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What is Amethyst ? Amethyst Meaning Healing Properties

The amethyst is a semiprecious gem that stands out for its vibrant purple color.


The amethyst is a semiprecious gem that stands out for its vibrant purple color.

Peridot is a derivative of olivine, a mineral that forms deep inside the earth’s mantle

Rose quartz is a type of silica mineral quartz. The planet is covered in quartz

At the most basic, moonstone is part of the feldspar mineral group.

The meaning of this mineral goes beyond what colors make turquoise or what colors go with turquoise.

Lapis lazuli is an ornamental semi-precious stone that is popular for its distinctive blue color.

Garnet crystals come in various colors but the most common color is blood red.

It is a gemstone that is mostly formed in mineral-enriched pegmatite rocks

Aventurine has many healing properties that you can work with.

Citrine crystal, usually just called citrine, is a yellow to brown-colored variation of quartz

Rhodonite is a gemstone with a natural color ranging from bright pink to dark red  patterns.

Larimar, a rare blue crystal, has captured the hearts of many with its beauty.

A gem of semiprecious quartz with chatoyancy, the tiger eye resembles a glowing ribbon of a cat's eye.

celestite is a mineral defined by its chemical makeup and crystalline structure, most notably as a source of strontium sulfate.

Bloodstone is the name of a dark-green healing crystal with splashes of vibrant red that resemble drops of blood.

While smoky quartz comes in various hues of brown and black, there is much more to this gemstone than meets the eye.

Hematite minerals occur naturally in both crystalline and amorphous forms.

Calcite has all kinds of practical purposes due to its considerable strength and durability.

The chrysocolla crystal features lush blue and green colors along with a high copper content

Carnelian is considered a semi-precious gemstone.

Malachite is a luxurious bright green, minor but widespread copper carbonate hydroxide mineral.

Morganite is a fascinating crystal that is as subtle in appearance as it is powerful.

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral that has a metallic luster and is therefore known as “fool’s gold”.

The Significance of the Intricate Howlite is an intricate and remarkable stone.

Tourmaline is actually a name that goes with a lot of boron silicate minerals.

Opal is often called an “eye stone” because of its ability to foster deep emotional clarity and introspection.

This color-change gemstone is also known as the stone of good fortune, love and intellect. 

Amazonite is a mineral known for its unique blue-green colors.

Amber is a honey-hued stone and crystalized iconoclast known for its’ gorgeous jewelry and preservation properties.

It is easy to look at the soft blue color of this crystal and see that it is a beautiful creation of nature

Given its name by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1786, the word Apatite comes from the Greek word apate

Azurite is a dazzling, deep-blue copper-carbonate mineral. As it is copper-derived, it is known as a secondary mineral.

Blue topaz is part of the mineral topaz and it can be found worldwide.

One of the most interesting crystals there is to use in healing today is chalcedony.

Flourite can also be a beautiful grounding crystal available in a wide range of colors

olite physical healing properties include detoxification and regeneration of the liver. It also removes fatty deposits through the body.

Jade is known for its vibrant green color, but it can also contain other hues that make it beautiful and decorative.

Kunzite is hailed as one of the most exotic gemstones due to its clarity, radiant pink color

Typically patchy blue in color, Kyanite can range from pale to deep blue, gray, white, orange, blank, and even light green.

Blue Tiger’s Eye, a crystal known for its deep, midnight blue color with bands of lighter blue and gray running through

Selenite develops when seawater evaporates, and the salt builds up.  Selenite crystals form in prismatic or tabular shapes.

Sunstone is typically red, orange and brown but it can also feature green, pink and yellow hues or have multiple colors within a single stone.

Agate is part of a group of minerals called chalcedony, a subtype of quartz. The most common chalcedony on the planet

charoite is a silicate mineral formed through contact metamorphism.

Apophyllite is a beautiful, colorless crystal with a reflective surface

While aragonite can present in reddish-orange, brown, and even white colors, this barely scratches the surface of the stone

blue Obsidian gemstone is a rare volcanic property that looks glass-like.

Emeralds are considered one of the four main precious gemstones naturally occurring on Earth

Goldstone. The name itself sounds alluring. This sparkling, shiny stone can be worn as jewelry or displayed as a piece of beauty.

Lepidolite, a mesmerizing stone with gentle shades of soft, purple shades that immediately bring a sense of comfort and hope to your emotional state

Moldavite is known for its distinctive green color, which can range from pale green to deep forest green


Trawberry quartz is a powerful healing crystal that promotes love, emotional balance,

Prehnite promotes physical healing, dissolves negativity,

Rhodochrosite boosts mood, mental activity, and creativity,

labradorite, known as the stone of magic, is a beautiful and iridescent crystal

known as the "master healer" and "universal crystal,"

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a powerful volcanic glass crystal known for its protective,

Sodalite, known for its deep blue color, enhances mental stability, 

Green jasper is a gemstone renowned for its healing properties,

Red jasper symbolizes strength, stability, and passion,