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What is Turquoise ? Turquoise Meaning Healing Properties


Kelly Saylor        Feb. 26,2024   


When most people hear about the color turquoise, they’re immediately reminded of the blue-to-green, opaque mineral that’s created with aluminum and copper. Because of its variety and hue, the turquoise gemstone can be extremely valuable, especially in its finer and rarer forms. 


Many people wear turquoise jewelry so they can experience the spiritual, metaphysical, and daily life benefits that this gemstone has to offer. If you go this route, you’ll want to know what colors make turquoise stand out and look its best. 


Seeing as this one-of-a-kind mineral is made with blues and greens, neutral tones and black, along with red and orange can all pair well with the color turquoise. Obviously, if you’re wearing a turquoise gemstone, the corresponding pieces you wear on a daily basis will change. 


To learn more about the meaning of turquoise, its healing abilities, the chakra this gemstone aligns with, and which Zodiac signs reap the most benefits from a turquoise gem, keep reading.






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what is turquoise?

The meaning of this mineral goes beyond what colors make turquoise or what colors go with turquoise. Make no mistake, the turquoise crystal is imbued with great power and significance, unlike any other stone or gem.


In order to truly understand the turquoise gem and the popularity behind turquoise jewelry, it’s first important to know all about its healing properties, spiritual meaning, corresponding chakras, and much more. Only with an understanding of all this gem has to offer can the real turquoise stone meaning finally be revealed. 

turquoise varieties


Persian Turquoise: Renowned for its rich blue color and high quality, Persian turquoise is highly sought after in the gemstone market.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: Mined in Arizona, USA, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is known for its vibrant sky-blue color and minimal matrix or veining.


Chinese Turquoise: China produces a wide range of turquoise varieties, including Tibetan turquoise, which often has a greenish hue and distinctive matrix patterns.


Kingman Turquoise: Mined in Arizona, USA, Kingman turquoise is prized for its deep blue color and unique matrix patterns that can range from black to golden brown.


Royston Turquoise: Found in Nevada, USA, Royston turquoise is characterized by its beautiful blue and green hues, with a noticeable brown matrix.


Campitos Turquoise: Hailing from Mexico, Campitos turquoise is known for its light blue color and minimal matrix, making it ideal for jewelry settings.


Carico Lake Turquoise: Mined in Nevada, USA, Carico Lake turquoise showcases a range of blue and green tones, often with a web-like matrix pattern.

turquoise properties


Chemical Classification

Chemical Composition



Specific Gravity

Refractive Index

Phosphate mineral


Blue, green, or blue-green




turquoise hardness


Peridot Hardness


healing properties

Throughout history, the turquoise color has been associated with encouraging peacefulness, calm emotions, and overall balance. Many people who carry the turquoise gemstone with them also do so to boost their intuition and overall communication skills. 


The healing properties of turquoise come with both mental and emotional benefits. Not only does this mineral encourage clarity, but it’s also well-known for doing away with inflammation, promoting detoxification, and strengthening the immune system. 


For these reasons, a person who needs help with freeing themselves from negative energy, protecting themselves from external influences, or simply stabilizing their moods may benefit from wearing turquoise jewelry or otherwise having a turquoise crystal nearby. 


This mineral is also a great fit for anyone seeking pain relief or an antidote to free them from draining energies, such as exhaustion and depression. 


Spiritual Meaning

On a spiritual level, the color turquoise symbolizes loyalty, security, peace, wisdom, and good fortune. By its very nature, the spirituality of the turquoise color or a turquoise gemstone attracts positive energy and love, while also shielding you from bad vibes and energy that can sabotage your journey. 


If you frequently come into contact with people who give you bad vibes or make you feel less than great, having this gem nearby is a good idea. Many people rely on turquoise to help them in challenging situations and keep them safe when their intuition is warning them that isn’t right.


Wearing turquoise jewelry or keeping a turquoise crystal nearby is a great way to enjoy all the spiritual protection that comes with it. If you want to be in consistent alignment with people, places, and energy that are good for you, having a turquoise gem with you is an excellent start. 


Because the turquoise stone meaning is all about goodness, success, security, and healing, its spiritual essence naturally attracts these positive forces into your life, while repelling all that’s not good for you. 


Metaphysical Properties

The turquoise color comes with very strong metaphysical properties. Anyone who’s ever wondered about the turquoise stone meaning or what colors go with turquoise should know about this gem’s remarkable potency. 


