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What Does Angel Number
33 Mean?



Have you looked around recently and seen the number “33” almost everywhere you look? Does it keep cropping up on receipts, timestamps, account balances, and more? If so, you might be receiving a message from your angels or a divine presence trying to help guide you.


What are Angel Numbers?


Angel numbers are considered any pattern of three or four numbers that are intended as messages from your angels. These are patterns that you see in everyday places regularly when an angel or divine being is trying to send an important message to you, guiding you along your journey. They can represent several types of messages applicable to different areas of your life, from love to finances to spirituality.


Where do you see Angel numbers?


Angel numbers can be seen anywhere. For example:


  1. You might see the number “33” continue to pop up in bank balances or on price tags.
  2. When you get a total on a receipt, it might contain “33”.
  3. Each time you glance at your phone or a clock, it might have “33”.
  4. You might see “33” while driving, on street signs, on people’s addresses, or even on license plates.


When you see the same set of numbers appear regularly in life, it is a way for the universe to get your attention, confirm that you are on the right path, or guide you toward a new one.


angel number 33 numerology and significance

Angel number 33 signifies a powerful message of optimism, balance, and creativity, emphasizing the importance of maintaining positive relationships and effective communication, while reinforcing that you are on the right path and should trust your journey.

So what does the angel number 33 mean in numerology? What is the significance of this pattern?


In numerology, the number 3 is optimistic, a positive number that is heavily connected to balance, relationships, communication, and creativity. The pattern of “33” has two of the same number, which reinforces the power and strength behind that number and its significance in your angel number message.

angel number 33 meaning in love

Angel number 33 is tied to positivity and a love of what else but love? This means that if you see angel number 33, it could indicate that you need to take your love to the next level by incorporating more excitement and activity in your relationships.


  • The universe might be telling you to spend more time in your relationships, communicating with those you love.
  • The universe might be encouraging you to do more small things with your friends, family, and self, like booking that next vacation you have put off for years, or just arranging a monthly date night.
  • The universe might be encouraging you to find joy in small things, focusing on love more than negative emotions like the stress of finding a parking spot during a crowded event or the cost of tax on concert tickets.
  • The universe might be encouraging you to make more friends, find a partner, and widen your social group.


Crystal Energy & Love


Citrine:In any relationship, love can be spiritually or emotionally exhausting. Sometimes we end up helping others to such a degree that we shift out of balance. This can lead to negativity or detract from self-love.Wearing citrine crystals can help boost your self-love, joy, and general love for all of your relationships. This abundance of stone is known for its ability to bring joy and happiness to the wearer or user.


As such, if you are struggling in your personal relationships, working hard to provide for a family, care for aging parents, and take care of yourself, you might feel low or overwhelmed at times, detracting from your focus: love. But citrine can help boost your mood by enhancing your positive energy.


It can also help you focus more on loving yourself by increasing your confidence and self-esteem. Removing negative energies from your life and encouraging cleansing that allows for positive energy will ensure your life is more abundant and loving.

angel number 33 meaning in twin flame

With regard to your twin flame journey, angel number 33 could be indicating that you need to focus on engaging with others, perhaps in order to find your twin flame more effectively. You might be receiving a message to have more fun, express love and joy in all things, and therefore cultivate more positive energy which could help you connect with the energy of your twin flame.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


Aventurine is often associated with finances and other abundance because it is the opportunity stone. But that opportunity extends to your purpose in life and your twin flame journey. When wearing or using this stone, especially during times of meditation or self-reflection, you can break through unhelpful thought patterns or habits that distract from your twin flame journey.


This crystal is particularly important for those who need to overcome an obstacle on their twin flame journey, or need help breaking through an emotional block. By wearing aventurine, you can get through the obstacles in your path and transition successfully into the next step in your twin flame journey.

angel number 33 meaning in twin flame reunion

Angel number 33 could indicate that you are on your path toward a twin flame reunion, but the universe or your angels might know that you need a little bit of support to know whether you are on the right path.


Angel number 33 indicates that you are doing things correctly and that you are on the path toward change and positivity in your twin flame reunion.


  • The universe might be telling you to use your communication to encourage a reunion.
  • The universe might be telling you to be true to yourself and your personality. In numerology, for example, the number 3 represents attraction and a strong personality that is lighthearted but loving. If you see angel number 33 around you, the universe might encourage you to embrace this personality type in order to facilitate a reunion.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


If you are in the midst of a twin flame reunion, Tourmaline is a crystal well-known for its ability to promote wisdom. During a reunion, wisdom will go a long way toward enabling self-reflection and learning from your separation or other challenges in the past. Moreover, Tourmaline is known for its ability to encourage emotional stability.


