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What is Red Tiger's Eye ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Jun.18,2024


red tiger's eye meaning

red tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal that boosts personal power and confidence for emotional, mental, and physical healing.

There are a lot of different types of crystals that you will be able to choose for emotional, mental, and physical healing. To the untrained eye, they can just seem like a colorful stone that is not able to do all that much. But to those who want to naturally heal their bodies and minds, these stones have powers that are amazing.


One such crystal that you should explore and consider adding into your life is Red Tiger’s Eye. This is a unique one that is going to be able to help with your personal power, giving you more confidence than you had in the past. Let’s take a closer look at this stone and explore how it can bring you some of the power that you deserve.













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what is red tiger's eye?
red tiger's eye properties
red tiger's eye hardness
red tiger's eye hardness
types of red tiger's eye
origin and history
healing properties
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
zodiac signste

what is red tiger's eye? 

First, we need to explore what red tiger’s eye is all about. This is a gemstone that is either a deep red or reddish-brown, depending on the stone. It belongs to the quartz family, so you can enjoy some of the same powers from them when you have this stone. It is formed when fibers of crocidolite are replaced by quartz. This not only forms the stone, but it will give a silky, shimmering luster that makes this stone one of a kind.


The red coloration that shows up in red tiger’s eye is due to the iron oxide that is present during the transformation process. When you keep this stone near you, be ready to enjoy more motivation, confidence, and a stronger sense of personal power. In addition, it is associated with passion, courage, and vitality. We will also discuss how this stone can stimulate the root chakra, promoting more stability and grounding.

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Silicate mineral






tiger's eye hardness


origin and history

Red tiger’s eye has a unique history and origin behind it. This stone is formed through a unique process known as pseudo morphism, where quartz is going to come in and replace the mineral crocidolite that is in the earth. During this process, iron oxide is going to mix in and give the stone the red color that we enjoy.


There are a few varieties of tiger’s eye that you can find, but there are some areas where you will be able to find it more often than other places. This can include in some parts of the United States, India, Brazil, Australia, and South Africa.


Tiger’s eye also has a long history that goes back to ancient times. It was originally found in Egyptian tombs, where it was used not only as adornment, but for a form of protection. Many Egyptians believe that this tone has protective properties and would bring the user some good luck. Today, it is often used as a beautiful stone in jewelry, though many bring it into their healing as well.


healing properties

While there are a lot of people who will wear this stone as a form of jewelry because of the bright red color that comes with it. But there are also a lot of ways that you can use this stone to help heal the body and make sure that you do not have some major physical, emotional and mental health conditions. Some of the ways that you can use red tiger’s eye include:


physical healing properties

Natural healing practitioners believe that there are a number of ways that red tiger’s eye is able to physically heal the body. The different physical healing properties that you will enjoy from this stone include:

  • Energy boost and vitality: Red tiger’s eye is able to help stimulate some of our life force in the body, which is going to balance our energy levels and will help us to feel better.
  • Supports blood circulation: This stone is going to help contribute to your well-being because it can help the heart work better, improving circulation throughout the whole body.
  • Makes us stronger; Red tiger’s eye is able to strengthen the physical body, promoting endurance and stamina better than some other stones. It can even help to increase our physical strength and resilience.
  • Hormonal balance: If you struggle with your hormones and being able to feel stable and handle all that life is throwing at you, then red tiger’s eye is a good stone to use.
  • Metabolism: This stone is able to help boost your metabolism while supporting the digestive processes too, providing better metabolic health.
  • Pain relief: For those who struggle with pain and worry about taking too many pain medications, red tiger’s eye can be a smart option.

Many people look to some of the physical healing properties that show up with a new crystal, and red tiger’s eye definitely doesn’t disappoint during all of this. No matter which of the above are bothering you, it does not take long to see red tiger’s eye benefit your life too.


mental & emotional healing properties

You can also enjoy some mental and emotional healing properties when you choose to add red tiger’s eye into your life. Your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical health, so taking the time to focus on them and using red tiger’s eye to help out here can make a world of difference. Some of the mental and emotional healing properties you can get out of this stone include:

  • Courage and confidence: Are you struggling with confidence and courage? Red tiger’s eye is going to be a great stone to use. It can boost your confidence, helping you overcome fears, anxieties, and doubts. You will be amazed at the amount of confidence it can give you.
  • Motivation and drive: Red tiger’s eye is going to enhance your determination, ambition, and motivation. If you need help setting and achieving goals, this is the stone to use.
  • Grounding and stability: Red tiger’s eye is able to provide some grounding, helping you control your emotions, even when things are tough. If you are dealing with a difficult situation or times of emotional upheaval, then keeping this stone around can help.
  • Focus and concentration: Are you struggling with being able to focus? This stone can help. It will improve mental clarity and help you make strong decisions. If you need to be creative, handle some work tasks, or studying, the keep this stone nearby.
  • Positive outlook: When you need help seeing the positive side of things, then red tiger’s eye is going to provide the solution. It can foster optimism and a sense of empowerment.

