. This is one of the best properties of this gemstone. It unlocks your third eye, your ability to listen to your inner compass and make decisions based on your higher self.


This healing crystal helps you foresee positive and negative outcomes in your life. Thanks to this gemstone, you can make decisions that align with your spiritual growth and well-being instead of external standards or rules. At the same time, Bloodstone grounds your spiritual energy into the practical side of life. I ensure you keep your feet firmly on the ground and make sound decisions even during the most challenging times.


bloodstone chakra

If you are into crystals, you’ve probably heard about chakras. Chakras are the seven energetic centers of our body, running from the base of the spine to the top of our head. These energetic centers rule specific body parts as the emotions associated with them.


Bloodstone is associated with the root chakra, the one that represents the earth element and our primal sense of security. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and when it’s unbalanced, it makes people feel insecure, restless, anxious, depressed, or unable to take action.


When this chakra is out of balance, you may also feel pain in your lower body or intestines, like a heavy weight that doesn’t let you make decisions with vitality and purpose. It can make you feel both heavy and unstable, a state that makes it very difficult to navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence.


Wearing bloodstone can clear the blockages of the root chakra, making you feel stable, secure, confident, and with a powerful sense of resilience that inspires you to face life adversity head-on.


bloodstone and zodiac signs

The alluring bloodstone is associated with two very different zodiac signs: the fiery, action-oriented Aries and the compassionate Pisces. They represent the strength that lies in self-sacrifice, just like Jesus Christ when he was crucified. The courage of Aries symbolizes an enormous spiritual strength that only someone who has made great strides in their spiritual journey can manifest.


Pisces individuals like to wear Bloodstone when they need a boost in their courage and confidence. This gemstone allows them to connect with their inner strength in times of vulnerability, allowing them to be more assertive in their communication and straightforward in their actions.


People born under the sign of Aries can wear Bloodstone when they are being too impulsive or overbearing. This healing crystal helps them connect with a more sensitive side of themselves, allowing them to take into consideration other people’s emotions before moving forward with their objectives. 


bloodstone birthstone

Bloodstone is a birthstone for March, so people born during this month could greatly benefit from the healing properties of this gemstone. People born in March embody the qualities of bloodstone: they are courageous, self-sacrificing, kind, stable, and strong-willed.


These individuals also possess a strong intuition and have the ability to make wise decisions with confidence. They don’t shy away from conflict; on the contrary. They confront their fears and insecurities head-on, knowing that there’s nothing or no one that can divert them from their long-term goals.


If you were born in March, Bloodstone can enhance all of these natural gifts and talents you already possess. Keep it in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or place it in the space of your house where you spend the most time in.


Bloodstone is one of the most mystical, alluring and healing crystals you can find. I like to wear them as jewelry because it’s a stylish way to ensure you receive their protective qualities everywhere you go. However, you can also wear it in your pocket or wallet or simply place it on your desk or nightstand to receive its healing properties.


Remember, you can use Bloodstone when you need a boost in your self-confidence, when you need to ground yourself, or when find yourself at a crossroads and need to make an important decision. Believe in the power of this healing crystal and use it to tap into the strength and talents you already have within.


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