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What Does Angel Number
112 Mean?



You may have glanced at the time on your phone a few times and it read; 11:21 or 01:12. Or maybe you were scanning your receipt after a grocery run and the price? $112. and you made the payment at 1:12pm. If you aren't familiar with the concept of angel numbers, you may have just brushed these sequences off as mere coincidences but there was definitely an unexplained sense of wonder at the sight of these patterns. So what are they?


These numbers are not a product of chance nor are they an unlikely coincidence. Numerical sequences and patterns that display certain repetitions are called ‘angel numbers’.


In the metaphysical world, these sequences aren't just numbers, they represent signs and signals from the universe. Angel numbers are messages sent from your guardian angels offering incitement and direction on current life circumstances. They serve as a means to recenter your focus and prepare you for what’s to come.


Every single set of angel numbers, from 000-999 has its own meaning. They usually repeatedly come to you in the subtlest of ways yet hold intense power. You might find these numbers on your phone as the time of the day or the number of unopened messages you have. You could also see them in time stamps, alarm clocks, license plates, receipts, likes on a post, price tags and anywhere else you look. However if you see a repetition such as 3333 or 444 or a sequence like 5353 or 5656, the universe is telling you something.


In this article, we will explore the divine possibilities and boundless answers that come with the angel number, 112.


angel number 112 numerology and significance

Angel number 112 signifies imminent rewards for hard work, combining the energies of manifestation, new beginnings, fruitful partnerships, and balance, urging trust in oneself and positive action towards goals for imminent abundance and growth.

As unique as every angel number is, the sequence, 112 really stands out. It shows that an individual's hard work will soon be rewarded with good luck and abundance. 112 is a combination of the energies of numbers - 1 and 2.


Number one is a very powerful manifestation number, it is a sign that your intuition is not going to fail you. It represents leadership and new beginnings. Number two represents fruitful partnerships and balance, it’s a pointer that someone in the spiritual realm is helping you get to where you need to be. It’s also a sign that you’re about to make a productive connection. The combination of these numbers represents new beginnings, relationships and prosperity.


Number 2’s relation to partnerships gives this set of numbers a strong connection to love. They may be seen at a time of emotional uncertainty as a sign for you to trust in yourself and your heart. They have strong ties with the twin flame as well and are usually spotted before a reunion.


They are great manifestation numbers serving as a reminder that your dreams can be brought to reality through reaffirming thoughts and beliefs. It’s also strongly affiliated with growth, both spiritual and emotional. This special Angelic message can be interpreted into multiple aspects of your life, including love, career and spirituality. It is a push to take positive action towards your goals because there are fruitful results ahead.

angel number 112 meaning in love

The Angel number 112 has great alignments with love. It usually represents a call for you to open up yourself and find a balance between your love life and personal life. It is a message for you to strive to form a deeper connection with your partner and rediscover that initial spark. This might happen by trying new things with them, going on more dates, or just effectively communicating how you feel with them.


If you’re single, these numbers represent a call to look at the love within; the one you offer to yourself. It reminds you to prioritize you and start pouring more love into yourself. As previously stated, 112 are manifestation numbers and can be used to call on peace and prosperity to your love life.


With the assistance of crystals in the form of rocks or even bracelets you can manifest true love and genuine connections with 112. We recommend crystals like Rose quartz and Green Aventurine for manifesting love.


Crystal Energy & Love


The Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for anyone who seeks to invite love into their life. This crystal will not add just any love in your life. It will bring unconditional love. The green aventurine is very closely related to the heart chakra. It makes room in your heart for love and prepares you for the love that is to come.

angel number 112 meaning in twin flame

A Twin flame represents your soul mirror. They reflect every aspect of you, both the light and the shadows. It’s almost like a soulmate connection but the difference is your twin flame is your literal second half, just like a mirror. You feel an extremely strong attraction to this individual and a sense of completeness around them. This sense of completion stems from the fact that your twin flame is everything that you aren’t. They are like the missing pieces in your puzzle but that great difference is the largest attraction.


The angel number 112 in the context of the twin flame represents an interdimensional connection that is occurring or about to occur in your life. They are usually a message from your angels to trust in divine timing and that you are on the right path to finding your other half. These numbers are also an indicator that your twin flame is also your soulmate. Holistically, you both are connected on an even deeper spiritual level.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


The perfect crystal for twin flame manifestation is the Amethyst. It's great, and it assists you to open your third eye, aiding with spiritual guidance on your journey with or to your twin flame. We also recommend crystals like the clear rose quartz and the rhodonite that aid with healing and guidance. Relationships are often affected by past traumas. The rhodonite will ensure you can navigate and heal those traumas.

angel number 112 meaning in twin flame reunion

Meeting your twin flame, whether it is for the first time or not, is usually described as a reunion because you have always known them. You were once a whole organism split in two and go through life trapped with the longing for one another. The twin flame reunion can be described as an unusual and overwhelming longing to be around a person even if you just met.


The twin Flame reunion has been described in different ways by many spiritual practitioners. It is said to feel like an intense connection with someone that you may have never met before. It might feel overwhelming at first and it could be new to you. The feeling might also be one that is difficult to explain. There are many stages of the Twin flame journey but the reunion is said to be the most intense.


