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What Does Angel Number
77 Mean?



Seven is a lucky number. Imagine if you see double sevens all the time. Could your luck be improving? Possibly.The number seven is considered lucky in various cultures. It is a sign of luck in China, Japan, and North America. Spiritual people in these countries believe it could tell you that your luck is changing for the better.


77 shows two sevens side by side. It enhances the power of 7. It is also an angel number. According to numerology, the spirits use angel numbers to tell you that change is on the way.So what does it mean if you see angel number 77 often? Let’s dive in to find out what may be going on behind the scenes if number 77 keeps popping up in your life.


angel number 77 numerology and significance

Angel number 77 signifies an upcoming spiritual journey marked by reflection, self-examination, and enlightenment, amplified by the transformative power of two sevens, and rooted in the number five, indicating significant changes ahead.

Seven is a lucky number in North American culture. It is the jackpot number on slot machines and in casino games. Its association with luck has been handed down through the centuries for the following reasons:


  • There are seven colors in the rainbow.
  • There are seven ancient wonders in the world
  • Egyptians considered seven to be a lucky number because it was the number of planets they could see when they looked in the sky
  • Rome and several other great cities were said to have been built on seven hills


Seven is also a lucky number in Chinese culture. It represents the combination of yin, yang, and the five elements. It is said to bring balance and harmony.


People who have the number 7 in their lives tend to find better relationships and they are more successful in their careers.


The Chinese and American interpretation of the number seven comes into play in the meaning of the angel number 77, but it sends a more spiritual message. It tells you that you’re about to embark on a spiritual journey. You must open your mind to what’s to come.


77 is comprised of two 7s. Numerologists consider 7 to represent reflection, self-examination, and enlightenment. The two 7s increase the number’s transformative power.


The angel number is also closely linked to the number 5. After all, 7+7=14 and 1+4=5. Therefore, 5 is its root number. Five tells us big changes are on the way.

angel number 77 meaning in love

77 can have significant meaning in your love life. It tells you to get ready for something new. Be attentive to the energy and feelings of those around you to welcome love into your life.


If you are single and see the number 77 often, the angels are telling you to dig deep and determine what you want from a relationship. It also tells you that finding love is subject to divine timing. Work on yourself and your soulmate will come to you.


If you are in a relationship and see the number 77, the angels may want you to know that your love is reaching a new level. Be honest and open with your partner so you can reach this level together. Get in tune with their feelings to get the most out of this new plateau.


Crystal Energy & Love


Angel numbers tell you a change is coming, but you can’t sit back and wait for it to happen. You must encourage spiritual growth in your life. You may also have to put in hard work to achieve your goals.

Crystal worship is an ideal way to achieve spiritual growth. Amber is recommended for letting love shine into your life.


Amber’s warm yellowish-brown color indicates the warmth it radiates. It shields you from negative energy. Many associate it with renewal and healing.

The stone promotes healing on a mental and spiritual level. It infuses us with positive energy that affects how we interact with those around us. It enhances openness and honesty in romantic relationships.

angel number 77 meaning in twin flame

Luck in love is one thing, but finding a twin flame is truly special.According to legend, half of your soul disperses from your body when you are born. The half that leaves your body eventually absorbs into your twin flame. You will meet your twin flame later in life and embark on a deeply spiritual romantic journey.


Twin flames are very alike. They may finish each other’s sentences. They have similar thoughts and desires.Sometimes the passion of the twin flame relationship can get too intense, and the lovers will separate. But they will come back stronger in the end.


If you see the number 77 and you are not yet in a twin flame relationship, the angels may be telling you that your soon-to-be lover is on a similar spiritual path. You may meet up shortly.People already in a twin flame relationship who see the number 77 could be receiving a message to prepare for spiritual growth with their partner. It could also indicate that a separation or reunion is imminent. We’ll get to those matters in subsequent sections.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone to guide you on your twin flame journey. Its pure blue color brings calmness and clarity. It will help you reach a deeper level of understanding with yourself and those around you.


The stone is known for aligning chakras. It starts at your grounding root chakra, moves into your confidence-promoting solar plexus chakra, and steams upward to your wisdom-inducing crown chakra. It connects to the water and air elements to promote the fluidity of emotions. It will induce clear communication between you and your partner.

angel number 77 meaning in twin flame reunion

If all goes as planned, the twin flames will eventually reunite. However, they will need to get past a lot of hurt feelings. They may still feel the burn of the emotions that caused the separation.

Separated lovers who see the number 77 will know a reunion is imminent. They should prepare for what’s to come. They should work on leaving their emotional wounds behind and open their heart to acceptance. Crystal worship with ammolite can help.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


Labradorite carries the full spectrum of the rainbow. Hence, it opens all seven chakras. This powerful stone gathers energy from all the elements to promote health, vitality, and discipline.