For those who have some issues with emotional stability or mental clarity, red tiger’s eye is going to be the key that you are looking for. Keeping that crystal around will help enhance these good traits and minimize some of the bad ones, giving you the freedom that you need to enjoy stability and an open root chakra at the same time.


metaphysical properties

There are also some metaphysical properties that you can enjoy when it comes to utilizing red tiger’s eye. It is going to be a strong one to provide you with some of the courage and confidence that you need, and so much more. In addition to some of the great healing properties that we described above; you will find that red tiger’s eye can help with:

  • Protection: Many people use red tiger’s eye to provide them with protection against ill wishes, negative energies, and more.
  • Balancing the yin-yang energies: We need to have some balance in our life but doing it on your own can take some time and is not as easy as it can seem. Red tiger’s eye can assist in helping balance these energies better than before.
  • Boosting creativity: It is thought to stimulate creativity and enhance creative problem solving abilities. This can make it a good stone for writers and artists and anyone who would like to be creative.
  • Resilience and inner strength: Red tiger’s eye is able to enhance resilience and inner strength. Having both of these can help you handle the challenges and setbacks, no matter how hard they can be.
  • Spiritual growth: This stone is a good one to help on your spiritual journey. It will be there to facilitate a deeper connection with your spiritual path and some of your inner wisdom.
  • Manifestation: Use this stone to help amplify your intentions and desires. It can do this by focusing energy and intention to all of your goals.

If there are a few of these that are causing you some issues in your daily life, then it is a good idea to look into getting some red tiger’s eye stones or crystals to keep around your home or you. Even wearing a bracelet or necklace will make a difference and give you some of the strength and power of this crystal.



There are a few different chakras that will work well with the red tiger’s eye. But this one has a strong connection to the root chakra. If there are any blockages in the root chakra, then you need to grab this stone and keep it on you at all times.


To start, red tiger’s eye will help with grounding and stability. This stone will help connect you to the energies of the earth, which can automatically make us feel more secure. This balancing and grounding will do wonders for the root chakra, improving our emotional and physical well-being.


Second, the red tiger’s eye is able to enhance our sense of belonging, survival instincts, and safety. It can also provide a strong connection to your surroundings and your physical body, which will give the foundation for spiritual development and personal growth. And guess which chakra will benefit here? The root chakra.


The root chakra is the one that will be there to help support our basic needs, such as safety, food, and shelter. The red tiger’s eye will help you during times of instability and stress, which can make the root chakra stronger than ever before. If you need help balancing the roto chakra and working on resilience and overcoming challenges, then red tiger’s eye is the right stone to work with.


zodiac signste

It does not matter what your zodiac sign is, you will be able to work with red tiger’s eye to see the best results. But there are a few different zodiac signs that tend to have a special connection with red tiger’s eye, and these include:

  • Leo: The red tiger’s eye will resonate strongly with a Leo, which is already symbolized by a lion. As a Leo, you are recognized for your passion, courage, and confidence. This stone is going to help enhance some of these qualities while allowing the Leo to express themselves and achieve their goals.
  • Capricorn: When you talk to a Capricorn, you will find that they are known for their dedication to achieving success, ambition, and practicality. Using the red tiger’s eye is able to align to these individuals because it can provide a grounding energy that will help them feel stable and reach their long-term goals.

These two zodiac signs will line up with the red tiger’s eye really well due to some of the background that they have and some of the great characteristics and qualities that these signs are looking for. If you need help with some stability and grounding, then implementing red tiger’s eye into your life, no matter your zodiac sign, can make a difference.



Red tiger’s eye is an interesting crystal to keep around, whether you wear it as a piece of jewelry, or you are looking to have it for decoration or a tool for meditation. It is going to boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on any of the tasks and challenges that are coming your way in life. You can even use it to help you ground and feel more stable in life, especially when you are feeling a lot of emotions at that time. Keeping this bright red stone around can make all the difference in your personal life. 

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