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What is Green Jasper ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Jun.05,2024


green jasper meaning

green jasper is a gemstone renowned for its healing properties, particularly associated with the heart chakra. it fosters balance, stability, and overall well-being, promoting harmony and emotional healing.

There are a lot of different crystals that you can work with to help with mental, physical, and emotional healing. The one you choose will depend on the part of the body you would like to improve and what some of your goals are for this as well. One stone that can do some wonders when it comes to healing the heart chakra and providing you with the balance, stability, and healing you are looking for is green jasper.


There may be a few different types of jasper that you can use and all of them focus on grounding and harmony, but green jasper is a rare stone that will take that a step further and provide many other benefits for your healing as well. Let’s take a closer look at green jasper and the wonderful powers of this crystal.




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what is green jaspe?
green jaspe properties
green jaspe hardness
green jaspe hardness
origin and history
spiritual meaning
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
zodiac signste
how can i use green jasper?

what is green jaspe? 

Jasper is an old crystal, one that has been revered since ancient times. Due to the vibrant color and some of the healing properties that come with it, it has become a sacred stone that is used for protection, both in the spiritual realm and in our physical world. Magicians, poets, physicians have talked about the properties of this stone, so you know you are in good hands with this one.


While there are several types of Jasper crystals that you can chose, the green jasper variety is considered the rarest and highly prized. There are different colors of green that will show up in this stone, but often we are talking about the opaque microcrystalline quartz to help us with this.


There are a lot of reasons to value green jasper, but the bright green in it makes it beautiful and many people like to use it in ornamental objects, carvings, and jewelry making, even if they do not use it for its healing powers. This doesn’t mean that users will not be able to use some of the metaphysical properties of this stone as well. Jasper is known to help with a number of things like:

  • Emotional healing
  • Promoting harmony
  • Promoting balance
  • Grounding and stability

There are a lot of things in our modern lives that can make us worn out or that will require us to seek out different types of healing. Green jasper is one of the best crystals to help you on that journey.

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Chemical Classification

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Most commonly red, but may be yellow, brown, green or (rarely) blue 




green jaspe hardness


origin and history

Green jasper has been used in a variety of religions throughout time. Christianity often associates the dark green color of jasper to Peter the apostle and see this as a symbol of growth, renewal, and spring. It can also be used to represent hope and the resurrection.


Ancient civilizations also valued green jasper. In ancient Egypt, green jasper was associated with the goddess Hathor, who was the goddess of music, fertility, beauty and love. The Egyptians would use the stone as a form of protection and this stone was often found on the tombs of the deceased. Native American tribes used the green jasper for different ceremonies because they believed it was a symbol of harmony with nature and would be used when they needed to promote well-being and balance.


healing properties

Green jasper is a great stone to use if you need some healing in your life. Whether you want to work on your mental health and emotions, or you have some areas in your physical health that you would like to improve, green jasper can be there to help you along the way. Some of the healing properties you can enjoy with green jasper include:


physical healing properties

Green jasper does come with some physical healing properties that will make you feel better and get rid of a number of different ailments at the same time. Some of these physical healing properties include:

  • Detoxification: If you need to support the detox of the body to remove impurities, then utilizing the green jasper crystal will be important here.
  • Physical vitality: Are you struggling with energy levels and often fight off lethargy and fatigue? Keeping some green jasper nearby can make a big difference in helping improve this.
  • Digestive health: Getting the most out of every bite can be important if you would like to stay health. Green jasper does a great job in aiding our digestion, so we get as many good nutrients into our bodies as possible, while helping eliminate waste.
  • Support the immune system: Green jasper can even make your immune system stronger, giving you a chance to enjoy life without being sick as often.
  • Heart health: Green jasper can help improve the blood circulation, making the heart stronger and improving so many other aspects of your overall health too.
  • Skin disorders: This stone can also come in and provide a soothing effect on irritations and disorders of the skin, giving you a break from problem areas that will not go away.

mental & emotional healing properties

While your physical health can be an important aspect of your life, you can’t forget to think through some of your mental and emotional health as well. These can easily get out of line and make it hard to live up to our full potential. Some of the mental and emotional healing properties you will see with green jasper includes:


