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What Does Angel Number
656 Mean?


Numerology is a powerful spiritual science. After all, we all have our lucky numbers, don’t we?


Have you ever bought a cup of coffee and realized the total came to $5.55 (555), the number of life? Or perhaps you noticed the date was 11/11, a number that tells you things will go in your favor. These numbers are called angel numbers, and they could have a profound effect on your well-being.


Angel numbers typically have a few characteristics in common. They often feature sequences or patterns. For example, common angel numbers include 999, 111, and 222.

Each has a slightly different meaning, but overall, they are a sign that your life is moving in the right direction. They symbolize balance and enlightenment.


angel number 656 numerology and significance

Angel number 656 signifies the need for balance and change. Embrace conflicts, adapt to change, and persevere for spiritual growth and well-being.

656 is an angel number with deep significance. It is a sign that things are going well for you, but you may have to make some changes before reaching your goals. Positive thinking will get you closer to your spiritual destination.


Let’s look at the numbers involved to find a deeper meaning behind 656.


The number 6 represents balance. Placed on either end of the number, it commands you to find a balance between your beliefs and your actions.


The 5 stands in the middle of the number throwing things of kilter. Its disturbance of the sequence prompts action. It asks you to resolve your conflicts and embrace change. But on the bright side, this resolution will bring peace.


The number 8 also has significance here. 6+5+6=17 and 1+7=8.


8 tells us to be persistent. The journey of adapting to change and overcoming conflict takes time, but if we follow the process, we will achieve a higher level of well-being.

angel number 656 meaning in love

Many will be curious to know how the number 656 can help them find love. If you paid $6.56 for your fast-food meal, will you meet your ideal mate tomorrow? Well, not quite!

Remember that 656 tells us we need to resolve our conflicts before we arrive at our optimal state of well-being. So, what does that mean for you? 

Perhaps you need to work through your emotional issues before you can accept love in your life. Maybe you must resolve a conflict with a friend who could unexpectedly become a lover. Or maybe overcoming a conflict will allow you to meet someone you care for dearly. 

Crystal Energy & Love

Rose Quartz: Also known as the “stone of unconditional love” rose quartz promotes a sense of trust and tolerance that are intrinsic to unconditional love. For best results, wear rose quartz as jewelry, place it on your heart chakra, make it a part of your crystal grid, or place it in a key location in your home. 

Green Aventurine: Many say green aventurine is “the stone of opportunity”. It activates the heart chakra to promote empathy and compassion. It increases your understanding of others leading to better relationships. 

Moonstone: This “stone of new beginnings” is known to make people lucky in love. It may strengthen existing relationships and reunite past lovers. It promotes deeper connections between partners. 

angel number 656 meaning in twin flame

Twin flame can be thought of as a new age definition for the love of your life. It describes two people who have a meaningful spiritual connection.


A twin flame will reflect many of your good and bad qualities. They may feel like an extension of yourself. Experts warn that twin flames run the risk of becoming too dependent on one another.


The number 656 is said to play a part in bringing twin flames closer. If you see the number 656, it could indicate that a union is in your future. Its symmetry tells you both partners are synchronizing and growing spiritually.


However, not everything is easy sailing in Twin Flame Land. Remember that pesky number five? You will need to overcome challenges to maintain your bond.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Amethyst: This dazzling purple stone opens your third eye so you form deeper relationships. It promotes telepathy between twin flames helping to strengthen the relationship.


Rhodochrosite: Rhodochrosite helps people get past emotional trauma that may prevent a twin flame from entering their lives. It will also help the couple overcome obstacles to achieve deeper levels of joy and passion.


Rose Quartz: This love crystal is especially powerful in twin-flame relationships. It helps you open your heart to attract your twin flame and welcome the new relationship into your life.

angel number 656 meaning in twin flame reunion

A twin flame reunion occurs after a period of turmoil. The couple may encounter obstacles that lead to physical separation, or they may find their resilience tested by other factors.

Once they become reunited, their relationship becomes stronger than ever. Any challenges they face only serve to strengthen their bond.


656 plays a powerful role in the twin flame reunion. Just as it united couples, it will bring them back together. It will draw them closer as they reunite.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


Moonstone: This crystal supports relationships. It represents a union between male and female energy. It is known to open and stimulate the chakras. It presents a balance that is beneficial to the twin flame journey.


Strawberry Quartz: This stone promotes love, purpose, and spontaneity. Many people wear it to attract a twin flame or soul mate. It provides insight into one’s psyche so they can make self-improvements that allow them to strengthen their relationship.


Rhodonite: Also called the Stone of the Heart, Rhodonite will bring you closer to your inner self so you can discover your life’s purpose. It promotes equilibrium that leads to successful relationships. It can also support healing if your heart is broken on your twin flame journey.

angel number 656 meaning in twin flame separation

Twin flames are so alike, that they may encounter times when it is difficult for them to be together. They may have arguments that open old wounds and expose their insecurities.

