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What Does Angel Number
22 Mean?



An angel number is a number that appears somewhere in your daily life, often repeatedly, in order to deliver a message from the universe. Sometimes this message is even from your guardian angels, trying to provide you with some direction or guidance in life.


While angel numbers are usually a good sign, they can also warn of difficult situations to come, so it's important to investigate any angel number you see.


The 22 angel number usually appears when you are struggling with your spiritual journey. The number 22 is known to reflect wisdom and encouragement, reminding you to trust yourself to make the right decisions for your future. But keep listening, as another message could follow if you end up making the wrong decision.


If you keep seeing the 22 angel number, it is likely one of the following messages from the universe:


  • You are headed on the right path; trust your decisions.
  • You are gaining wisdom and balance in your life as long as you stay on your current path.
  • Change is around the corner for those in a relationship, and you need to be prepared to make some adaptations to maintain balance.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks, the universe is on your side.


Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the angel number 22 and what its appearance means in your life.


angel number 22 numerology and significance

Angel Number 22 signifies the need for balance, cooperation, and teamwork, particularly in relationships, and serves as a powerful reminder to focus on maintaining harmony to achieve personal and professional goals.

The 22 angel number is unique in that it is only composed of a single base number, 2, which is repeated two times. It also is a two-digit angel number, adding the power of 2 an additional time.


The Number 2


The number 2 in numerology has been known to represent cooperation, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to achieve your wildest dreams. The number 2, because it is associated with relationships, can often indicate the need to focus on a twin flame journey or romantic relationship in order to achieve personal goals.


While the appearance of number 2 is frequently positive, it can also indicate that things in your relationships are out of balance and that you’ll need to work to bring them back into balance—especially when trying to achieve career and financial goals.


When multiplied in angel numbers, the power of the number 2 is amplified the number of times it appears. In the 22 angel number, the number 2 is amplified by a power of 3, that means when you see this angel number, it’s a sign that things in your life are extremely out of balance, or that you need to act quickly to maintain the balance in your life.

angel number 22 meaning in love

The angel number 22 has different meanings depending on whether or not you are single or in a relationship when it appears to you. If you’re single when you spot the 22 angel number, you can take it as a pat on the back from the universe. Your guardian angels know how hard it is to be single, and you can rest easy knowing they are doing all they can to bring your future partner to you.


In order to be ready when that partner appears, ensure you do some self-reflection to ensure you are open to love and new adventures. You should also invest in yourself and your future now so you can give energy to your future partner when they arrive.


Unfortunately, it isn’t a good sign to see the number 22 when you are in a relationship, as it indicates that things are out of balance with you and your partner. You will need to take steps to bring things back into balance, or risk losing your partner entirely. It’s recommended to have a serious chat with your partner, discussing emotions and how things may have gotten out of balance. Then, you’ll want to discuss a plan to bring things back into balance, such as planning weekly date nights or regular discussions.



Crystal Energy & Love


Both the opal and the obsidian stone can help you on your journey with the 22 angel number when considering your relationship. Obsidian helps those who are single best, but you must give yourself a break from this powerful stone—taking it off to sleep and shower. The opal, on the other hand, is recommended for those who are healing from a relationship breakup, as this stone absorbs negative energies.

angel number 22 meaning in twin flame

The twin flame journey is one of the most fulfilling relationship journeys you will ever complete and spotting the 22 angel number can be a good sign. Your twin flame can be one person, or multiple persons during your lifetime. Sometimes twin flames can be romantic relationships, while other times they can be platonic.


The 22 angel number is most often associated with the platonic twin flame relationship, though it can sometimes appear to those in a romantic twin flame relationship. This angel number is a sign that an event with your twin flame is coming up, either a reunion or a separation due to being in balance with yourself, or out of balance with the universe.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


The Rose Quartz stone is the crystal most often associated with the twin flames journey. It is a love stone, and it assists with making deep connections with others on a spiritual level. Those on their twin flame journey, should wear the rose quartz stone close to their skin for maximum benefits, as well as meditate with the stone clenched in their fist whenever possible.

angel number 22 meaning in twin flame reunion

The angel number 22 is a strong indication that you can anticipate being reunited with your twin flame shortly. But, before you can meet them, you need to ensure that you are ready to receive them.

