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What Does Angel Number
420 Mean?



420 is a powerful number. Have you seen it recently? If so, it could be an Angel Number with significant meaning for you. Read on to find out more…


Numbers are everywhere. We see them every day, and for the most part, we don’t really think much about them. They’re a useful tool to help us calculate our finances, or count down the days to a much-anticipated vacation, but in a world filled with numbers, they’re just… numbers right?


But, have you ever found that a number seems to be repeating in your life? It’s occurring more often than is likely by chance. There appears to be no logical reason for it, but once you notice it, it seems as if that specific number is everywhere! What on earth does this mean?


Numbers are magic, hidden in plain sight. So common they’re overlooked until they stand out and make you notice them. These special numbers that occur in our lives are known as angel numbers, and they show up for a reason.


Of course, no one really knows what force is sending these mystical messages. Are they from our loved ones who have passed? Could they be sent from a higher being? Or perhaps we manifest this magic from an unknown and untapped source within our own minds? What we do know, is that these angel number will occur at times when we perhaps need guidance or have a decision to make, and it can certainly be beneficial to pay attention to them.


angel number 420 numerology and significance

420 angel number meaning:Seeing angel number 420 signifies positive growth, new beginnings, and the assurance that you are on the right path, bringing hope and balance into your life.

If the number 420 is appearing to you, this is good news! 420 is a very powerful number with many positive aspects. It’s a number that represents growth. From nothing, zero, comes 2, and two is doubled to become 4. This number is a sign. It signifies that where there is apparently nothing, when you’re perhaps feeling hopeless, from nothing will come something, something good, something positive, and from that small start, growth is assured. When you see the number 420, you can have hope. It’s a number of positive change, of great new beginnings, and a better future.


This is reinforced when we look at each individual digit. The number four represents a leap of faith. Perhaps there’s a big choice you need to make, or you’re hesitating about a big life change. The number two is all about balance and harmony, and zero represents emptiness, but is also an indicator that you’re on the right path. So you’re doing everything right, you’re making good choices so far, you just might need to take a leap of faith to achieve the ultimate balanced and harmonious life.


The aspect of your life that the number relates to can be up for interpretation, but pay attention to when and where you see the number for some clues as to its relevance. For example, if you see it at work, then it may apply to your career. If it’s when you’re feeling most at ease, perhaps during a session of meditation, it may relate to your personal spiritual journey. But usually, these numbers materialize when we have something on our mind. We will often instinctually know what area of our lives these numbers relate to, and it can often give us a feeling of reassurance that we’re on the right path, or give us hope that the bad times will soon pass and positivity will enter our world once more.

angel number 420 meaning in love

420 is the couple's number. If you’re currently single and looking for love, then get ready for romance! This number signifies a union between two people. From being alone, you become two. That number doubles up as your love grows. This doubling of 2 to 4 can represent the positive evolution of your relationship, the growth that occurs as your love blooms. But, it can also represent physical growth. If you’re looking to start a family, this is a very positive number indeed! For those looking for love, if you’ve spotted angel number 420, then romance could be just around the corner.


Crystal Energy & Love


To give yourself the best chance of finding that special someone, keep Clear Quartz close to you. Clear Quartz is known as the amplifier of love and should help guide you to finding that special someone.

angel number 420 meaning in twin flame

A twin flame is someone who changes your life forever. Sometimes we meet someone, and it feels like destiny. You may have met through a chance encounter that put you in the same place at the same time, and you’ve found an immediate bond. While twin flame relationships can often be romantic in nature, this isn’t always the case. You may find your twin flame is your best friend, or even a work colleague. But you’ll know when you find one, as the energy levels are palpable.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


You may find keeping Green Aventurine on your person beneficial in creating a bond with your twin flame. This crystal is the stone of heartfelt connections and could help to bring you closer to a new meaningful, life-changing relationship. Crystals have been used as tools throughout history. These attractive stones offer so much more than beauty. When you wear Green Aventurine, you’re sending out a message that you’re seeking your twin flame. You’ll increase your chances of meeting someone who will ultimately transform and benefit your life. It’s also a calming stone, so it will help to assuage nerves and make you a better conversationalist, that might just spark up a special friendship or relationship.


With 420 being the number of relationship growth, you can always count on it as a positive sign. Perhaps you’re soon to meet someone who will change the course of your life. Or maybe you’re seeing it as a confirmation that you’re on the right track. Perhaps you’re hesitating about moving forward with a relationship. If 420 is showing up regularly in your life, it could be encouraging you to take a leap of faith and give more of yourself to this partnership.

angel number 420 meaning in twin flame reunion

If you’ve recently met up with an old flame, or somehow your twin flame has re-entered your life, 420 could be a sign of regrowth and you could be heading towards twin flame reunion, a hugely important phase in a relationship, where you overcome all obstacles to reunite forever. This could result in a life-long friendship or a romantic relationship that will stand the test of time. A twin flame reunion is a wonderful event, and so if you see 420 in relation to a previous twin flame, you certainly have a lot to feel positive about. Something amazing may just be about to happen!


