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What is Opal ? Opal Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Mar. 03,2024


opal meaning

Opal is often called an “eye stone” because of its ability to foster deep emotional clarity and introspection. That’s fitting because in the mineral and gemstone world, it’s often referred to as “eye candy”. Presenting a thousand different shimmering shades, Opal seems to have fire beneath its surface, suggesting light, purity, and mystical play. With beautiful spectral colors shining, Opal is not only one of the most attractive gemstones, but a truly functional one. This hugely amplifying stone has a rich history in fable and folklore as well as several benefits for modern users. 








Solar Plexus






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what is opal? 

Opal is a mineral known for amplification. That means it’s absorbent and reflective and able to collect a person’s thoughts and feelings and send them back to them. Lovers of Opal often describe this feeling as having the dial on their feelings turned up and reflected back to them, leading to increased clarity, energy, and positive vibrations. 


There are a few natural varieties of Opal and several different types which are good for different chakras and purposes. Generally speaking, though, natural Opals are non-crystalline, hydrated silicon dioxide gemstones that contain up to 30% water. Though Opals can dry out and crack, they are relatively soft and fragile gemstones. Precious Opals tend to display a highly unique opalescence. Depending on the angle, one might see rainbow-like flashes of color caused by light reflecting off of extremely small spheres of cristobalite present in the silica gel. This is a unique phenomenon called interference. Precious Opals appear in a range of shades from white to black but are typically milky in color. 


Found in the veins and cavities of igneous or sedimentary rock, the highest quality versions are found in Australia. That being said, you can also find the gemstone in Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, southern Africa - and even Nevada in the United States. 

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Silicate mineral


White, gray, blue, brown, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, black, and more

6.5 - 7(Mohs)

2.58 - 2.64

nω = 1.530 - 1.539  nε = 1.532 - 1.540

opal  hardness


types of opal

As mentioned, there are several types of Opal. Each style has its own color, patterns, and attributes. The most common form of Opal is the milky white version, but precious Opal with a large spectrum of colors is also commonly used in jewelry or meditation. Here is a list of the types of Opal, and we will elaborate on the specific chakras they align with below. 

Black Opal or Boulder Opals - Associated with feeling grounded, safe, and stable. 

Fire Opals - Known to boost passion, this stone can be beneficial for increasing sexuality and helping with fertility. 

Ethiopian Opal - Brings about high vibrations, ancient wisdom, and more joy. 

Mostly yellow Opals - Known to connect people with their “warrior spirit” and is helpful for treating any liver, stomach, and gallbladder issues too.

Mostly pink or green Opals - Benefitting the heart, this stone helps people to love and trust and remove negative emotions like jealousy or resentment. 

Mostly blue Opals - Associated with the throat chakra, this stone is helpful for letting truth flow and improving communication, along with improving throat and thyroid physical ailments. 

Mostly violet Opals - Perfect for tapping into inner wisdom, strengthening intuition, and finding faith. 

White Opals (common Opal) - Helpful for easing headaches and migraines, this stone is also associated with spiritual wealth and higher consciousness. 


origin and history of opal 

Opal’s name comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala”, which means precious stone. Dating back centuries, Opal has a rich history and is well-known in the gemstone world for a variety of reasons.


In Indian mythology, the virgin Goddess of the Rainbow was made into an Opal by the Mother Goddess because she was being chased by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, who were becoming infatuated with her. Ancient Greeks believed the stone could give individuals the gift of prophecy and protect them from disease. In Roman times, the Latin word “Opalus” started to be used. 


In today’s world, Opal is associated with October (as the birthstone) and is also the gemstone of the 14th marriage anniversary. Some people say that it is unlucky for people who were not born in October to wear Opal, but on the other hand the gemstone has long been valued as an omen of luck and magic. Additionally, Opal is an alternative birthstone for April babies. 


Some folklore suggests that Opal can bring bad luck and may even be evil, but experts say that ideology is ridiculous. The truth is that the bad elements of the Opal’s reputation stem from one man, Sir Walter Scott. He wrote a bestselling novel where the heroine, who is falsely accused of being a demoness, dies shortly after a bit of holy water falls onto her Opal and destroys the color. People took that to mean that the author was warning of the bad luck an Opal brings, and the demand for the stone dropped off significantly. In fact, history tells us that Sir Walter Scott and his story succeeded in basically destroying the European Opal market for almost 50 years. 


Now, people have moved far beyond this belief and appreciate Opal for its beauty and healing properties. It’s often used in jewelry design and for other uses like meditation. 


the healing properties of opal 

Opal is known to bring healing energies that soothe and clear negative emotions, bring a sense of calm, and contribute to security and inner peace. The stone works as a protective shield against a variety of negative energies by absorbing and reflecting harmful thoughts or intentions right back to their source. 