The stone opens your mind so you are more accepting of new experiences. It gives you the courage to say what you feel and improve your relationships. Chant YAM during ammolite crystal meditation to improve your communication skills and enhance your connection with your twin flame.

angel number 77 meaning in twin flame separation

The Twin Flame relationship is not an easy path. The lovers may become afraid of commitment and feel like they are not worthy of each other’s love. They may feel that their alikeness creates a conflict of interest.


At this point, they may decide to separate. They will take time out to work on themselves so they can return to their relationship with a new perspective. The separation is painful, but the lovers typically reunite stronger than ever.


If you are in a twin flame relationship that’s going through a rocky patch, and you see the number 77 often, the angels may be telling you to get ready for a separation.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


During your separation, you must focus on yourself. You must heal old wounds that are holding you back from embracing the love that’s in front of you. The bloodstone can help.


A Bloodstone can serve as a valuable ally during times of separation. It has been used in spiritual worship since ancient times for its healing properties. It can heal on a physical and emotional level.

The stone is linked to the root and heart chakras. It helps with grounding and stability. It symbolizes growth, strength, courage, and compassion.

angel number 77 meaning in career

Number 77 can also be the angels’ way of telling you to consider a career change. It signifies that now is an excellent time to review your options. It asks you to find your leadership skills and gain the confidence you need to move forward.


The career change that’s coming is typically not about making more money. It focuses on personal satisfaction. The angels want you to find a path that will bring more spiritual fulfillment.


For example, if you work a dull accounting job and have always been interested in art, you may explore opportunities in the creative spectrum. If your job as an administrative assistant is getting you down, consider your natural talents. Determine which you can turn into a fulfilling side gig.


Crystal Energy & Career



Rhodonite may be a lesser-known crystal, but it is ideal for helping people realize their career goals. The stone can help you overcome self-doubt and dependency issues. It will make you feel more confident moving forward on your career path.


The stone connects to the throat chakra to enhance communication. It reduces codependence giving you the confidence to take the lead. It promotes a sense of calm that eliminates the stress of difficult work situations.

angel number 77 meaning in finance

Many angel numbers mean your financial situation will improve. Angel number 77 could indicate a windfall, but it more likely means you should make financial moves that align with your spiritual path. Use your judgment to make decisions that will serve you well.


The number may tell you it’s time to rethink your spending habits. It may tell you to seek out new investments. Mostly, it’s telling you to focus on financial decisions that will bring you happiness. For example, you may choose to invest more in yourself, or you may donate to charitable causes.


Crystal Energy & Finance


If you need a stone to guide you, Tiger's Eye is the ideal choice. It gives you the clarity to make difficult financial decisions. It instills a sense of calm in stressful situations.


The stone is also known for promoting confidence, wisdom, and focus, all of which are valuable in the financial realm. It will give you a clear understanding of the outcomes of your money-related moves. Best of all, it attracts wealth, success, and luck.

angel number 77 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 77 means you are moving towards a new realm of spirituality. You are reaching new heights in self-awareness. You are becoming more enlightened and insightful. The angels are telling you to continue pursuing this path.


The spirits do not offer strict guidance on how you should pursue your spiritual path. You may decide to meditate, connect with nature, or take a journey. Follow your gut to determine the route that meets your personal needs.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Any form of spiritual practice can help you achieve your 77 goals, but crystal worship is a recommended practice. Septarian is the ideal stone for helping you reach higher levels of spirituality.


Also called the Dragon Stone, septarian is a historical talisman for strength and motivation. It nourishes the mind, body, and soul. It will help you overcome mental and spiritual fatigue to find your true calling.

Septarian features numerous colors. Whiter stones will open the crown chakra and connect with the heart chakra to expose your higher powers. Stones with brown and yellow are more grounding.

angel number 77 : final summary

Angel number 77 indicates that a change is coming. The angels are sending you a message and you must get ready. You cannot simply sit back and wait for change to happen.There are several ways to open yourself up and bring this change into your life. Crystal worship is an ideal solution. It will help you realize your intentions and attain higher levels of self-awareness.


Crystals can become a powerful presence in your life if you meditate with them, wear them as jewelry, carry them with you, or spread them throughout your home. Most agree that jewelry is the most convenient form of crystal worship. You can easily take the stone with you and enjoy its beauty.


You can wear crystal earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more, but most agree bracelets are an ideal way to embrace the power of crystals in your life. You can hold the stone close to your pulse point. Its positive vibes will spread throughout your body.


How will you embrace crystals and angel number 77 in your life?