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What Does Angel Number
353 Mean?



Have you been seeing the numbers “353” everywhere? Maybe you feel as though the numbers are important because they keep popping up in your life, but you have no idea what they mean or what you’re supposed to do about it. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the meaning behind angel number 353, and what actions this message is encouraging you to take!


Angel numbers are special numbers in numerology that usually have a repeating sequence of 3 or 4 numbers, or appear in a pattern (ex. 1111, 321, or 5656). These numbers are believed to have special meanings, and are seen as messages from spirit guides, angels or the universe to help you find direction, gain insight, or learn something important. You can learn a lot from angel numbers, such as whether you’re currently on the right path, how to navigate complicated and tricky situations, or help you decipher experiences you keep reliving in your life.


You can see angel number in some pretty ordinary places, such as:

  • Clocks
  • Receipts
  • Price totals
  • Phone numbers
  • Websites


You’ll know it’s an angel number when you see it in a seemingly normal place, but it really stands out and grabs your attention, or you see this number repeatedly- it seems like you’re seeing this number everywhere!


angel number 353 numerology and significance

Angel number 353 signifies transformation and success through creativity and self-expression, encouraging personal growth, spiritual awakening, and assurance that hard work will lead to achieving your dreams.

There’s a lot of significance packed into this short numerical sequence. The number 3 is associated with things like self-expression and creativity, as well as growth. The number 5 is associated with making progress, personal development, and adventure. The additional 3 at the end of the sequence intensifies its effects, which means you’ll really feel drawn to creative outlets, various methods of self-expression, and you’ll find yourself using creative ways to succeed. In addition to that, 3+5=8+3= 11. 11 is associated with themes like enlightenment, intuition and spiritual awakening.


The meaning behind the angel number 353 is not just success and wealth. It will transform you and compel you to find ways to become successful and create abundance for yourself. It will give you the push you need to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. It’s also confirmation that if you’ve already been working towards these things that you’re on the right path and that your hard work will pay off if you stay on this path. The universe is doing its part to provide you with the tools and resources you need to get it done, and all you have to do is keep your focus. The number is considered to be encouraging, powerful, and a total confidence-booster.

angel number 353 meaning in love

The theme of abundance with the number 353 is carried over into love and relationships. Most people think about the word “abundance” and they think it only applies to money, but it can apply to a lot of aspects of your life. Seeing 353 can mean that your love life will prosper.


Looking for a Partner: This is a sign that you may not be single for long. It’s a message that you shouldn’t get discouraged, but rather stay open and positive about dating and love. Finding someone could come unexpectedly.


Unhappy or Feeling Stagnant in Relationship: If you feel stuck or you’re not happy with your relationship, this number is a sign that you should take charge of the situation. It’s up to you to carefully consider whether that means you need to have a talk with your partner about solutions, take some time apart, or end it. But whatever it is, this is not only a sign that it’s time for you to take action, but also that the universe will have your back and help you through the situation, no matter the outcome.


Happy in a Relationship: Just because you’re happy with someone doesn’t mean that you can’t take action to make the relationship even better. This is a call to keep that spark alive and improve the bond between you and your partner. That could mean spending more time together, planning a special trip together, thoughtful gifts, or even just communicating more. It’s also a sign that if you act on this, you’ll reap the benefits of abundance in your love life.


Crystal Energy & Love


Garnet is a great stone to pair with angel number 353 in the love aspect of your life. Like many red or pink stones, there’s a strong association with love, passion, and desire. It’s also said to increase your sex drive. It’s believed to dispel negative energy and attract positive vibes to you. If you’re single, it can help bring the right partner to your life. 


One of the best benefits of garnet when it comes to your love life is that it can help you heal and get through emotional trauma, which can improve a relationship if you’re already in one, or help prepare you for a healthy relationship when the time is right. Also, like angel number 353, garnet boosts your confidence, which most people agree is sure to make you more attractive. 


Also, it brings emotional balance, which in conjunction with the balancing powers of 353 can drastically cut back on stress, depression and anxiety. It also promotes self-expression and creativity, so when you pair it with angel number 353 you’ll probably be daydreaming about your partner or potential partner a lot and think up lots of creative gifts or dates that your lover will appreciate!

angel number 353 meaning in twin flame

Twin flames are a unique and powerful spiritual connection. They’re considered to be one soul divided between two bodies. This bond transcends usual mortal constraints, like time and space. And it doesn’t always refer to a romantic partner. Much like people sometimes feel like their best friends are soul mates, this could be the case for your twin flame.


A twin flame connection should be a mirror experience. Sometimes your twin flame will seem like your opposite. Maybe they’re the opposite sex, or you’re light and sunny and they’re dark and gloomy. But the experience will cause you to take a hard look at and learn about yourself. It will cause you to grow, transform and heal, and in the process you’ll conquer things like insecurities, deep personal fears and other things that hold you back.


Seeing the angel number 353 is a sign that this twin flame journey is on the right track and going well. Sure, there have been some bumps and obstacles on your journey and there will be in the future but this is an indication that everything is as it should be. The message is “Trust the journey, stay positive and on track.” The action you need to take is to maintain open communication with your twin flame so that you can build a solid foundation for a strong relationship with them. You can also use the creative energy that this number is showering you with to think up some creative gifts to give your twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Adventurine can attract prosperity to your life. As we’ve discussed with the angel number 353, prosperity doesn’t always mean money. It can help you find balance, which is the end goal of a mature and healthy twin flame relationship. It will help you balance out your masculine and feminine sides. The balance it provides is said to provide peace and harmony in your life. You’ll get a double dose of confidence from this stone and the angel number 353, which means you’ll have the courage to communicate with your twin flame openly, which is crucial. It can also help to heal emotional wounds, which will deepen the healthy twin flame relationship.

angel number 353 meaning in twin flame reunion

A twin flame reunion is when twin flames have met, but parted ways for some reason, then reunited when the conditions were right. Sometimes when twin flames first meet each other, the connection is so strong that it can be a toxic relationship. It’s believed that the reunion is destined to occur when one or both of you are ready or have put in the work and had the necessary experiences for the journey to have a more favorable effect upon reunion. Twin flame separations and reunions happen quite often.


