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What is Rose Quartz ? 
Rose Quartz Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


META:  Discover the incredible healing and spiritual properties of Rose Quartz crystal and why it is perfect for encouraging self-love, peace and harmony in this interesting article.Pretty and plentiful, rose quartz is frequently a collector’s first foray into the world of crystals.And why not? It’s equally stunning in raw clusters and glossy spheres, signifying all things love.Still, rose quartz isn’t all about sweet nothings and good looks.

Rose Quartz provides physical, mental and emotional healing qualities – owning a piece and holding it in your hands can instantly bring feelings of calm, relaxation and tranquillity, or place a piece of Rose Quartz under pillow, if you prefer not to wear it. Still, wearing a piece of Rose Quartz, perhaps in jewelry form not only looks gorgeous but also encourages serenity and peace.  Let’s look at the healing properties in a little more depth.








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what is rose quartz ?

A delicate, often pastel pink semi-precious mineral, lustrous crystal Rose Quartz (or Hyaline Quartz) is a coveted crystal used in jewelry and ornamental products, but it is also integral for spiritual use, especially for healers.  Sometimes referred to as the “Heart Stone”, thanks to its romantic pink hue, it boasts a fabulous translucent appearance and hexagonal crystal system that reflects light and catches the eye further adding to its extreme beauty.  

As well as alluring good-looks, this semi-precious crystal is regularly used in healing because of its many metaphysical properties, believed to encourage positivity and boost feelings of  peace and contentment.  We’ll delve into more of the metaphysical and healing properties (and other aspects) of this fascinating crystal in this article.


Rose quartz is a type of silica mineral quartz. The planet is covered in quartz; only feldspar is more common. It can be found in the quartz cores of pegmatites and other igneous rocks, where it forms at high temperatures.


This type of quartz gets its pink color from trace elements like manganese, iron, and titanium. It’s macrocrystalline, so the naked eye can see the structure making up the crystal. The same is true for rose quartz’s family members, including amethyst, smoky quartz, and citrine.


It also rates a hearty 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it easy for jewelers to work with. 


Astrology - Zodiac Signs Suitable

Within the metaphysical world lies astrology and the Zodiac.  Rose Quartz is firmly linked with the Zodiac sign of Taurus (the Bull), and it is also the birthstone of Libra (the Scales).  In terms of Taurus, those born under this sign are closely connected to Venus, the ruling planet of Venus.  Therefore, Taureans are perceived as more open to others – they tend to fall in love quickly and they’re more forgiving.  Rose Quartz is also the crystal of love and compassion, it comes as no surprise to learn that this stone, Taurus and Venus are all closely associated.  Venus especially is known for it’s synergy with love, beauty and the heart.  For those born under Taurus, Rose Quartz makes a perfect gift – not only because of what it represents but because it also emits that positive energy, excellent for appealing to Taureans’ stubbornness and inviting compassion!


Librans too benefit from owning a Rose Quartz gem as it invites balance, and it’s also good for bringing those under this sign back down to earth when they’re swept up in a new romance!

However, that doesn’t mean that you must fall under the star signs Taurus and Libra to wear or own a piece of Rose Quartz, its tremendous benefits are suitable for all astrological signs!

rose quartz properties


Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index



Pale pink to deep reddish pink

7 (Mohs)



rose quartz hardness


Peridot Hardness


origins and history

With rose quartz naturally occurring all over the world, it has a rich and storied history. Each culture, during various ages, had different purposes for the stone. 

As for exactly when humans began mining and using rose quartz, the earliest evidence dates back more than 9,000 years. Rose quartz from approximately 7000 BC was found in Iraq, the northern portion previously known as Mesopotamia. The Assyrians inhabiting the area crafted it into beads, knowing it would make excellent jewelry.

There’s reason to believe rose quartz was beloved by Ancient Egyptians as well, who established their society roughly 5,000 years ago. It may have been instrumental in skincare, as Egyptian women were said to use it for face masks. Today, people still use tools made of rose quartz to perform facial massages and drain the lymph, perhaps not even realizing that they’re engaging in an ancient practice.

Early Romans were known to love their rose quartz as well, etching carvings onto quartz to create personalized seals indicating ownership. It’s a practice they may have picked up from the Assyrians.

All of these old civilizations are also rumored to have used rose quartz for talismans, calling in all types of healing. Even up into the Middle Ages (about 1,500 years ago), rose quartz was considered medicinal, whether added to a tincture or fashioned into an amulet. 

