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What is Milky Quartz ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Jun.14,2024


milky quartz meaning

milky quartz promotes peace, clarity, and openness to new ideas, making it ideal for reducing stress and fostering personal growth.

It is well known that many crystals contain and emit healing properties that can help improve your life and health. All crystals have different properties, however, so you need to take the time to ensure you select the right one to fit your specific needs.


If you are struggling with a life that is too hectic or biases that are clouding your aura, then you need to consider the milky quartz crystal. Milky quartz has long been known for its ability to bring tranquility and peace to your life while also opening your mind to new ideas. But, to make sure this is the right choice of crystal for your life, keep reading.












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what is milky quartz ?
milky quartz properties
milky quartz hardness
milky quartz hardness
types of milky quartz
origin and history
spiritual meaning
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
zodiac signste

what is milky quartz? 

Milky quartz is a white stone aptly named for its dreamy white color, which sometimes looks like it is swirling just beneath the surface. While milky quartz is always white, it can come in more transparent and more opaque varieties, as well as have different colored tints. These tinted types of milky quartz often appear in different colors due to lime and other impurities in the stone.


The stone is mostly composed of silicon dioxide, and it has a hardness ranking of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a very durable stone and perfect for use in jewelry and decorations. It is also resistant to several household corrosives, such as acids, making it an easy stone to wear regardless of your line of work.


Milky quartz can sometimes be called other names, sometimes called snow or white quartz instead of milky. The name for milky quartz came from the Latin name, ‘lacteus,’ which means milky and led to the English name.


Milky quartz is a stone closely related to clear quartz because they are in the same family; however, the ions that cause it to have a cloudy appearance change the healing and chakra properties of this stone, setting it apart from its closely related cousin.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Silicate mineral


Milk white to yellow



nω = 1.543–1.545
nε = 1.552–1.554

milky quartz hardness


types of milky quartz

There are several types of milky quartz crystal, all of which can be used for healing and spiritual purposes. Below are details of all the types of this crystal available.


  • Common: The most basic of milky quartz, usually just white, though the degree of transparency can vary from stone to stone.
  • Pink: Some milky quartz stones can have a pinkish hue. These milky quartz are best for healing issues with the heart or heart chakra.
  • Yellow: Some milky quartz can have a yellowish hue or yellow mixed with the white. This stone is known for its ability to boost positive emotions and mindsets and is best used to combat melancholy and depression.
  • Druzy: The druzy milky quartz looks like a common milky quartz, but with small, tiny crystals growing on the surface. It is most often used for spiritual work.
  • Girasol: Girasol milky quartz is easy to recognize because it is so opaque that it looks like a pearl. Girasol stones are best known for their ability to promote emotional healing and are usually used for jewelry because of their unique look.

origin and history

Milky quartz has been known by humans for centuries, with some evidence showing that it has been used by different cultures for healing purposes for over 8,000 years.


Ancient Greeks were among the many ancient peoples who used milky quartz, though they used it to chill their beverages instead of for healing. Ancient Egyptians also admired the stone, fashioning it into various pieces of jewelry.


Many Asian cultures have known about the healing properties in milky quartz for centuries, using it to help with several ailments, especially those which had to do with an unhealthy mind and heart.


In ancient South American society, the milky quartz stone was mostly used by monks, because of its ability to keep the aura purged of negative thoughts and desires. It was often carried or worn on their person, especially when traveling from one village to another when temptations would be high.


Milky quartz is found on almost every continent in the world, though currently it is most widely produced in Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, The USA, and Russia.


healing properties

Milky quartz has many healing properties. It is most well-known for its ability to quell emotional and mental noise, which can help calm the mind and let a variety of types of healing commence.


This unique crystal can also help with healing broken relationships, and those wishing to receive these specific benefits from the crystal should place it in the room where they interact with the person whom the broken relationship is with. You may find this entails putting the crystal in a room in your home, or perhaps in a room at your work.


The milky quartz stone is also known for its ability to purify an aura, allowing it to frequently be used for spiritual cleansing. It has also been known to provide spiritual guidance and can be worn after charging to help provide mental clarity to those who are confused about their path in life.


Of course, milky quartz also has many physical and mental healing properties, which we will discuss below.


physical healing properties

Milky quartz is most strongly connected to physical balance above all else, making it an ideal crystal for those healing from a trauma that has disrupted their balance. This can be anything from a stroke to a head injury.


Milky quartz is tied closely with the elements of air and wind, making it an excellent healer for those who are experiencing a mental block that is causing them physical pain. The crystal will help the individual balance their feelings while also purging negative energy that is causing physical injury or making it worse.


For maximum physical healing, it’s best to take the crystal with you wherever you go. Wear it on your wrist as you meditate, participate in physical therapy, or any other healing methods you are using.