These issues are often due to the emotional state of either partner. For example, the partners may experience trauma due to inefficient healing. They may not have achieved a high enough level of self-love to feel worthy of their partner.


In any event, their separation will help them get past this traumatic period.


The number 5 in the center of angel number 656 represents the conflict the couple is facing. Resolving these conflicts will make them closer in the long run.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is ideal for twin flame separation because it helps you negotiate during difficult times. It also protects against negative energy and supports emotional grounding. It will help you deal with the various emotions you experience when you are apart.


Lapis Lazuli: This deep blue stone supports self-awareness, communication, and spiritual growth. It promotes a sense of connection and honesty in the twin flame relationship. It can help you get through hardships.


Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is known as the “master healer”. It can help the partners deal with emotional turmoil during separation. It strengthens connections so the couple can become a stronger entity upon reuniting.

angel 656 meaning in career

Love is not the only aspect of life in which numerology plays a role.  Many also count on it to guide them through their careers. So, what does the number mean when it pops up in your life?
Similar to other applications, the number 656 is a good sign for career growth. However, you will need to do some work to achieve your goals. You may consider taking a class, increasing your network, or offering to take on more responsibility in your current job role. 

Crystal Energy & Career

Citrine: Citrine is known for promoting positive energy and wealth. It increases focus which can help you positively achieve your career goals. Carry it in your pocket or wear it as jewelry the next time you are seeking out a new job opportunity. 

Sunstone: Sunstone is ideal for helping you overcome self-doubt. It will give you confidence when you are pursuing your career journey. It is also said to enhance decision-making, leadership skills, and communication. 

Tiger Eye: The Tiger eye is often worn by leaders. It brings good luck. It supports intuition, decision-making, and communication. 

angel number 656 meaning in finance

The number 656 could indicate that better things are on the horizon in terms of financing. It may be a sign that your financial situation is improving, leading to a life of comfort and stability. However, you will need to make important decisions and take the initiative to achieve your goals. 

Crystal Energy & Finance

Pyrite: Pyrite is also known as “fake gold” so its ability to support wealth should come as no surprise. It also helps you gain confidence so you can grab the bull by the horns. It brings out your strongest skills and enhances communication, so you are ready to step up to the plate when opportunity knocks. 

Green Aventurine: This stone is known for bringing wealth and good luck to the wearer. It helps you follow your passion and achieve your goals. it promotes positive energy. 

Jade: Jade is the prosperity stone. It has been incorporated into spiritual ceremonies for years due to its wealth-attracting characteristics and its ability to provide financial security. Its calming energy allows you to make wise financial decisions. 

angel number 656 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 656 has deep-seated roots in spirituality. It helps us reinvent ourselves. It allows us to achieve insight into our inner selves so we can become more actualized individuals.

The number also motivates us to try new things and discover new facts. It promotes exploration that allows us to learn more about ourselves. It encourages us to analyze our beliefs and change our way of thinking.


People who are guided by 656 will put their faith in the healing process. They will understand that healing takes time. They will allow it to happen so they can become more resilient.

Once you have fully embraced the power of 656, you will have the ability to heal others. Your friends and relatives will become inspired by your honesty and belief in yourself. They will follow your path to emotional well-being.


However, you must remember that 656’s numeric potential will vary with your actions. You must face challenges to reach your goals. The process requires deep introspection and a release of negative thought patterns.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Labradorite: Also known as the “Stone of Magic” labradorite awakens your spirituality. It enhances your intuition and psychic abilities. It makes you more mindful and trusting.


Kyanite: Kyanite amplifies energy frequencies to make you more connected to your spiritual self. It also prevents feelings of anger and confusion that can cloud your thinking.


Howlite: Howlite is ideal for promoting inner peace. It balances your energy so you think clearly and heal emotionality. It promotes patience and tranquility, even in chaotic environments.

angel number 656: final summary

Unlike many other types of spiritual mediums, like cleansings, meditation, and crystal worship, numerology isn’t an active manifestation. The number may come up randomly in your life telling you action is required. Good things are ahead, but they won’t come to you without effort.


Crystals are an excellent way to make the most of what the numbers are telling you. They will give you the power to achieve your goals. They will instill the clear-headedness and balance you need to succeed in love, life, and personal fulfillment.


You can incorporate crystals into your life in many ways. You can display them throughout your home, hold them during meditation, or store them under your pillow, but wearing them as jewelry may be the most convenient method.


You can easily take a crystal bracelet on and off. Wearing it will allow its benefits to absorb into your skin through your pulse point and generate throughout your body.

How will you use crystals and the angel number 656 to make a change for the better?