We’ll discuss the modern physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties associated with rose quartz in a moment. For now, one of the most interesting pieces of rose quartz history is its role in Greek mythology.

First, there are tales of Eros, the god of love. He brought forth the stone as a gift to attract and expand love, a purpose that endures to this day. To illustrate this even further, the Romans called this same god Cupid, the familiar cherub with a bow and arrow who could make humans fall in love. It’s said that his arrows were tipped with gold and silver, but one can imagine rose quartz made its way into the mythical quiver as well.

Then there are stories that not only expand on the stone’s purpose but how it got its color. 

In this tale, Ares, the god of war, is in a relationship with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Aphrodite was also having an affair with Adonis, the god of fertility, which naturally made Ares quite jealous. As the god of war, Ares transformed into a wild boar and slayed Adonis. Aphrodite, in a hurry to tend to her wounded lover, accidentally cuts herself. This blood mingles with Adonis’ and drips onto some quartz, dyeing it pink. Zeus, the god of the sky, remedied the situation by allowing Adonis to leave the underworld and visit Aphrodite for half of the year, every year. 

Thus, rose quartz came to represent the type of love that transcends death, not the jealousy and violence that threatens it.In some retellings, the lovers’ blood becomes flowers. But thousands of years later, rose quartz has retained all of the meanings it gets from the myth, making it a version people come back to again and again.


where is rose quartz found and strong beliefs!

The crystal is only generally in Japan, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the United States, making it a valuable commodity.  It dates back thousands of years and in ancient mythology, Rose Quartz is believed to be closely linked to Greek God Adonis and his Goddess, Aphrodite (symbolizing love, beauty and fertility). You’ll discover that in Ancient Indian Sacred texts, the crystal is closely linked to the heart and throat chakras (often referred to as Rose Quartz hearts) and in 800 BC, the crystal was widely used by rose quartz jewelry craftsmen from Assyria, the ancient Mesopotamian civilization.  Egyptians believed it warded off aging and the Greeks saw it as a route to peace-keeping between warring factions.  Even the Romans treasured Rose Quartz, perceiving it as a sign of ownership. Roll forward to today and you’ll find that Rose Quartz is widely used by crystal enthusiasts to draw love and self-care to the wearer or owner.  


color and depth of rose quartz

While natural Rose Quartz generally has a pastel-pink hue, it’s available in a wide variety of shades.  Some Rose Quartz crystal is almost white, with a very subtle pink undertone, others are deeper, almost the same color as a dark pink rose (hence its name) or purple.  There’s even black Rose Quartz (rarer than pink).  These dark crystals occur when they’ve experienced natural heat from the earth, which introduces hematite and manganese and therefore significantly deepens their color.  

Rose Quartz can also be opaque, milky in appearance, or clear and transparent. It depends on the cut and the crystal mined; no two rocks are the same which only adds to the allure of Rose Quartz.  In fact, the meaning of Rose Quartz comes from the Greek word for glass (Hyalos).


Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz provides physical, mental and emotional healing qualities – owning a piece and holding it in your hands can instantly bring feelings of calm, relaxation and tranquillity, or place a piece of Rose Quartz under pillow, if you prefer not to wear it. Still, wearing a piece of Rose Quartz, perhaps in jewelry form not only looks gorgeous but also encourages serenity and peace.  Let’s look at the healing properties in a little more depth.


Physical Healing

In the healing world, Rose Quartz is often called a “Heart Healer” as it’s believed that this crystal may improve blood circulation, therefore supporting a healthy heart.  It might even prevent heart attack.
Some ancient schools of medicine state that Rose Quartz can also prevent thrombosis.
During pregnancy, wearing or holding this crystal supposedly encourages a healthy pregnancy.
Post-pregnancy, many people, particularly in Eastern cultures swear by keeping Rose Quartz close to mother and baby, to create strong bonds.


Mental and Emotional Healing

There’s a strong school of thought that considers Rose Quartz gemstone integral in mending a broken heart (romantically and non-romantically) through channelling positive energy, to heal emotional wounds and encourage compassion from others.  This is also a reason why the crystal is often referred to as The Heart Stone – it is so closely linked to the heart chakra and why lots of newly-engaged couples choose a rose quartz engagement ring to seal their love! In fact, as well as its association with love and the heart, it’s a superb choice for an engagement ring as Rose Quartz hardness is 7 on the scale (bearing in mind a diamond’s hardness is 10).


