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What is Red Jasper ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Jun.09,2024


red jasper meaning

red jasper symbolizes strength, stability, and passion, offering grounding energy, emotional balance, and spiritual protection.

There's something about the color red that can stimulate the senses. Red is a color of power and one that can bring passion. One rock that has immense power is red jasper. This article will look at red jasper and how it can heal you spiritually.




Solar Plexus










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what is red jasper?
red jasper properties
red jasper hardness
red jasper hardness
origin and history
spiritual meaning
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
zodiac signste

what is red jasper? 

Red jasper is an opaque quartz and a member of the Chalcedony mineral class. Chalcedony is a term used for any fine-grained quartz that consists of fibrous quartz crystal layers. These layers can be pretty thin.


Not all jasper is red. Jasper may come in different colors and patterns. Some red jasper is brighter red, while others may be more brownish. Jasper of an entirely different color, like yellow or green, is a completely different stone with different properties and deserves its separate article. But what about red jasper that has a slightly different shade or pattern?


Most red jasper you find is polished to look consistently red. With that said, the colors may not matter too much. If red jasper is dotted with a bit of yellow, it is possible for you to receive some healing properties of that particular color. For example, yellow jasper may give you a more tranquil and grounded feeling than pure red jasper. But again, this has not been studied too much.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index



Most commonly red, but may be yellow, brown, green or (rarely) blue 




red jasper hardness


origin and history

Jasper originates from within the Earth's crust and can be found worldwide. In fact, as much as 12% of the Earth's crust is said to be jasper. As you probably know, Earth's plates shift. When they do so, the plates create deep cracks, which are filled with water. Jasper grows in these cracks and fills up the crack over time. Because Earth's plates are constantly shifting, they can create layers of jasper and create unique blends and patterns.


The term jasper originates from Old French, with the word jaspre meaning "spotted or speckled stone." Due to how it's formed, people also consider jasper to be the blood of the Earth. Jasper has a long history, with the earliest origins around 10,000 years ago. With ancient history being complicated to record, its usage may even be earlier.


One example is the ancient civilization of Mehrgarh, which was in what we know now as Pakistan. Their civilization mentioned jasper. Green jasper was commonly used to create the firestarter tool known as bow drills. Other civilizations used jasper to carve seals.


Jasper has also been used in many ancient religions. In Ancient Egypt, jasper was considered the blood of Isis. Egyptians would make amulets for the dead to grant them protection as they entered the afterlife. Meanwhile, in Norse mythology, Siegfried has a sword with jasper weaved into it.


In Christianity, red jasper is seen as a vigor of faith, represented by the Apostate Peter. In ancient legends, red jasper is seen to ward off evil, prevent snake bites, and even bring fertility. So, as you can see, red jasper has a rich history.


Today, polished jasper is an aesthetically pleasing jewel used in many decorations, including vases, boxes, seals, rings, and more. Besides its aesthetic, red jasper may have spiritual and healing properties.



healing properties

When worn, red jasper has many healing properties. These properties can improve one's spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Let's examine them right now.


physical healing properties

Red jasper can have many healing properties! Let’s look at some of them. Please note that while these gemstones may bring you healing properties, they are not substitutes for talking to a doctor. 


Better Digestion


Have you had problems with your digestion recently? No foods seem to agree with you? You may want to wear some red jasper. It’s been said that red jasper may help to aid your digestive system. With that said, you may need to change your diet, especially if you’ve been eating unhealthy foods.


Pain and Inflammation Relief


Red jasper may help relieve some mild pains. For example, if you have a headache and the aspirin isn't working, red jasper may help relieve that pain. It may also help relieve inflammation, including gout and other inflammatory conditions.


Better Immunity


Red jasper may also help boost your immune system. If the cold season has been particularly rough, red jasper may help your body fight off viruses and other sicknesses. While you should not expose yourself to a room full of sick people, red jasper may help to ward off the sights you may encounter in your daily life.


Better Circulation


Red jasper may help your body circulate more blood, which has many health benefits. Better circulation may help you heal wounds and be more mentally focused. Besides red jasper, be sure to move as much as possible if you want better circulation.




As mentioned, red jasper is a gemstone associated with fertility. When you take it, you may be more fertile. Male users may gave stronger seed, while female users may have more effective eggs. If you've been trying for a baby, maybe wear some red jasper.


Improved Smell


Some users who use red jasper notice they have an improved sense of smell. If your smell sense has declined, either due to age or because of a condition, red jasper may help.




Red jasper may help reduce seizures and their severity. With that said, please take seizure medication if you have epilepsy. Epilepsy is a complex disease, and one you should not take lightly.


mental & emotional healing properties

Red jasper may help improve your emotions and mental state. It's well known as a gemstone that may help to ward off negative feelings. Here are some ways red jasper may help you with this.

Reduces Anxieties and Stresses


If life has given you anxiety and stress, red jasper may help to soothe your nerves. You may feel like you can tackle a stressful situation, even though it can still be challenging for you. You also might notice, your anxiety symptoms may decrease, or they may be less frequent than they were before. Besides red jasper, be sure to adjust your lifestyle.