Keeping the turquoise color nearby helps people enjoy higher levels of communication, find the truth within themselves, and share their opinions with others. For these reasons, those who struggle with social anxiety or shyness should consider wearing the turquoise color or investing in a nice piece of turquoise jewelry. 


When you regularly keep turquoise close, you may find the previous struggles you faced - such as expressing yourself, discerning the truth in trying times, and overcoming nervousness - dissipate. The metaphysical benefits of the turquoise stone tend to last, especially when you’re constantly in proximity to the mineral and all of its beneficial properties.  

On a metaphysical level, this mineral is also revered for inviting comfort and wholeness into the lives of people who keep it close. When you’re feeling emotionally depleted, struggling to find inner peace, or looking to deeply connect with your inner self, you can count on a turquoise gem to attract the healing energy that you need.


Corresponding Chakras

As mankind’s oldest stone, turquoise very much aligns with the throat chakra. In light of this, people who wear a turquoise crystal, or otherwise keep the color turquoise nearby, will have an easier time sharing their thoughts with others. 


The throat chakra is your body’s communication hub. That means a clear and open throat chakra will give you an easier time moving through the world in a harmonious way. People with open throat chakras likewise face fewer struggles with speaking their truth, giving love, receiving love from others, and avoiding serious physical and emotional problems.


By contrast, a congested throat chakra can lead to problems with not just self-expression and communication, but also hearing out other people and picking up on their efforts to communicate with you. Over time, a regularly blocked throat chakra may result in a sore throat, neck stiffness, dental problems, and even jaw pain.


Once you start using a turquoise gemstone to open and activate your throat chakra, you’ll enjoy consciousness at its highest levels and truly get in touch with your authentic voice. Even in times when you’re facing obstacles or other challenges in life, keeping a turquoise gem close by can work wonders for your throat chakra. 


Zodiac Signs Suited For This Gemstone

Jupiter is strongly associated with the turquoise stone, meaning the Sagittarius astrological sign is best suited for the color turquoise. People born between November 21 and December 22 tend to seek optimism and enthusiasm in their lives. Sagittariuses are also well-known for being quite aspirational, eager to learn, and very energetic. 


The turquoise gem is therefore a great fit for them across the board. It promotes well being, while giving Sagittarius-born people better communicative skills. In the long run, these benefits from the turquoise gemstone help with gaining wisdom and a deeper understanding of one’s self, while channeling good energy.


Although Sagittarius undoubtedly stands to gain the most upsides from turquoise jewelry or wearing the turquoise color, several other Zodiac signs - Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, and Aquarius - can also benefit from it. 


Of all minerals that strongly correlate with specific Zodiac signs, the turquoise crystal is known to have some of the strongest advantages for fire, air, and water signs alike. 


Specific Uses

The color turquoise is best used on a daily basis. As such, many people keep it in their homes or offices. Oftentimes, one might have a turquoise gem near them when they need to take important phone calls, engage in challenging conversations, or fall asleep. Some people who’ve found turquoise to be advantageous in their lives also end up gifting the gemstone to loved ones who can benefit from having it nearby.


Because of the turquoise color’s calming properties, a lot of folks find that wearing turquoise jewelry helps them fall asleep at night, avoid losing their cool in tense situations, and find inner peace when they most need it.


Among turquoise jewelry wearers, many prefer necklaces over bracelets, earrings, or rings, given that turquoise itself strongly corresponds with the throat chakra. Having this gemstone closer to the throat may feel more potent than keeping the turquoise crystal at a distance.


Of course, being in some proximity to this gemstone is better than not having it at all. If you’re not a necklace person, wearing a turquoise bracelet, ring, or earrings is a wonderful way of welcoming its spiritual, healing, and metaphysical properties.

Invite the Amazing Turquoise Gemstone into Your Life Today

If you’re looking to make important changes in your life, improve your communication skills, overcome challenges, or simply feel more at peace in the world, bringing the turquoise color into your life can work wonders.  


Likewise, if you’ve been struggling with throat chakra issues, communication problems, or interpersonal relationships challenges, you’ll also want to bring turquoise into your aura sooner rather than later.


Doing this can be as simple as carrying a turquoise gemstone in your bag, investing in turquoise jewelry, or figuring out what colors make turquoise necklaces look best. Turquoise is not only a wonderful way to accessorize and brighten up your world, but it also clears out negative energy while attracting great vibes.


Across the board, this stone is a beacon for wholesome energy, inner peace, and chakra alignment. With potent healing properties, metaphysical benefits, and spiritual powers, the turquoise gemstone is a godsend for anyone who wants to make positive life changes and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. 


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