Take this time to work on yourself, diving into meditation and journaling to clear and strengthen your mind. You’ll probably need to let down some of your internal walls to let them in. You may also want to consider confiding in a friend, and expressing your concerns so they can help you clear your aura and psyche enough to make room for your coming twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


The Clear Quartz crystal can help you on this journey, as it can help you to open up your energy channels, relieve negative energy, and be receptive to the energy and crystals worn by others. Once your life is in balance and the universe deems you ready, your twin flame reunion will be right around the next corner.

angel number 22 meaning in twin flame separation

Sadly, if you are in contact with your twin flame, spotting the 22 angel number is not a good sign. Remember, this number is a sign that things in your life are out of balance, and this includes the twin flame journey. After spotting this number, you’ll want to work on your twin flame relationship, but know that it might be too little, too late, and you should prepare for an imminent separation.


Don’t fret, as the twin flame journey is always a rocky one, and even though you will miss them now, you will find them again in the future—at a time when your life is more in balance with the universe.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


You’ll want to consider getting an Amethyst crystal to help you navigate this difficult time. This purple-hued crystal can provide support through a difficult journey and can help promote personal and relationship transformation. If you do end up separating from your twin flame, the amethyst crystal can help you find mental clarity so you can reunite with them again soon.

angel number 22 meaning in career

Spotting the 22 angel number has a unique meaning if it appears as you are questioning your career. It usually appears to those who are feeling stuck or trapped in their current career path and they are wondering if, and when, they should switch it up.


This angel number is a sign that you should switch things up now, taking a risk to make your career more of what you want it to be. Whether this means you ask for a raise or apply somewhere new is totally up to you—but it’s time for change, and the universe is reaffirming this.


For those without a career, when this angel number shows itself, know that the career of your dreams is on your way. Just be prepared to take some risks to get there. Apply for a job you aren’t sure about, even if it is in another city or country. The 22 angel number indicates that the universe is on your side, so it’s time to act like it!


Crystal Energy & Career


Keep a Tiger’s Eye stone close during this time, as this crystal has long displayed its amazing ability to bring career aspirations to fruition. It also provides grounding energies, which can be important through times of change and can bring rocky emotions to the surface.

angel number 22 meaning in finance

Financially, seeing the 22 angel number appear in your life is a good thing, it means positive change and growth is coming your way. It is important to note, however, that the financial benefits provided by the 22 angel number don’t come on their own.


To benefit fully from the 22 angel number, you’ll need to give your money an opportunity to grow. Whether this means investing in something new or putting some money away from a rainy day is up to you. Remember, the number 22 is the universe encouraging you to take a risk, so this would be a good time to consider an investment you recently put off for being too risky.


Don’t forget that you, as yourself, are an investment as well. Besides setting aside money to allow it to grow, invest some cash into your own growth, as this will help you to develop the skills and necessities to take control of your own life.


Crystal Energy & Finance


The Citrine stone is the best stone to have on hand during this period. Like with career aspirations, the Citrine  stone is known for its ability to draw wealth and good things to you. Ensure you follow the rules for wearing a tiger’s eye to reap the maximum benefits from this crystal.

angel number 22 meaning in spirituality

Spiritually, the 22 angel number is of utmost importance. This is due to the fact that the number is a double repetition of itself. Other angel numbers with this similar power include 11 and 33.


The 22 angel number has a special nurturing energy that can be a comfort to you when you are dealing with difficult times. It is meant to remind you that change, and adaptation are good, so you shouldn’t be scared to take calculated risks in your life. If you are struggling with adapting to changes, take the time to meditate or journal to connect with your inner child and channel their energies to make changes in your life.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


This angel number also reminds you to trust your intuition when making decisions. If you feel an urge within when you see this number, follow it, as it will likely lead you back to the right path in life.

Smoky Quartz is the best crystal to have on hand during your spiritual journey. This crystal can help you connect with your inner self while repelling negative energies. It is recommended to keep a smoky quartz crystal clenched in your fist for protection during meditation and chakra exercises.

angel number 22 : final summary

Overall, the angel number 22 is a sign from the universe that something in your life is currently out of balance and that change will be coming your way. While this change is almost always positive, it can become a negative change if you don’t heed the warning and take time to evaluate your life.


When you see the 22 angel number, it's important to focus on yourself, your relationships, and mental healing. This angel number is all about balance, and you will need to dedicate some time and energy into finding, and solving, the imbalance.


A variety of crystals can help you during this journey. It is recommended to select the crystals based on the areas where you need help the most and wear them in a combination close to your skin. Crystal bracelets can help you to achieve this and receive the full benefits of the 22 angel number.