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What is Celestite?Celestite Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


celestite meaning

When it comes to a versatile mineral and crystal with the ability to power everything from spiritual healing to physical fireworks, most look no further than celestite. Many people find countless benefits from incorporating celestine into their mediation rituals, especially when paired with other crystals. The mineral has also been valued for centuries for its chemical properties and unique, delicate appearance.
No matter whether you’re looking to maximize your wellness routine or just curious about how celestite has been used in industry, there’s plenty to learn about this long-notable natural resource. 




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what is celestite? 

Also known as celestine, celestite is a mineral defined by its chemical makeup and crystalline structure, most notably as a source of strontium sulfate. Celestite is characterized by its light blue coloring, but it can also be found in pale shades of green, pink, white, and colorless mineral. These variations are often attributed to an incorporation of other elements, such as copper that can give celestite an orange tint.
Celestite is sourced from sedimentary rocks that form over time from the settling and compression of rocks and other organic particles. The result can be layers of celestite in prismatic forms often elongated with multiple faces, or facets. The unique grooves and patterns in the facing of a celestite mineral can be attributed to particulate movement over time as it settles and compresses as well as exposure to weather. 

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Sulfate minerals


Pale blue

3.0–3.5 (Mohs)



celestite hardness


celestite type and composition

As an orthorhombic crystal, celestite is recognizable for its unequal geometry consisting of right angles with unequal length. It is also notable for its glasslike appearance, a property known as vitreosity, which results in a mineral that is nearly or completely transparent. 

Celestite beds tend to be small, with different colorings produced by different environmental factors including the amount of strontium in the waters that stream through the rock layers during development. The pale blue coloring most associated with celestite is most often found Madagascar and Sicily. The Crystal Caves in the state of Ohio in the U.S. are also host to a rare cache of blue-to-white celestite geodes that are no longer mined but rather on display for tourists. The rarity in the form of larger geodes in this colorway makes them prized with everyone from collectors to wellness professionals. 

Those using celestite in jewelry, which is a rarer occurrence, should be cautious when handling the mineral. While it is dense, it is not among the strongest of gemstones having a mineral hardness of just 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale, with 1 being the softest. This means that it is apt to scratch or break, making it much more suitable for decorative energetic applications everywhere from offices to bedrooms and therapeutic environments.

Composed of strontium sulfate, celestite is sourced for more than its beauty and wellness applications. Industries use the ore mineral to create the red colors in fireworks and other pyrotechnics as well as in metal alloys that can be used in ceramic glazes. There are other applications for strontium, in the form of strontium chloride and in toothpastes formulated for sensitive teeth. Other forms of the element are used in more industrial applications including atomic batteries and pigmented paints.


celestite origin and history

Strontium sulphate was originally discovered by scientists in 1799 in Gloucestershire, England where it was mined directly from celestite geodes. Locals had previously come across the geodes used them as garden decorations, not realizing the potential the mineral held for industrial applications. 

Celestite gets its name from the stars, specifically the word celestial, which correlates with its well-known history as a resource for those looking to connect with higher energy. The name also reflects its pale blue coloring reminiscent of the sky. 

There are also myths stemming from Greek histories that celestite originated in the stars and, as a result, is entrenched with supernatural qualities when it comes to personal healing and connection to higher powers. These include stories that celestite fell from the star cluster Pleiades (Messier 45/M45), which is located within the Taurus constellation. 


the healing properties of celestite

These connections to higher powers have long been attributed to the mineral’s healing characteristics. Said to be tuned into higher energies because of its celestial appearance, many believe they are able to commune with angels, versions of their higher selves, and astral planes. 

Physical healing properties

When it comes to physical manifestations of healing, celestite has been credited with helping to regulate balance in energy and wellbeing. This can translate to everything from improved muscle health and tension to a reduction in the occurrence and severity of headaches. 

Keep in mind, however, that the use of crystals should not be relied on alone for medical treatment. Be sure to consult a healthcare professional if you have any conditions that require attention. 

Holding or keeping celestite nearby is often credited by practitioners as helping to regulate sleep patterns. By supporting balance in the body, celestite crystal is said to help with recalibrating an individual’s circadian, or sleep, rhythm and patterns. In turn, this can improve the quality of the rest as well as help the body heal and process other systems that generally maintain themselves during the sleep cycle.

Celestite is also said to be able to help promote the expulsion of toxins from the body, again helping the body achieve physical balance. This can manifest in a variety of ways, from the clearing of skin-related problems to relief from digestive issues.  

Mental and emotional healing properties

With improved physical wellness, individuals can also experience improved mental and emotional health. Beyond this natural correlation between the mind and the body, however, celestite has been known to provide its own source of peace and clarity. 