Mental Clarity


Possibly due to its circulatory properties, red jasper may improve mental clarity and help you focus better. If you've experienced a lot of brain fog recently, red jasper may help clear it, along with lifestyle changes.


Improved Self-Confidence


Some red jasper users report feeling more confident about themselves without making improvements to their physical or mental state. If you’ve been feeling down about yourself lately, consider red jasper.


Feeling More Positive


Besides improving your self-image, red jasper may help you to have a more positive outlook on life. While your life’s situations may not be ideal, having a positive outlook may help you to feel better and tackle your problems with more effort.


Feeling More Sexual


Red jasper may help you improve your sex life. If you haven’t been feeling it with your partner, red jasper may help to improve your sex life. You may find yourself in the mood more and don't need special circumstances to have sex with your partner.


metaphysical properties

There are plenty of unique metaphysical properties you can get red jasper. Let’s take a look at them.


Dream Retention


Have you ever had a dream and you can't seem to remember it? Worst of all, you know this dream has some profound spiritual message? Put red jasper next to your bed when you sleep. Because it naturally grounds your root chakra, you will be able to naturally recall dreams and retain them even after you wake up.


Removing Negative Vibrations


Have you ever been around someone or been in a particular place, and the vibes seem off? This isn't just you; many negative energies can ruin your day. Red jasper may help you remove these emotions. This way, you can feel more positive and enjoy the company around you.


Red jasper also provides grounding properties to help with your energy and allows you to fix unjust situations. If there are problems, red jasper attunes with those vibrations and naturally brings them to light before they become too extreme. Red jasper also provides unique insight into difficult situations by attuning with vibrations of the earth.



Red jasper is associated with several chakras.




The primary chakra that red jasper can help is the root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine. It's associated with security and protection and keeps you balanced. When you wear red jasper, you may feel a larger sense of harmony and security. You may feel more energized as well.


Sacral Chakra


This chakra is in your lower abdomen and has many associations with it. It is associated with sexuality. As we mentioned, red jasper can help to improve your sexual performance, and one way it does so is by opening this chakra.


The sacral chakra is also associated with creativity. If you're an artist, you may have creative blockages. These blockages may be due to your sacral chakra. When you wear red jasper, the rush of creativity you experience is not just a coincidence.


Solar Plexus


The solar plexus chakra is also located in your spine. This chakra is linked to one's self-confidence and feelings of power. As we have mentioned, red jasper can make you feel more self-confident, and one way it does so is by opening your solar plexus.


zodiac signste

Red jasper is commonly associated with February. February is a fascinating month, as two gemstones can work well for you. Amethyst is the other one. February is a month associated with duality, after all. It's the second month of the year, and it's the time of year when you may start making life decisions. Let’s look at the constellations associated with red jasper and how those with certain zodiac signs might benefit from red jasper.




Those born under the zodiac sign Aries may experience benefits from red jasper. Aries people are said to be adventurous and bold. They are risk-takers who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone. Red jasper helps to enhance these traits by increasing your self-confidence and removing any pain you may experience.




Scorpio folk are said to be strong and loyal but also independent. Red jasper may enhance these sensations by giving Scorpios the strength to achieve their goals and the ability to focus on any tasks they need to complete. If you're a Scorpio, red jasper may help you stay grounded and focused. Even when significant changes are coming, red jasper can help you move through these changes with grace.




Virgos are hard workers and are known for their creative streak. Red jasper may help improve that creative streak by giving new ideas and helping to retain dreams. In addition, red jasper may improve one's circulation, leading to better work. If you’re a Virgo, you may feel more peaceful and balanced. When there’s much clutter in your life, red jasper may help you.




Since they are associated with lions, Leos have many traits of the king of the jungle. They are confident, natural leaders, and generous when needed. Red jasper may help to improve leadership and confidence. If you're in a period of doubt about your leadership strength, red jasper can help you gain confidence.




Sagittariuses are curious and adaptable to many of life's changes. If you're born under the Sagittarius star sign, you may experience an increased curiosity with red jasper. Your ability to try new things and adjust to life's changes may intensify. Red jasper may help Sagittariuses keep grounded and focused, particularly when related to one’s goals. If there are resolutions you’re still struggling with, red jasper may help you to accomplish them.


If you're any of the above signs, red jasper may help you to feel more adventurous. You may be in a period where you're finding it hard to get out of your comfort zone. Red jasper may help you to take a step out when you feel like staying at home.



There's a reason why many people, both modern and historical, rely on a red jasper. This gemstone is as spiritually powerful as it is beautiful. Red jasper can heal you physically and mentally and has many spiritual benefits. One of the best-known is dream retention. Should you use red jasper, consider getting yourself a dream journal. Write down your dreams, and then see what the universe is trying to say to you.


With that said, many other gemstones may benefit you as well. If you want to gain full advantage of their powers, a gemstone bracelet may be in order. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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