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What Does Angel Number
131 Mean?



One. Three One. You may have seen the number 131 pop up several times throughout your daily life. For example, one of your bills may have totaled $131, the tax on something you bought may have been $1.31, and your address may even have a 131 in it.


And it isn’t just once, either. You’re seeing this number everywhere. It went from being just a coincidence to something that has taken over your life. If this is the case, and you’ve found yourself here, you’re in luck.


This number is actually an angel number. Angel numbers show themselves during significant life events. They are how your guardian angels communicate with you and guide you. After all, angels are beings who do not speak like humans do. That's why you must be vigilant in your life and look for these numbers.


Angel numbers usually come in a pattern or repetition. The ultimate angel number is said to be 777. Meanwhile, 131 is a pattern, with the three nestled between two ones. What does it mean? This post will look at the angel number 131 and what it may mean for you.


angel number 131 numerology and significance

Angel number 131 signifies the beginning of a new journey where trusting your intuition and believing in your abilities are essential for success and potential further growth.

To get what the angel number 131 means, we must first understand what the numbers 1 and 3 mean in the angel number context.


The number 1 is a new beginning. It’s your angels’ way of telling you that you’re about to face a new challenge that will shape you as a person. With the numbers starting at the beginning and ending, this may symbolize that you may have another journey at the end of your new one. It's a period where some significant changes may come, so prepare yourself.


Meanwhile, angel number three is your angels' way of telling you to believe in yourself. During your journey, you must trust your intuition and your talents. This period is one where you need to aim high and not put in only half an effort.


Put them together, and you have angel number 131. Its significance is one of a new journey and the potential start of an additional journey at the end. To handle this journey, you must look inward and trust your intuition. This is a time when you should not doubt your abilities, either. You are a fantastic person, and you will do some great things. Just believe in yourself and trust your angels' plans.

angel number 131 meaning in love

You may have seen the angel number 131 in your love life in many places. For instance, if you’re looking for love, you may have 131 matches on a dating app. If you’re dating, you may spend $131 on a nice dinner with your partner. So, what does this number mean? It depends on your relationship status.


If you're single and looking, 131 means that you may soon get into a relationship. Like all relationships, it's a great journey. It may end with a new journey, and this doesn't have to be negative. It could mean that your love with your partner may deepen.

However, you must trust your intuition and skills. Don't think that you can't get the person you like because you believe they are on a different level. If you feel like someone likes you, trust your intuition and pursue the relationship.


The same principles apply to people who are in a relationship. You and your partner will go on a new journey together and eventually another one. In this period, trust each other's skills and intuition, and you will succeed. If your relationship is on the rocks, the number 131 may signify that you're about to break up with your partner, but your journey may lead you to find someone else.


Crystal Energy & Love


When you see the number 131 in your love life, you may need a gemstone to help you tackle your journey. The Peridot is an excellent gemstone for this, promoting love, intuition, truth, and balance. It also fosters hope, which can help you stay positive even though you may be facing some great troubles in your life.

angel number 131 meaning in twin flame

The twin flame is more than your partner. They are what complete you. When you encounter your twin flame, your flames will grow twofold. Some will argue that your life’s journey is one of finding and maintaining your twin flame.


If you see the angel number 131 in your search, this is excellent news from the spirits above. It's proof that your twin flame is approaching, and you may one day go on an incredible journey with them. However, you must trust your intuition if you wish to succeed. This is not a period where you should possess any doubts.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame


A Lapis Lazuli can be a great gemstone to possess during this time. This gemstone can give you powerful intuition, which will assist you in finding your partner. Another reason why you should use this gemstone is that it promotes honesty. To get your twin flame, you'll need to be honest, both to your flame and to yourself. This may be a time when you'll want to trust in your abilities more than ever.

angel number 131 meaning in twin flame reunion

The twin flame reunion process signifies that you've found your twin flame. But your twin flame journey never ends. You and your twin flame will face many challenges. The number 131 means a new journey will soon happen. This journey may be one where your relationship will grow even more robust and then further strengthen as the journey starts anew.


To tackle this journey, you must trust your and your partner's intuition. When something threatens to shake your reunion, remember that your twin flame will never be extinguished. Instead, trust in yourself and your partner.