Metaphysical Characteristics of Rose Quartz

As well as healing properties, Rose Quartz consists of impressive metaphysical properties too.  People believe it encourages connections and it alights a goddess-like energy.  For example, should you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship (this could be a family relationship, a romantic relationship, work relationship or friendship), Rose Quartz could remove negativity by unblocking the channels and open them (literally opening up the heart) to give and receive love more openly.  Not only that, but it may even help you to have the courage, strength and ability to step away from a harmful relationship.


From the Heart: The Many Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Heartbreak, nurturing, trust, grief, affection, loneliness, and romance. Love is the root or the remedy to so many parts of the human condition, and rose quartz represents this. Overall, it is intended to heal wounds and strengthen love and compassion. Let’s break down the emotional and physical.

Physical Healing 

The circulatory system carries blood to and away from the heart, and since we could easily consider rose quartz the Heart Stone, it’s associated with all things vascular.  In addition to healthy circulation, it is said to support the natural toxin removal process, giving credence to the centuries of women who have used it for healthier-looking skin.Considered a healer on every level, rose quartz is also a popular gift for those recovering from an illness. Some also consider it a strong fertility stone for healthy, successful pregnancies.


Mental & Emotional Healing


While you might be tempted to use rose quartz as a sort of love spell, attracting a crush, what rose quartz is really known for is increasing self-love. If you are prone to emotional states that involve self-criticism, hopelessness, timidity, and feelings of unworthiness, rose quartz asks you to move onward and upward.


Ultimately, it’s the increase in self-love that does the “magic,” mending broken hearts and drawing people who are meant for you into your life.


Of course, healing is rarely as pretty as a pink gem. Finding emotional balance and stability means experiencing the full extent of the current imbalance. So, while rose quartz can be sweet and lighthearted, it’s a stone of transformation, keeping your eye trained on your highest self as you do tough inner work.


The Love Vibration: Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of rose quartz can teach us a lot about how love doesn’t just transcend life – it’s the source of it. In fact, it’s helpful to think of rose quartz as the maternal energy that soothes and nurtures an often unforgiving universe. 

One important quality of a mother’s love is that it is unconditional. We’re not just talking about love when we work with rose quartz; we are talking about limitless love.In daily life, the presence of rose quartz can symbolize a clearing of conflict, whether that be among close family at home or contentious coworkers in the office. In fact, it’s even better to have it around after tensions have peaked and someone’s really blown their top, just to restore a little peace and harmony.

To that end, it’s also a good stone for restful sleep, especially if you find yourself having too many nightmares. 


How to Use Rose Quartz

If it’s love without limits you want or just a little more peace, there are so many ways to get the healing benefits of rose quartz. A few of our favorite ideas:


Keep it in a sacred space. Place a rose quartz tower on an altar or in a meditation corner. 

Wear it as jewelry. While any type of jewelry does the trick, consider a necklace or pendant, so it can make physical contact close to the heart.

Make it part of your skincare ritual. Add a rose quartz gua sha or face roller to your morning routine. You can also add stones to your bath.

Let it work in private. Keep a piece of rose quartz under your pillow or in your pocket to encourage a loving vibration, even when it’s not on your mind.

Visualize it shifting your energy. During meditation or a post-yoga savasana, use rose quartz and picture its effects working on the body, clearing what you want to bid farewell to and inviting in pure love. For more details on how to do this, keep reading.


What chakra is associated with rose quartz?

Rose quartz corresponds to the heart chakra. Usually, one would expect that a green stone would be preferable since this chakra is green, but it’s best to maximize the effect with the stone that handles all matters of the heart.


To clear, tone, or open the heart chakra with rose quartz, lie down flat on your back. Place a small piece of rose quartz comfortably at the center of your chest. 

To begin, close your eyes and review everything in your life that you’re grateful for. Once you have a clear and present feeling of gratitude, begin visualizing a green lotus at the center of your chest.

As you focus on that feeling of gratitude, picture 12 petals unfurling from the center of the lotus in your chest as it begins to glow a brilliant springtime green.


Now begin expressing gratitude for your desire being fulfilled, whether it was clearing out a blockage or creating a deeper connection with the heart space. As you do so, visualize iridescent pink light from your rose quartz flowing into the chakra and assisting it, helping the green lotus glow brighter.

What zodiac signs should wear rose quartz?

Rose quartz is associated with the planet Venus, which rules Libra and Taurus. Anyone with a Venusian sun sign or domiciled Venus can benefit from it.

