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What is Opalite ?
Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Jun.18,2024


opalite meaning

opalite’s healing energies bring peace and calm, improving physical, mental, and emotional health by soothing stress, boosting mood, and enhancing spiritual connections.

At first glance, opalite appears translucent or white to the naked eye. Hold it up to the light, though, and this iridescent stone reflects light in a mystifying way. While it does not have the rainbow-like brilliance of opal, it shares the spherical crystalline structure. Its translucent, glass-like appearance glows in the right lighting and evidences the power found within this special stone.


But, what can opalite do for you? Opalite enhances communication skills, making it a wonderful crystal for relationships and work environments. It also attracts abundance, helps you tap into creativity, and strengthens your connection to your higher self. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible gemstone, what opalite means, and how to harness its energies to benefit your life.












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what is opalite?
opalite properties
opalite hardness
opalite hardness
types of unakite
origin and history
healing properties
physical healing properties
mental & emotional healing properties
metaphysical properties
zodiac signste
faqs about opalite

what is opalite? 

Opalite is a term used to describe a group of iridescent gemstones that includes natural and manmade stones. These stones reflect sunlight brilliantly, lighting up flecks of pink, purple, and blue, and sometimes yellow, orange, and green. When set on a dark background, opalite has a bluish glow. It also has a peach-ish glow on a light-colored background.


Some people also sell opalite glass and opalite plastic. Manmade opalite may be referred to as “imitation,” “simulated,” or “synthetic.” It may also be sold as sea opal, glass opalite, or argonon. In this article, I’ll be referring to natural opalite, rather than opalite made from glass or plastic.

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Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Silicate mineral


Milk white to yellow



nω = 1.543–1.545
nε = 1.552–1.554

opalite hardness


types of opalite

Natural opalite is part of the opal family. It is forged in the cracks and crevices of rocks, as water hardens around silica molecules. Opalite’s chemical formula is SiO₂. It may be called “common opal” because it does not reflect lights and colors in the same way as opal crystal.


When looking at the gem under a microscope, you’ll see sphere-like structures. The most valuable opalite has a cat’s eye pattern, which occurs when these spheres make pyramid structures. Opalite with this pattern is also the most powerful because of the way these pyramid structures conduct energy.


origin and history

The earliest opalite formed in the earth’s crust more than 20 million years ago from deposits of volcanic ash. Archaelogists have even discovered Kenyan artifacts made of opalized crystal, dating back to 4000 B.C. Opalite stones are commonly tumbled and carvings or sculptures may be polished, resulting in a smooth, shiny surface.


Synthetic opal was created by Pierre Gilson, a French chemist, in 1972. He compressed silica and oxygen atoms, resulting in a structure very similar to natural opal. This synthetic form of opal was referred to as “opalite.” Glass-based opalite was also crafted in the 1970s in Japan, becoming popular for jewelry making.


healing properties

Opalite’s healing energies and positive vibrations affect all areas of your life. They attract peace, calm, and positive mood, improving physical, mental, and emotional health. Opalite can also improve relationships and even attract wealth and abundance. 


physical healing properties

Stress takes a physical toll on the body. Over time emotional issues start to impact physical health. Keeping opalite near soothes stress, eases worries, and helps you feel more serene.


It can help with the widespread issues associated with chronic stress including hypertension, heart disease, weight gain, and migraines. Opalite also stops you from feeling jumpy or on edge. This is especially beneficial to those dealing with anxiety or past traumas.


mental & emotional healing properties

Calming and Harmonizing Energies


Opalite’s energies are calming, harmonizing, and healing. It improves your mental and emotional health, while also benefiting relationships. For individuals with anxiety or depression, opalite can help you keep calm and boost your mood. It is also helpful for people who may be fatigued from physical or mental illness.


Emotional Healing and Inner Peace


For those struggling with the heart or mind, opalite balances these energies. It has the power to lighten the emotional burden of repressed emotions and deep worries. You will feel more comfortable expressing these burdens, releasing those things that fester in your heart and mind. As you let go of these worries, opalite will help you find a deep sense of inner peace.


Improving Communication in Relationships


Opalite crystal also has benefits for relationships because of its emotional healing properties. It can benefit romantic partnerships, friendships, family relationships, and work relationships by improving communication. Regardless of the dynamic, communication is a key feature of strong relationships. Communication ensures everyone’s needs are being met and allows any problems to be openly addressed. Opalite also gives you the courage to share feelings or hidden problems that may be souring your relationships. The only way for a relationship to heal is to address these worries and work together to overcome them.


Strengthening Romantic Relationships


For people in romantic relationships, opalite can help both partners adapt to the natural transitions of life. All relationships go through changes and struggles. Opalite’s energies are incredibly balancing. They can soothe worries and anxieties about the relationship and help strengthen bonds during these trying times. Furthermore, opalite can improve your sex life by easing mood swings, relieving fatigue, and enhancing the relationship. When there are problems in these areas, it can affect libido. Opalite also enhances sexual prowess.


metaphysical properties

Spiritual and Intuitive Enhancement


Opalite’s pink, purple, and blue energies open you up to the wisdom of the universe. They strengthen your connection to your inner self and boost your sense of intuition. In this way, opalite can inspire change and drive you toward becoming the greatest version of yourself.