Garnet is an excellent gemstone to possess at this time. It promotes trust, friendship, and loyalty. These energies are vital to keep you and your twin flame burning even brighter. Also, it encourages passion and vitality.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Reunion 


The Clear Quartz also helps. Its strengthening of your love, purity, and protection will help you keep any threats to you and your twin flame at bay. It also enables you to be more courageous and promotes strength, meaning that your journeys may be ones with smoother sailing.

angel number 131 meaning in twin flame separation

Your twin flame will never truly be extinguished from your life. But there are times when you may face separation. This may be due to a fight or circumstances beyond the control of both parties. This period can be one of great sadness and confusion, but your angels are watching out for you. The number 131 tells you that a new journey is starting, one that may focus on yourself and your self-improvement. Eventually, it may end with you reuniting with your twin flame.


This period is one that you should follow your intution and trust your strengths. If you want to get into a new hobby or make another life change during the separation period, now is the time. Your angels will help you take this life change and make it into something magical.


Crystal Energy & Twin Flame Separation


Tourmaline can be an ideal gemstone to have. This gemstone promotes confidence, helping you to make good decisions even when you feel like you're at your lowest. It also helps to relieve stress. Its strongest energies come from its emotional healing and grounding. When you're hurt, this gemstone helps to keep you calm and make rational decisions.

angel 131 meaning in career

Your career may be going through an uncertain time. You may be unsure if you want to ask for a raise, or you may have recently been laid off. Or, you’re going through a mid-life crisis and want to change career paths to something you love until it’s too late. If you see the number 131 during your commute or on the job, what does it mean?


The number 131 means a career shift is coming, accompanied by another shift later on. This period is one where great blessings can come to you. You may get a raise, a promotion, or finally get the dream job. On the other hand, career challenges are also possible. When this happens, however, know that your angels have a new plan for you.


Trust in your intuition and your skills. Now is not the time to get impatient about your job. Ask for that raise or question strongly whether your current job is right for you.


Crystal Energy & Career


Moonstone can be a great gemstone to possess in this challenge. The gemstone promotes prosperity and growth to help your job grow even further or to help you bounce back from a career mistake. It can also bring luck, which is needed when you have much competition during the application process.

angel number 131 meaning in finance

We live in troubled financial times. When you're balancing your checkbook, you may have seen the number 131 repeat often. You may be paying $131 for a bill, or your banking account number may have a 131 in it. So, what does it mean?


You're about to have a financial change. This change may be positive or negative, and you can find different context clues to help you determine which. For example, if there have been rumblings of people getting pay cuts, this may be a negative change.


Then, you may have another financial change. An unfavorable change could become positive or vice versa.


During this financial journey, it's vital to trust your intuition and your strengths. If you feel like cutting back on a certain expense, then do it. If you want to spend a little to treat yourself during a financial blessing, you can do that as well. While you may need a financial advisor, depending on the situation, it may not be mandatory.


Crystal Energy & Finance


During this period, you may thrive with the gemstone lolite, which gives you self-awareness and financial responsibility. You may need to examine your spending to make better decisions.


On the other hand, if you're experiencing a financial blessing, you may want aventurine. This gemstone promotes prosperity, luck, and opportunity, which can help you make better financial decisions.

angel number 131 meaning in spirituality

For those spiritually aware, the number 131 is one of great spiritual power. A new spiritual journey will begin, and it will lead to something that requires even more spiritual awareness.


A spiritual journey can be challenging and one where you may have doubts. Great forces may try to push you in different directions and cause confusion. Be vigilant during this time and trust your own spiritual power and intuition. By going with your talents, you can overcome negative energies and become a much greater person spiritually.


Zircon is a great gemstone to possess, as it has tremendous spiritual power. It also promotes wisdom. When you go on a spiritual journey, it may be essential to trust what you know and use that to your advantage.


Crystal Energy & Spirituality


Another gemstone to possess is Malachite. This gemstone also has great spiritual energies and promotes healing. The journey you face may be spiritually draining, both mentally and physically. A gemstone like malachite can help restore your energies and improve your spiritual powers.

angel number 131 : final summary

The angel number 131 has great power. It signifies the beginning of a new life journey that will lead to a new transition. During this journey, you will need to trust your intuition to succeed. Now is not the time for you to have doubts. You are at the top of your game, so remember this.


However, you may need a little help. Gemstones can bring you positive energies, which can help you tackle many of life's challenges. If you're seeing the number in different aspects of your life, you may want to invest in a gemstone bracelet. This way, your energies are always in sync with what's best for you in any given situation.


Bracelets can help you during this period. You can arm yourself with several gemstones to assist you in accomplishing some of life’s biggest challenges. Your angels have great plans for you, so listen and take advantage of this period.