Celestite is notable for its ability to help individuals experience relief from stress, alleviating physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that can cause havoc to a person’s wellbeing. Many believe celestite can help clear negative energies that cause interpersonal conflicts, bringing clarity to difficult situations and providing calm during chaotic situations. Those working through bouts of anger may find their feelings softened by the presence of celestite, which can dispel strong emotions into more manageable ones.

More than simply a healer of bad moods, celestite is often used by travelers, public speakers, or others afflicted with anxiety. The mineral is said to help clear out worry and fear, replacing it with a keen sense of calm. 

People with creative spirits also make productive use of celestite. By keeping the stone nearby during their creative process, artists of all varieties can find inspiration and an opening up of themselves to new concepts and outlets. 

Overall, celestite can be a great addition to a self-care routine, helping individuals embody a sense of peace and clarity that can enhance everyday interactions with others as well as the solitude of meditative practices. 


metaphysical properties

In fact, celestite is widely renowned for its usefulness to meditators who use celestite crystal’s properties to enhance their intuition and connect with a higher source of self and universal peace. Many use the stone to make connections with angelic beings or guardian presences as a means of seeking clarity, calm, and enlightenment. 

While known predominantly as a healing crystal, many find that its use can also help to clear out negative thoughts, emotions, and energies. With this can also come the ability to be more open minded and accepting of circumstances. 

Many who employ the use of celestite find themselves better able to grow personally and spiritually since they are able to see situations more clearly. Celestite also provides a sense of grounding, helping people feel more connected to the earth and, therefore, better able to remain present while dealing with difficult memories, decisions, or circumstances.

In addition to helping with physical improvement of sleep patterns and quality, celestite is known to help users experience lucid dreams. These experiences can help people recall the content of their dreams and more actively engage with their visions. This can lead to improved intuition and heightened psychic sensitivity.  

The skill of astral travel can also be enhanced by the use of celestite, which is said to help promote out of body experiences that are easier to engage with and remember. The stone is generally believed to boost an individual’s ability to make connections outside of themselves including clairvoyance and internal wisdom. 


celestite and the chakras

Celestite is believed to have an impact on several of the chakras, or energy points on the body. These influences are said to support an individual’s spiritual work, enhancing latent vibrations with the intent to heal. 

Starting from the top, the crown chakra is known for helping individuals engage with latent and manifest knowledge. Incorporating celestite into a practice to clear the chakras can have a major impact on the crown since it provides access and clarity for intuition. This can heighten an individual’s ability to understand both themselves and the world around them with even greater insight and prudence. 

Celestite also engages with the third-eye chakra in continuing to clear out negativity that can cloud judgement or make it difficult to navigate complex situations. By connecting celestite with the third-eye, users can more fully rely on their intuition. This chakra is also tied to an individual’s ability to tap into their innate creativity, and celestite enhances this capability, often helping creatives experience greater vision and originality. 

When it comes to the throat chakra, celestite is believed to help users better articulate themselves with a focus on what is true and just. This improved communication comes partly from the stone’s ability to remove blockages in the chakra that can prevent an individual’s voice from coming through genuinely. It is also a byproduct of the mineral’s overall clearing ability, helping people find balance and, as a result, better express their ideas and concerns. 


zodiac signs, birthstones, and celestite

While it is not an official birthstone aligned with a particular month, Celestite’s natural blue coloring aligns it with those born in late February to early March based on the color spectrum. The time prior to the vernal equinox reflects a world waiting for trust and sincerity, something that celestite’s communicative influence greatly helps with. 

When it comes to the zodiac, celestite has a natural ability to provide calm and clarity while also enhancing communication and harmony with others. This is a major benefit to signs that both excel at and struggle with interacting effectively with others.

Cancer and Gemini, both known for their strong communication skills, can benefit from the supercharged connection that celestite can provide by clearing the throat chakra. In fact, Gemini and celestite are often related to one another because the mineral’s ability to promote calm and self-expression drastically enhance the Gemini’s outgoing and caring nature. 

Celestite’s calming and soothing qualities are often a boon to those born under Taurus. These individuals, known to be quicker to anger, frustration, and tension, can find greater peace and improve their ability to better connect with others by using celestite.

key takeaways about celestite

Celestite is a naturally occurring mineral renowned for its soothing and clarifying properties. Those who incorporate celestite into their own wellness practices may experience a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. From reducing the impact of stress to helping create more genuine connections with others, celestite promotes the ability to take in the world around us and approach life with more clarity and calm. 

Celestite can be integrated into a wellness routine any number of ways. Individuals can keep the mineral nearby when sleeping to promote better rest and connection with their dream-self. Keeping celestite close during difficult situations can help alleviate anxiety and enhance coping skills to more successfully navigate tension or conflict. Meditating with celestite in hand or in close proximity can amplify the connections made with a higher self and other powers.

Anyone looking to improve their intuition, communication, and sense of calm can benefit by giving celestite a try. Its ability to connect to higher streams of consciousness and ability to ground users may just be an added bonus. 


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