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


For the very best chance of achieving twin flame reunion, there are two powerful crystals, which when worn together, such as on a bracelet, can have a profound effect. By harnessing the power of Lapiz Lazuli, the gemstone of honesty, healing and protection, alongside Garnet, the stone of passionate commitment, you have all the tools within you to forge this strong and unique bond. These two crystals are a strong combination that will help to keep you safe, and build amazing transformational relationships. Jewelry featuring these two precious stones would make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your twin flame too.

angel number 420 meaning in twin flame separation

A twin flame relationship feels intense. So when these relationships dwindle or end entirely, it can feel like a huge wrench to your heart and soul. It’s so important to understand that our twin flame was sent into our lives for a reason. For some, it may be for a lifetime of company, but for others, it could be to teach us something about ourselves, to help us move forward on our spiritual journey. When this goal has been accomplished, the flame starts to die down, and may eventually be extinguished entirely. If you feel as if you’re drifting apart from someone, the number 420 could be an indicator that you’re nearing the end of the twin flame separation process. While 420 is a number of growth, in some situations, it can also indicate the reverse. A gentle flow from 4 to 2, to zero, as the relationship fades to nothing.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Seeing 420 regularly can mean that you have to let go, even if this may feel painful at the time. If these troubling times feel too much to bear, Amethyst jewellery worn close to the skin can really help. Known for its calming and soothing properties, amethyst can be a real comfort in times of need. It can help you to take a step back from a situation and take a breath, assessing your feelings with a little distance from the most powerful emotions. Amethyst works well for stress as not only is it calming, but it also aids restful sleep, which is so important for our mental wellbeing. Sleep with an amethyst on a bracelet, or under your pillow for the ultimate dreamy, relaxing slumber.

angel 420 meaning in career

When it comes to your career, the number 420 is a foreteller of growth. If you’re currently out of work, if you see 420 while you’re job hunting, it could be the universe trying to steer you towards a career path that you’re destined for. Or perhaps your job is becoming a little mundane and you’re not enjoying what you do? Pay close attention to when and where 420 shows up. It could be pushing you to apply for promotion, or maybe it’s an indicator that it’s time for a change. When you look for the signs, you’ll find them. If you follow them, who knows what amazing life-enhancing changes await you!


Crystal Energy & Career


If you’re trying to advance your career or find that new employment opportunity, wearing a Tiger Eye crystal will put you in the right mindset. This ancient stone has been worn by leaders for thousands of years. It brings with it the ability to make sound decisions and boosts communication skills, and it’s also known to bring good luck. Sometimes a little luck can truly make the difference when you’re job hunting or hoping for a promotion.

angel number 420 meaning in finance

The positivity of angel number 420 shines through when it comes to boosting your finances. When you see 420, you may wish to interpret this as a guiding light towards financial well-being. The number might appear when you’re making a good financial decision, or perhaps it will help you to make the right choice when faced with several options. Whether you’re making a huge investment on the stock market, or placing a small bet on a horse race, if the number 420 appears to you, don’t ignore it, it could be pointing you in a highly lucrative direction!


Crystal Energy & Finance


This could also be the perfect time to invest in a little citrine. This pretty stone is thought to bring wealth and success to its wearer. If the signs are in your favour, and you’re seeing angel number 420, then citrine is sure to help you on your way to financial success. It will bring you clarity of mind and boost you creativity, which could certainly help you to move up in the world.

angel number 420 meaning in spirituality

When angel number 420 appears to you in multiple ways, it often means you’re on the right track. This number symbolizes growth, but it can also be a sign that you have already grown. Seeing the number 420 could be a sign that you have achieved spiritual growth and simply need to recognize this. Often our greatest achievements happen without us even realising, and so seeing 420 can often be a moment when we should stop and take stock. We should think about all we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come. Think back, have you overcome problems? Have you changed your life? Are you working to be a better person? Then well done. The number 420 wants you to appreciate yourself and everything you’ve done, for yourself, and others.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


However, if you feel your spiritual journey still needs a helping hand, then look to Labradorite for a helping hand. Not only is this crystal stunningly beautiful, but it is full of powerful energy that brings benefits to both body and mind. Known for its ability to promote spiritual growth, it’s a key stone to becoming the best you possible.

angel number 420: final summary

As you can see, 420 is one of the most powerful and meaningful angel numbers. It can bring love, wealth, and success and help you to find your twin flame. Perhaps you’ve seen it everywhere, or maybe it has crept into your subconscious, and you’ve just begun to notice its prevalence. Either way, the number 420 is a wondrous addition to your life. Whenever you see it, you can smile as you ponder what it will behold, and what positive transformational energies will flow into your life. The number 420 can help guide you on your path in life, but you can always give fortune an extra helping hand by harnessing the power of crystals.


Crystal jewelry, such as bracelets are beautiful. They turn heads and grab attention. But when the crystals on your bracelet are chosen for their benefits, they become not just an attractive accessory, but a mighty tool for forging the best path through life. When you select the crystals for a bracelet, choose the perfect selection of gems tailored to your own goals and dreams. Select crystals for a happy marriage, for great fortune and good health. Perhaps you’ll opt for stones that boost confidence, or contentment. Each gorgeous gemstone has its own unique benefits, so you can create a bracelet that will always be with you, bestowing you with mystical energy and all the rewards this brings with it. When you’re wearing your crystal bracelet, you’ll find you notice more angel numbers.


Will you keep seeing 420? Or will a new angel number start vibrating for you? The numbers choose you. If you choose to pay attention to them, and learn how to read them, you will open up a whole world of opportunities.