  • Calm and balance: Green jasper has a way of balancing us out and calming down the emotions and the mind. If you struggle with issues like emotional turbulence, anxiety, and stress, you can use this stone to help promote some of the inner peace and tranquility you are looking for.
  • Emotional stability: Sometimes keeping our emotions in check is easier said than done. This stone will help you gain more resilience so that you can cope with some of the challenges that life throws at you.
  • Grounding and stability: You need to be stable and grounded to have good emotional and mental health. If you let these get out of line, it is hard to handle what is going on each day. Green jasper, like other types of jasper, will help you feel more anchored and can make it easier to focus on the present moment.
  • Courage and confidence: Are you looking for a bit of confidence and courage boost? Then grab some green jasper and see what a difference that makes.



metaphysical properties

There are even some metaphysical properties you can enjoy when you make green jasper your own. It can help you connect with nature, manifest some of the good that you want in life and will encourage your spiritual growth for example. Some other ways that green jasper can help with this aspect of your life includes:


  • Spiritual growth: This stone is going to help you while you go through your new spiritual journey, no matter where you are on it to begin with. It can also help you develop insight, spiritual wisdom, and intuition.
  • Manifestation: If you plan to work on some new goals soon, then you will want to work with green jasper. This will help you set your goals and clarify your intentions, so you see success when it is time to hit the trail running.
  • Grounding: All jasper, but especially green jasper, will be there to help with grounding and anchoring you to the energy of the earth. Sometimes we get too lost in the past or the future, or even in the spiritual realm, and we need the grounding power of this stone.
  • Protection: Negative energies can run all of our hard work and brings in more stress and anxiety along the way. Green jasper can help with this.




The chakras are an important part of your spiritual journey. When all of them are open and working properly, you will be able to feel your energy run through you well and not feel like anything is wrong. But with just one blocked up, you can start to feel anxiety, stress, and other problems in your life.


In terms of green jasper, we see a strong connection between that stone and the heart charka. These two resonate together to bring in healing and balancing that the body needs. Using some green jasper can cleanse and activate the heart chakra, which will release some of that stagnant energy that has been sitting there a long time.


The neat thing here is that once the negative energy is gone, you can work on healing, both emotionally and mentally. Wearing it as jewelry or during meditation can help promote the emotional balance that you need.


zodiac signste

There are several zodiac signs that tend to do well with the green jasper stone. Each one will resonate with it in a slightly different way. For example:


  • Taurus: This is an earth sign that has a connection to nature, stability, and practicality. It is grounding and provides some of the nurturing that we need. The green jasper will work well here to make sure the Taurus will have the sense of stability that you need.
  • Libra: When we look at the libra, we can see things like diplomacy, balance, and harmony. Since green jasper does a great job at promoting emotional balance and harmony, they have similar energies that will provide some peace to the Libra overall.
  • Virgo: This is another one of the earth signs that will focus on being analytical, practical, and focused on the details. Green jasper can bring in some grounding to balance out the Virgo, while adding in a bit of nurturing energy to support how much this sign likes to care for others.

how can i use green jasper?

There are a number of ways that you can use green jasper to help you get all of the benefits. Just wearing it around you and focusing on some of the different things that you want to improve in your life can make a difference. Some of the ways that you can choose to use green jasper to improve your life include:

  • Wear as jewelry: This can look nice on a ring, bracelet, or a necklace while allowing you a simple way to carry the energy of this tone around with you. Pick out pieces that draw them in to you.
  • Meditation: Many people find success when they add green jasper as part of their meditation practice. Just holding it on your body or in your hand while meditating can make a difference.
  • Place in your environment: Keep green jasper stones somewhere that you spend a lot of time. This can be at your desk at work or your bedside table. If there is a specific area where you would like some harmony and calm, put the stones there.
  • Carry it with you: A small jasper stone is all that you need to really get the healing power out of it. Keep one in your purse or pocket and then hold onto it for a few seconds when you feel anxious or you would like to center again.
  • Chakra healing; Chakra healing is important to your overall health and well-being. If you need to balance out your heart chakra, then using a green jasper stone on your chest during mediation can help. You will notice that it does some wonders for helping with love, compassion, and healing.
  • Healing rituals: Consider adding green jasper to your healing rituals to make sure that you get the emotional, spiritual, and physical healing you need.


There is a lot that is going on in the world around us and having a way to keep up with it all and still feel harmony and grounding can be difficult. If you focus just on all of the stress and the issues that come with living in the modern world, you can end up with some trouble. But when you use green jasper, you can work on improving your mental, emotional, and physical life as well. Utilize this stone to help you calm down, avoid stress and anxiety, and feel that inner peace that you deserve. 

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