Milky quartz is additionally known throughout history to provide relief from several skin diseases, namely acne and eczema. The stone can be rubbed gently across the skin or used to create quartz water, which can be poured over the lesions. It has also been known in some instances to lower the severity of allergic reactions, but it should never be used solely for this purpose and always in conjunction with other methods.


mental & emotional healing properties

Milky quartz is extremely powerful when used for mental and emotional healing because of its negative energy-blocking properties and its ability to open blocked mental channels and create new ones. Those who are struggling with negative or depressive thoughts should wear this crystal as much as possible.


Those who are struggling with confidence should use milky quartz’s high vibration to help them gather their energy and vitality. It is best for them to wear the crystal on their wrist after charging it in moonlight or sunlight for several hours to activate its healing properties.


Additionally, milky quartz can help those suffering from emotional wounds tied to the heart, like a breakup or death in the family. Milky quartz can help an individual to release the negative emotions that are bringing them down as well as to open their heart to new love. It can be worn by individuals of any age or gender but is found most effective when worn by women.


For best results, when dealing with the healing of the heart, the milky quartz should be worn as close to the heart as possible, in a necklace, or held in the fist over the heart during meditation. Milky quartz used for this purpose can be charged by running it under fresh water or leaving it to rest on a selenite crystal overnight before placing it on the body.


metaphysical properties

Milky quartz stone emulates both white and pink energies. The white energy is tied closely to feelings of purity and innocence, which can help to cleanse the individual using the crystal. The pink energy, on the other hand, is associated with love and matters of the heart.


Wearing the milky quartz crystal can help the individual to find emotional and spiritual balance, both within themselves and within their lives. It is recommended to wear the crystal as much as possible, especially before or after dates when interested in the other person.


Milky quartz can also help enhance creativity and intelligence and is often recommended as a gift stone for artists and writers. It can be carried, worn, or placed in the northwest corner of the room where creation occurs to help boost and attract creative vibrations.


Large milky quartz stones can be used to communicate with the dead via séance or channeling session, though these should not be attempted until you have mastered your astral body. Wearing milky quartz can help with mastering the astral plane, but you’ll need many hours of meditation with the crystal before attempting a beyond-the-grave connection.



The milky quartz crystal is associated with several chakras due to its numerous healing properties and positive energies, but the most common chakras it is connected to are the crown, third eye, and the heart.


The chakras must be balanced in order for an individual to experience true healing, and the milky quartz can help those who are experiencing an imbalance in any of the above chakras. For best results, the crystal should be worn near the chakra you would like it to heal during balancing or meditation sessions.


It’s additionally important to note that the milky quartz crystal is governed by Neptune and wearing it can help connect you with the god and grant you some of the powers he was known for. Just keep it close when Neptune is passing, and ensure you leave your mind open to the god during spiritual meditation sessions.


zodiac signste

The milky quartz crystal is a surprisingly agreeable stone, and its vibrations match with almost every zodiac sign, with two notable exceptions—Virgo and Gemini. Milky quartz is known for its positive feelings and strength, but in these two zodiac signs, this stone will only interfere with their natural confidence, starting an identity crisis.


The milky quartz crystal is especially beneficial to females of the other zodiac signs because of its ability to quell mood swings and soften the negative emotions that come with a hormone shift.


It can also help mothers connect better with their children, and it is a good gift for an expectant mother. Expectant mothers should wear the stone on their wrist and rest it on their stomach whenever possible.




Milky quartz is the birthstone of those born under the Capricorn constellation from December 22 to January 19. Capricorn is an earth sign, and this stone works in conjunction with their natural tendencies to increase determination and confidence.


Capricorns are known for being hardworking, but when they find themselves straying from their nature, a milky quartz stone can help them find the right track as it will promote mental clarity and heighten their ability to concentrate on what their heart and mind are telling them.


Even for non-Capricorns, the milky quartz stone is known to help increase organization and focus, bringing luck and riches to all who wear it (except for Virgos and Geminis, of course). Thus, it makes an excellent birthday gift for most of your friends unless they are born between May 21 and June 20 or August 23 and September 22.



Overall, for those looking to calm their emotions, boost their intelligence, and heal from emotional traumas, there is no better stone than the milky quartz crystal. While it isn’t a good fit for all people, it is a good fit for most individuals, and its calming nature makes it an excellent gift, especially when fashioned into a beautiful piece of jewelry.


Don’t forget that the benefits of this crystal are absorbed through the skin, so wearing the stone as jewelry is best. Choose a bracelet for most ailments and a necklace when wanting to focus specifically on the heart chakra or healing from heartbreak. But no matter what you choose, the milky quartz is a powerful and exceptional crystal with many benefits you won’t want to miss!

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