When you are headed toward a twin flame reunion, you need emotional stability; you also need to repel negative energy that might be inhibiting your twin flame connection. By wearing Tourmaline jewelry, you can break through old patterns, both conscious and unconscious, that may have created negative energy in your relationship with yourself or with others.


You can cultivate not only wisdom but also the courage to make changes or break through negative patterns and patience to reunite when the time is right without forcing or pushing the change.

angel number 33 meaning in twin flame separation

If you are seeing angel number 33 around you, it could be a message that you need to embrace improved communication and capitalize on your natural creativity for finding solutions that you may not have seen before, especially in your relationships.


When you have struggled with a twin flame separation, and you are now on the path toward a reunion, that reunion could be facilitated by improving your communication and letting yourself be more vulnerable.


  • The universe might be telling you that you need to open yourself up toward better communication about intimacy.
  • The universe might be encouraging you to share your dreams and ambitions with your twin flame and, in so doing, build supportive energies between the two of you that not only help those dreams and ambitions to manifest but can help facilitate your twin flame reunion.
  • The universe might be telling you that you need to find ways to communicate more often and more effectively. Many relationships can fall apart because of stoicism, closed-off emotions, and an inability to communicate successfully. But a twin flame reunion can only happen when this is reversed.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Amethyst is known for having cleansing properties both physically and emotionally. These properties can help connect you to balance in your life and aid in meditation or time for self-reflection. When you are going through a twin flame separation, you need to see the time as an opportunity for improving your personal balance and, in so doing, achieving deeper meditations that provide a chance to turn your attention inward and find where problems may have existed or where trauma may be impeding your reunion.


Moreover, it is said that amethyst can help with communication and cleansing of negativity and bad tempers. As such, wearing amethyst or keeping it in a place like a bedroom or living room can provide a chance to change the way you communicate with your twin flame (and others) and learn to control bad tempers.

angel number 33 meaning in career

One of the main meanings behind angel number 33 is creativity and artistic expression. As it relates to your career, seeing angel number 33 all around you could mean that the universe wants you to speak up, to use your voice to communicate your needs or wants, to share a new project idea, or to be more assertive about taking on new responsibilities at work.


  • The universe might want you to embrace your creativity, to finally put more time into designing the clothing line you’ve always wanted to do, or to open a new type of restaurant.
  • The universe might want you to embrace your creativity and curiosity at work to find solutions that your coworkers are not seeing. This might be your opportunity to become the person who can solve problems creatively and, therefore, can help propel the company and your career forward.

Crystal Energy & Career


If you are pursuing career growth, wearing Carnelian can help you with your career achievements. Keeping a stone in your office can help you stay driven and focused, giving you the motivation to make the right choices for your career. Wearing a stone can help boost your confidence and improve your public speaking abilities which makes it ideal for wearing when you have a presentation or an important meeting.

angel number 33 meaning in finance

With a strong focus on balance, angel number 33 could indicate that you need to remain smart and well-balanced when it comes to your spending, your saving, and all of your other financial decisions.


●The universe might be encouraging you to consider helping others with the wealth that you have acquired, finding balance by sharing.

●The universe might also be encouraging you to focus more on making smart choices by not spending as much and by saving more so that you have long-term financial stability.


Crystal Energy & Finance


If you are trying to improve your finances, one of the most popular choices throughout Chinese history has been Green Jade. It is said that the wearer or user of the stone will attract abundance and wealth to themselves. Secondarily, it also helps keep you calm while guarding against harm. This can go a long way toward enabling you to remain calm when stressful financial decisions are in your midst and to protect yourself against poor financial decisions or scams.

angel number 33 meaning in spirituality

Angel number 33 represents spiritual protection. This indicates that you are on the right path, and as you continue to pursue different areas of your life, like love and finance, you will remain protected. Moreover, this number is meant to indicate that you have a spiritual guide who is looking out for you and that you can take steps to remain more connected to your spiritual realm in order to make the most of this protection.


●The universe might be telling you that you need to consider more actions that support your spiritual growth.

●The universe might be encouraging you by offering guidance in your self-reflection or deeper connections to spiritual realms.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


To help direct you on your path of spiritual growth, Kyanite provides a connection to your spirit guides. If you are seeing angel number 33 all around you, your spirit guides are trying to send you a message and wearing or holding Kyanite can help you access that message more clearly.


It is also said that  Kyanite works well in your dreams, helping to connect you to the spiritual realms more deeply in your dreams. Your dreams will be more easily remembered, and they can function as a source of healing, removing negative energy from your mind while you rest. For that reason, keeping  Kyanite crystals next to your bed or near you when you nap can be very useful.

angel number 33 : final summary

Overall, if you are seeing angel number 33, you are on the right path and you are being supported by a divine power. By wearing crystals that relate to the area of your life where you are looking to improve or remain protected, you can make the most out of the messages you are receiving.