Attracting Wealth and Abundance


Opalite can also enhance spiritual abilities and your connection to the cosmos. It makes you more aware of subtle energies in the world around you. Some people also use opalite to enhance spiritual practices like divination. If you are seeking enlightenment, the stone can guide you toward your divine path.


Facilitating Positive Changes


Opalite also attracts wealth and abundance with its influences. Remember that to receive any type of abundance from the universe, whether material wealth or abundance in love or health, you must be in a position to receive it. Opalite invites positive energies of abundance into your life. Furthermore, the stone helps you connect with your higher self and understand your purpose.


Many people also find that opalite’s energies help push them toward positive changes in their lives. It improves self-improvement efforts and gives you a clearer understanding of things that may be holding you back. Opalite can help you understand personal strengths and weaknesses. It influences creativity and helps you understand problems. With this innate understanding, you’ll be able to work toward being the best version of yourself.



Crown and Third Eye Chakras

  • Enhances psychic abilities, intuition, insight, wisdom, and universal consciousness.

Opalite’s energies work most with the crown and third eye chakras. The third eye chakra is connected with insight, intuition, and self-realization. It’s associated with your psychic abilities and enlightenment. When your crown chakra is activated, it’s associated with wisdom, universal consciousness, and a higher power. Together, these chakras enhance psychic abilities, give you a greater sense of intuition, and allow you greater insight into your life and yourself.


Heart Chakra

  • Heals emotional trauma, opens the heart to love and the universe's gifts, and benefits relationships.

Opalite does not have direct effects on the heart and throat chakras, but it can benefit your life in these areas as well. The crystal encourages communication and healing. If you have emotional trauma or pain in the heart, opalite can heal these problems. This leaves the heart chakra open, more accepting of love and the gifts of the universe. This can benefit romantic partnerships, family relationships, and friendships.


Throat Chakra

  • Encourages truthful communication, self-confidence, and self-acceptance, promoting inner peace.

Furthermore, by encouraging communication, opalite also lets you speak your truth. Speaking your truth is important for harnessing the calming energies of opalite. When you speak your truth, you will feel at peace. You will be able to communicate needs and boundaries while letting go of the relationships that no longer serve you. Speaking your truth is also critical for self-confidence and self-acceptance. Being confident in yourself is key if you are to take steps forward and gain all that the universe has to offer you.


zodiac signste

Opalite helps align the mental, physical, and spiritual energies of people born under the Cancer zodiac sign. It is both calming and energizing, working well to balance their energies. For example, Cancers are known to be nurturing, but they can overdo it and become overbearing at times. Wearing an opalite bracelet balances this trait, turning it into a positive aspect of their nature. Cancers are also known for their emotional nature, which is often influenced by the moon. Opalite stones can help calm these emotional energies and help Cancers find balance.




Opalite is closely associated with the birth month of October. People born in October can easily harness the creative energies of this stone. They can help you overcome challenges in life and see creative solutions to your problems.


Opalite also encourages spontaneity. It helps your inner light and hidden talents shine and enhances self-confidence. In this way, opalite can bring out your best traits. It will help you achieve new levels in your life as you harness its incredible energies.



The mystical powers of opalite become clear when you look at it in the sunlight. Even without the same play-of-color as opal, it captures light beautifully and attracts positive, radiant energies into your life. You can see its power in the way the stone glows. Opalite can guide you to success, better relationships, and a greater connection with both the cosmos and your inner self.


Harnessing these benefits is as easy as wearing an opalite crystal bracelet or keeping a stone in the places you need it most. You can also use an opalite bracelet as a talisman, holding it while meditating or reciting your intentions. Don’t hesitate to start harnessing the energies of this powerful stone - watch how it changes your life!


faqs about opalite

Are Opalite and Opal the Same?


While opalite and opal are not exactly the same stone, they are closely related. Opalite may also resemble moonstone. However, it’s worth noting that while opal has a play of color, opalite is more translucent. Opalite is also a manmade stone, though it's made from silica and oxygen atoms that mimic natural opal. This gives it strong powers despite being a manmade stone.


How Can I Tell if Opalite is Real?


The easiest way to tell if opalite is real is to place it under a microscope and look at its structure. True opalite looks translucent, with an evident crystalline structure. This structure might look like tiny air bubbles. Authentic opalite should also be hard and unable to be scratched by a needle.


What is the Best Way to Use Opalite?


In the case of crystals and gemstones, it’s easy to harness their energies by keeping them near. Opalite has a peaceful, calming nature. Its effects on communication make it a perfect stone to keep near whether you are at work or home.


Some people use opalite by wearing it on bracelets, rings, or pendants. You can also meditate with the stone, especially if you have a specific intention for its energy. Finally, place opalite stones or figures in areas of your home that would benefit from serenity. For example, keep the stone near your bed at night or in your home office.


How Do I Cleanse Opalite?


As with all gemstones, you should regularly cleanse your opalite to keep its energies working as they should. My personal favorite is to cleanse with sunlight or moonlight, especially on the full moon. All you have to do is leave the stones on your porch or in a window that gets strong light from the sun or moon. Let them sit for 24 hours or longer.


You can also bury opalite in coarse salt for 24 hours to cleanse its energy. Running it under a cool stream of distilled water is another option, though this method should not be used too frequently. Keeping it in water for too long can damage your opalite.

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