In this context, the number 112, means that your angels are putting the right energies in place for this great encounter and your reunion would likely be soon.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


The Peridot crystals aid in strengthening the relationship between the two flames and facilitating understanding between the two individuals. They assist in manifestations regarding drawing your twin flame closer to you. It's the perfect crystal for Twin Flame manifestation and can be worn on your wrist as a bracelet.

angel number 112 meaning in twin flame separation

As powerful as the twin flame reunion might be, the bitter-sweet twin flame separation is still a necessary phase for both flames to grow independently and individually find themselves. It is a time of great trial and temptation for both flames and may be a very difficult time for most people.


In the context of twin flame separation, the angel number 112 offers light and guidance. It’s a sign for you to stay positive and continue working on yourself. It serves as a light in this time of despair and a pointer that everything is going to be okay. It is also an indicator that you'll eventually be reunited as two fully mature spiritual beings.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


During your time of twin flame separation, you need to keep crystals around you that assist with growth and self-improvement like the Lapis Lazuli and the blue lace Agate. They help with communication and self-expression. Keeping them on as bracelets or rocks during this period can aid with confidence and healing, manifesting the peace the angel number 112 is trying to bring you.

angel number 112 meaning in career

When it comes to your career, these numbers represent success, abundance, and prosperity. Seeing these numbers in a career-related context like; the day before a big presentation or when you’re about to make a major career decision, is a sign that you’re on the right path and a message from your angels signaling you to trust yourself.


You might find these numbers when you’re doubting important moves. Your angels are calling out to you to have faith in yourself and that your energies are aligned with the path that leads to your success.


It could also signify that a big change is waiting for you. If you've felt stagnated this might be a sign that a big and positive change is coming your way.


Crystal Energy & Career


To tap into manifestation for career success with 112, you'd want to have crystals like the Sunstone, Pyrite and Carnelian. The sunstone tells you to trust authenticity and overcome self doubt so you can invite wealth and abundance into your life. The carnelian has the power to jolt you out of stagnation and ensure that there is always movement in your career. Pyrite will also cleanse you of all self doubt and ensure you can act confidently.


These are healing stones that assist with better communication, confidence, mental clarity, and good fortune. These elements aid with clear thinking and give you the confidence you need to take those bold career steps.

angel number 112 meaning in finance

With finance, the angel number 112 is an indicator that you might be about to tap into your divine wealth. Much like with your career, it represents abundance and prospersity. It is a sign that whatever it is you’re working on is about to pay off in more ways than you had anticipated.


If you’ve been uneasy about your finances or maybe in need of funding for a project or a business then it might also be a sign that whatever you need is about to be provided for you. It’s a message for you to stay on track and remain focused on your goals. Your angels are trying to assure you that you’re close to your goals. Remember to remain resilient and trust in your intuition.


112 is an indicator that things would work in your favor and you should never let your energy be disrupted by the fear of money. You want to use these numbers to stay focused and on track. You can also channel the energy of these numbers into networking and building productive connections at work or with your business.


Crystal Energy & Finance


The best crystals to channel 112 for good finances are the Pyrite, Malachite, and Tiger's Eye. They enhance prosperity and can be used to call wealth into your life. They protect against negative energy aiding navigating situations that could potentially harm you or your finances. Having these crystals on your wrist is an easy way to access their energy even when you’re on the go.

angel number 112 meaning in spirituality

When it comes to spirituality the number 112 represents a spiritual awakening or renewal. It signifies that you're about to have an empowering spiritual encounter that will stir your life in the direction of prosperity and abundance.


When seen in the context of spirituality, it provides a means for you to access deeper realms of yourself and immense growth in your spiritual journey. It signifies a strong connection between your physical and spiritual self. 112 can be interpreted as a sign that you’re on track of your divine purpose.


Your angels are trying to encourage you to be steadfast in your journey and be relentless. However if you find them at a time of spiritual unease or uncertainty, It is a sign for you to collect yourself and keep going.

Crystal Energy & Spirituality


When manifesting with 112 for spirituality, we recommend the Labradorite. Some call it the “magic stone”, and it is known to help with the manifestation of spiritual awareness and protection. You want to keep crystals around you that keep you in tune with your spirituality when manifesting with this number.

angel number 112 : final summary

The angel number 112 can be interpreted in various aspects of our lives. It can be used to manifest love, wealth, abundance and growth. Angel numbers represent a message, an open call for you to respond to. With the right crystal bracelet, and timely manifestation, you can tap into the divine energy of 112 and attract abundance into your life.


Crystals aid with manifestation by creating channels to assist you in your communication with the spiritual. Manifesting angel numbers with crystals creates a deeper connection between you and your angels. Our crystal bracelets offer a diverse range of crystals and provide a convenient way to keep them by yourself at all times.



Bracelets heighten your spirituality by keeping you constantly connected to the energies of these crystals. Wearing crystals is known to attract positivity and keep you constantly in tune with your spirituality for when you encounter angel numbers and bracelets are the most convenient way. Feel free to browse our website to find all the crystals you need to tap into your 112 manifestation.