Those with Libra as their sun or Venus may find that rose quartz refines their already-prominent romantic charms and ability to be a good listener. More than that, its focus on self-love can help Librans find more confidence in their decisions and increased happiness outside of having a partner.

Tauruses, meanwhile, can use rose quartz to alleviate some stubbornness, finding a more balanced perspective with an open heart. As a reward, it can enhance some of their positive key traits, such as creativity and calmness. 

Which birthstone is rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a birthstone for the month of January, an alternative to the traditional red garnet.

What does it mean if someone gives you rose quartz?

Rose quartz is an incredibly kind gift from friends and lovers alike. It’s often given to those in need of compassion and healing, both physical and emotional. Rose quartz also symbolizes unconditional love, letting the recipient know they have the giver’s heart.

How do you pick a good rose quartz?

Any rose quartz that attracts you is worth having, but there are a few special considerations to be made if overall long-lasting quality is your priority.

First, there is the color, and this can ensure that your rose quartz is authentic. Rose quartz can come in any range of pink shades, from the softest, lightest baby pink to more vibrant cotton candy. They also come in many levels of opacity, from almost translucent to almost completely saturated.

What to be mindful of here is that if there are any cracks or crevices on the stone (not always necessarily a bad thing), the color isn’t darker there. It’s pretty rare, but some sellers dye stones to mislead buyers about the true color or even what type of stone it is.

Additionally, note the size and number of inclusions. Inclusions are contrasting mineral deposits inside of a stone. They can look like internal cracks, bubbles, or even a whole other crystal. While these are normal and may even increase the appeal or value of a stone, too many inclusions or larger inclusions could make the host more prone to breaking.

Which Month Relates to the Rose Quartz Birthstone?

Interestingly, while Rose Quartz is closely related to Taureans and Librans, it is actually the January birthstone. This magically healing crystal is a marvellous gift for new babies born in January as it promotes good health, positive wellbeing and happiness.  However, that’s not to say that Rose Quartz can’t be given to people born during other months of the year – it is an excellent gift choice for anyone, especially those who could benefit from its tremendous healing abilities.

The Spiritual Significance of Rose Quartz?

For those looking to invite spirituality into their lives, Rose Quartz is the perfect partner to guide in connecting to the inner-self and is believed to link the heart to the earth!  The spiritual meaning of rose quartz is fairly broad. The crystal is known to help the wearer or owner alter mindset, so they’re calm and soothed, thanks to it emitting a gentle energy that reduces feelings of anxiety and anger.  It goes further too, connecting with intuition on a deeper level and encouraging wisdom and it is believed that this crystal has restorative powers, bringing a sense of comfort and security (which is why it is so closely associated with nurture and self-care).

What is the Rose Quartz Chakra?

We’ve touched on the chakra aspect of Rose Quartz.  Chakras come from ancient Hindu traditions – the word is a Sanskrit word and refers to the subtle energies surrounding the human body.   Blocked chakras prevent positive flow of energy, for example, if you’re experiencing troubles relating to affairs of the heart, your heart chakra might be blocked – Rose Quartz will help to renew and recharge the flow of positive energy to your heart, welcoming love, forgiveness, peace, serenity and happiness.  As well as bringing feelings of self-love, it is believed this crystal invites love from others too, you’ll feel able to receive that love and in turn, to give it to others.

What is rose quartz worth?

Rose quartz is as economical as it is beautiful. The exact price will vary depending on the color, clarity, and weight. A modest quantity of the finest rose quartz can cost thousands, but it’s easy to find attractive, useful pieces for much less. A polished palm stone, for instance, can be had for $10 -$20.

Rose Quartz, Some Final Words

For hundreds of thousands of years, ancient and modern civilizations across the globe have relied upon real Rose Quartz for its fascinating qualities.  Not only is this delicate, usually pink stone resplendent with eye-catching beauty but it has certain “superpowers” that can encourage uplifting feelings, boost low-mood, improve health and wellbeing and even heal broken hearts.  Choose it as a piece of treasured heirloom jewelry or purchase a piece of homeware fashioned from this gemstone, alternatively, keep a small Rose Quartz gemstone close to you to retain calm and balance in your life.


Although this planet contains massive quantities of quartz, rose quartz is anything but common. While it offers unconditional love, it knows that healing must happen first. Its maternal energy is there to calm you during the process, a steady reminder that there is confidence and compassion to be gained from the universe’s challenges.


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