With a variety of mental and physical healing properties, Opal is full of high vibrational energy which offers a load of amplification powers. Opal is great for kickstarting creative endeavors but is also helpful for renewing hope, attracting good karma, and contributing to balance and regulation. Furthermore, Opal is a bit of a good luck charm - in contrast with the myths from decades ago - known to help the wearer attract the best things into their aura. Here are some of the specific healing properties you can expect from Opal: 

physical healing properties 

Opal is a great stone for physical health. It can help to treat infections and lower fevers along with generally boosting the immune system. If you struggle with any form of chest or respiratory system issue, Opal can help to provide relief and reduce pressure. Many chronic condition sufferers report that the Opal stone is an important part of their overall journey to better health. Opal is often known to help with liver function and reduce the pain associated with PMS or childbirth. Opal is also associated with youth and is known for bringing brightness to the eyes, renewing skin cells for a dewy complexion, and strengthening nails and hair for a more lustrous appearance. Finally, Opal is known to help flush the system and reduce water retention. 

mental and emotional healing properties 

An incredibly supportive stone, Opal is constantly seeking balance and harmony. With deep internal energy, Opal encourages you not to shy away from parts of yourself but to bring inner strength and courage to self-reflection. As mentioned, Opal is known for amplification, which means that it takes a thought or feeling and shines a light on it so that you can evaluate it more clearly. It also sends messages out into the universe, so that you can clear out the emotional “junk” that could be clouding your vision. If you need to let go of old wounds, patterns, or connections that no longer serve you, Opal is a great companion! Opal is a powerful stone of hope and pure positive change. Opal is a great resource for working through emotional challenges so that you can experience better balance. 

metaphysical properties 

Opal doesn’t just look like fire, it can actually spark creativity. These gemstones are associated with a variety of chakras (more on that below) and helping people with everything from addictions to eyesight to sexual health and more. Many European cultures believe that Opal is a symbol of hope, truth, and purity. Simply put, Opal amplifies traits -whether good or bad - and brings transformative energies to the surface. Known to enhance self worth and confidence, it’s a great choice for boosting self-esteem and helping people to reach their full potential. This gemstone is also known to bring about lightness, spontaneity, and creativity. Opal can also serve as a protective stone in dangerous situations. 


chakras associated with opal 

Unlike some stones that only work well with one chakra, Opals are very well-known for their ability to benefit multiple. Opal is known to remove chakra blockages and promote positive energy with high vibrations.  Opal can be particularly effective when placed against the chakra you want to target. For example, a pendant that rests against your chest will naturally align with your heart chakra, which can magnify good energy coming into the heart chakra and facilitate loving feelings. 


There are a large variety of Opal stones and each has its own healing properties. Here are the various types of Opals and the chakra they are associated with. 
Fire - Sacral Chakra 
Ethiopian - Sacral Chakra 
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
Green/Pink - Heart Chakra
Blue - Throat Chakra
Violet - Third Eye Chakra
White (most common) - Crown Chakra


zodiac signs associated with opal 

Opal is particularly beneficial for Libras. Because it’s a big amplifier stone, it can take all the balance, harmony, and love that this sign experiences and boost it. Even more specifically, you might find that the fire Opal is a great choice for Libra signs as it brings radiant energy and a burst of vitality. 


Additionally, Scorpios can benefit from the beauty and the properties of the Opal stone. Scorpios have a lot of unique traits such as bravery, determination, and loyalty. That being said, they can also be secretive and prone to jealousy, and this is where Opal can really help. Since they balance emotions, green and pink Opals are particularly effective on the heart chakra for this group. For both Libra and Scorpio, Opal can do a nice job bringing balance and harmony. 


opal as a birthstone

Opal is the official birthstone of October (along with pink tourmaline). It’s also a stone that is used in celebrating the 14th anniversary of a marriage. As mentioned above, the stone also offers special benefits for those born under the Libra and Scorpio signs. For Libras in particular, whose birth correlates with the autumnal equinox, the stone can promote balance, love, and commitment. 


making the most of opal 

Opal is an incredibly versatile gemstone, so there are several great ways to use it. One of the best and simplest ways is to wear it. When directly pressed against the skin, Opal can send the proper vibrations directly where they are needed. Opal is also beautiful and complements most colors, so jewelry designed with the stones is an easy way to make sure that you always keep the stone’s amplifying powers close by. 


Some people suggest wearing Opal as a bracelet so that the stone can learn your pulse and the rhythms of your heart. An Opal ring is also a popular choice so that you see it often and absorb the visual properties that can be beneficial. Finally, a pendant or necklace will keep the stone close to your heart and help open the heart chakra for a variety of physical and emotional health support. Keeping your heart chakra open makes you more prepared to receive love - which is always a good idea! 


Opal “plays well with others” and is a great amplifier of other crystals. It makes a nice complement to most other gems, but particularly black tourmaline and hematite for times when feeling grounded is important. These gems are associated with the root chakra and using them together will produce highly potent protective qualities. 


You can also use Opal in crystal grids and reiki healing, or in your home. Consider placing Opal in areas where you practice more creative endeavors, such as your writing desk or an art studio. Place the stone anywhere that you’d like to cultivate a more harmonious environment. Finally, Opal is great for yoga practice and meditation. Simply place it close to your mat or in your hand as you focus on your breathing. This will encourage diving deeper into the practice and experiencing more spiritual energy. 

in summary

In the old days, some people said it was bad luck to buy Opal for yourself. Now, we know that this stone is so powerful and beneficial that investing in it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Include Opal in your self-care to experience better balance and a greater appreciation for all that brings you joy. 


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