The meaning behind 353 and a twin flame reunion is that everything is lining up to bring you and your twin flame back together. You need to take actions to be open to the reunion, like communicating freely and openly with your twin flame. There are going to be some challenges on your journey but you need to stay focused. Be on the look out for new ways to strengthen the relationship.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion


Amethyst can help with a twin flame reunion situation. While you’re likely over-the-moon that your twin flame has returned, there’s probably still some complicated lingering feelings due to the separation that led to this reunion. Amethyst can help with that because many people use it for emotional healing and stress relief. It’s also great for clearing your mind and meditation which will help you find your higher self. And in conjunction with the angel number 353, your intuition will reach new levels which will help you learn to communicate with your twin flame’s higher self and connect on new planes.

angel number 353 meaning in twin flame separation

Twin flames frequently separate for periods of time as part of the twin flame journey. There are a lot of reasons for this.


  • The timing isn’t right
  • More growth is needed (from you, your flame, or both)
  • There’s a lack of self love
  • There’s spiritual or emotional immaturity present
  • You’ve learned what you needed to from the situation


Here’s what the number 353 means in the context of a twin flame separation. This is a reassuring message. Often this phase of the twin flame journey is emotionally devastating, but it’s also necessary. You’ll find that out as you begin a new journey: one where you work on personal development and finding yourself. This journey will prepare you to reunite with your twin flame if that’s in the cards for you.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


This emotional time in your life can be helped with Rhodonite. It can bring about compassion, which will help you feel unconditional love for your twin flame. Combined with the angel number 353 it will help to ground and balance both you and your energy so that you can become your best self. 


It’s great for twin flame separation because in many instances they leave because of a toxic relationship, and rhodonite can help with codependency, self-destructive tendencies or abusive situations, as well as promoting a love that’s not selfish. But the property you’ll need most in this instance is its emotional healing properties and the encouragement of forgiveness, which you’ll need to foster a twin flame reunion later.

angel 353 meaning in career

The angel number 353 can be a positive message in your career. It means that you’ll need to take some action like making moves to follow your dreams and achieve your goals, but then abundance will come your way. For instance if you’re feeling stuck in a dead-end job, or uninspired, then this could be the sign you need to pursue other avenues. The overall message is to trust yourself- all of you, including your intuition, your worth and your skills. If there’s a career move you’ve been dreaming of making but the timing has never been right, then this is your sign to make the necessary moves.


Crystal Energy & Career


Sunstone is wonderful for advancing one’s career. As its name suggests, the stone has strong connections to symbolism involving the sun, which means you’ll be radiant and full of energy. It’s also considered to be a leadership stone, which means that when you combine its benefits with angel number 353 you’ll have the confidence necessary to make bold moves and get promotions or land your dream job because your management potential will show through. And because it promotes joy, you’ll be a happier version of yourself which will draw more people to you and make you more likable, which is important for promotions, closing deals, or getting hired.

angel number 353 meaning in finance

When it comes to money matters, the number 353 can be a real blessing. It’s a sign that you need to take charge of your finances. Because of its ability to lend you a bit of confidence, you’ll have the boost you need to make bold business moves or take financial risks for high rewards. You’ll also find yourself using your creativity and maybe even your intuition to explore new and lucrative opportunities or find new ways to make money. It’s also reassurance that if you put in the work, abundance will come your way.


Crystal Energy & Finance


Jade, the gem supreme, is going to be your best friend when it comes to money matters. All around the world, jade is known to bring good luck and prosperity. You won’t believe the crazy good luck and increased finances you’ll see when you combine jade with the angel number 353’s prosperity potential! It’s also got strong healing powers, which means you can dispel all of the negative thoughts and emotions that hold you back, clearing the way for you to manifest exactly what you need.

angel number 353 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 353 is associated with spiritual awakening. The symbolism behind the number 3 repeating itself is that you’re receiving assistance from spirit guides, angels or other cosmic teachers. You’re being guided along the way on your journey and pointed in the right direction so that you can achieve spiritual fulfillment and find yourself. 353 is a call for you to listen to your inner voice, deeply connect with your intuition and start allowing your spirituality to guide your life.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Rainbow moonstone is an excellent choice for the spiritual awakening that angel number 353 is going to clear the way for. When combined with angel number 353, your creativity levels will increase, as will your intuition. People say that rainbow moonstone increases psychic abilities and helps you detect lies, secrets and hidden truths. It can connect you to your inner wisdom. And since spiritual awakenings can be sort of an emotional rollercoaster ride, it helps to bring balance to your emotions and empathy and understanding for others.

angel number 353 : final summary

The angel number 353 is strongly associated with encouraging messages, prosperity, calls to action, abundance, creativity, intuition and spiritual awakening. But you can amplify all of these attributes by using crystals bracelets with similar attributes. Wearing crystal bracelets connects your energy with the benefits you wish to gain from the stones they’re made from. We have bracelets up in our shop made from the crystals mentioned in this article, and they’ll make an excellent addition to your spiritual journey with the angel number 353! 

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